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What is essential in your life

What is important in your life
You have to ask yourself this question on a consistent basis what is important in your life what is it that you want your life to mean. It will take time and effort. It might be easy for some of you but the hardest thing for most.

Because when people are asked what is it, they want specific in their life. Most will get stuck, but then they will give more generic answers like more money, more time etc. But when you ask them to dig deep and find the real answers, they will feel uncomfortable.

Be Gracious for all you have and are
Kindness is free, sprinkle it everywhere you go
Be a leader among men 
Leader by example with a smile on your face
Everything will fall into place 
Look after the team first 
Make sure they are rewarded for their success 

Love Divine

Let the beauty of your Spirit flow through your body and honor it with love and know Love is the key that links us to Jesus. Know all that you do that is with love is a sacred gift and a way of sharing your gift that has been given to you for it will be free with a inner peace and wisdom to be able to live as a divine example.


Jesus Message.

Let it be known I am with you if your faith and heart allow my Spirit within you to live and express the special gift that has been given to you. My connection is how you treat all others from this deep understanding of oneness we share.

Blessed am I dear Lord for my life is lifted by that which have freely given me. Amen ❤ Luke Le Bree.

Watch “FRANCIS GOYA – WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME” on YouTube Letter to my Husband ❤❤

Merry Christmas sweetie

Never doubt my love for you

Be who you are

Beautiful inside and out just the way you are

Always be free

My wings will hold you in eternity, close to my body

Always together, never apart


We are all вeιng played or noт 😉

Game ..on, (repeat)

The reality of a perception (point of you/view) lies in what is believed… not what is thought of, considered, understood, or even known.

If you prayed to something controlling you for complete control of you, would you get it?


What and who would you have to go through to get freedom of/for your self?

Ok, so, dig it, this picture… the labels… they’re in economic terms. Money is one god. Gods only have the power you give them, not by way of what you think or know, but by way of what you believe. Folks believe money is this or that, and so it becomes this or that. Every god created comes from one form dividing itself into another. Another way to say that is that every god is a fallen and lesser form of a higher more complete one. Like take a god of nature, and it falls into two parts, conscious/sentient natural beings and non-conscious non-sentient ones. Not UNconscious, because UN means there is consciousness but it’s just turned off. NON means it was never there. If you are unconscious, that means at some point you were conscious or will be conscious… while non conscious means not conscious at all, like it has nothing to do with you and you have nothing to do with it. Never have, never will. Dig me?

Ok, so… given that, right…. if you are the pawn, and you both create (are… as everything you create is just an expression/extension of you, or a part of you you divide/let fall from you) government, as well as allow it to “develop on it’s own”… yet you see it as having control over you… then who has control of it? And who has control of them (the one controlling the government/ way you are governed)? They’re only that because you decided to walk in that belief, even if you think or know otherwise.

Business is the economic/money-god way of being/living. It’s a direct reflection of the spiritual way of being/living. All it is about is controlling the flow of energy between two points… you and the you you create to control you (your scapegoat). Like how the money is regulated/governed/controlled by the government and spirit is regulated/governed/controlled by gods. You are in it’s game, the same as it is in the game you created. All of that for a reason.

What’s the reason? Yeah, there’s a LOT more to say about this, but deal with that one thing for now. “What’s the reason for the players in/of this game… playing the game… with the pieces of this game… who created the game?” Can’t play the game unless you have the pieces and a rule… and you not only think or know you’re playing and the game is what it is… but you believe it to be reality.