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Here is THE ORIGINAL POEM, written for YOU some time ago – and it has just been lying around on the table next to the computer ! Anyway, it WAS originally called: “IT’S TRUE!” but – it was also called: “TRANSCENDENCE!” It goes something like this:👑

Here is THE ORIGINAL POEM, written for YOU some time ago – and it has just been lying around on the table next to the computer ! Anyway, it WAS originally called: “IT’S TRUE!” but – it was also called: “TRANSCENDENCE!” It goes something like this:

I AM in LOVE [then now always] with-YOU,
[like] When you were Sweet 16! It’s oh-so-true.
But NOW You’ve changed – Your-breasts are-pen-dulous, like a milk-filled cow,
AND – I”M CRAZY ABOUT THEM! AND your bro-o-o-o-oad hips! So MUCH, now:
You’ve changed! [your] Nostrils do flare, and [now there’s] not such shiny hair,

Yet, I’m ALSO in love with your future: AN ANCIENT CRONE,
Having a lecherous look – and a treacherous moan!
A deadly, witchy – Dangerous wench,
Who is liable to GRAB ME! and fling me on a bench,
And, with bloody lips – and blood in her eyes,

[and, yes, please] FORCE ME – DOWN! into your thighs!!

And HOWL, with sen-su-al delight,
Until I PASS OUT – into-a-sacred-night!
And! also! I just love you – in an apron wrap,
Cooking pancakes, dribbling-with strawberry-sap!
Even there, though, there’s that SAME LOOK IN YOUR EYE,
That was there at “16,” and hypnotizes YOUR guy,
Who is enraptured, by each, new amazing disguise,
And loves EVEN THE ONES – that scream!!! murderous cries!
Accusing me of BEING UNTRUE – of doing BAD things – and NOT for you!
I’m guilty! I’m guilty! (PLEASE) Punish me as you wish!!
And, as you push me down in the kitchen, upsetting every dish,
You yell: “I’m a bitch in the kitchen – and a (your) whore at heart!”
Well, I know, from me you’ll never, ever part!!
Because I OWN YOU – You’re MINE – and – it’s always been!

And SHE’ll smile!!! for-She-knows SHE’S TRANSCENDED-SIN! 🙂

fin <3


“EVERY ANGEL HAS A DIVINE* PLAN FOR YOU!**   a poem in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”    February 24, 2019 (Sunday)

“EVERY ANGEL HAS A DIVINE* PLAN FOR YOU!** a poem in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” February 24, 2019 (Sunday)

I-married-an-Angel! Am-I-a-little-bit crazy!?

I-married-an-Angel! (S)he says-(s)he-is-“lazy!”

Yet, (s)he’s warm and so cuddly – by him[her] I am led!

I-married-an-Angel! (S)he’ll-draw-me to-bed,

And take-my-aching-Heart, in the sweet, morning light,
And soothe it so gently! (S)he-is-laughing, despite,
My poor disposition, for-I-[can]-have-“a fit,”
Saying: “Not-too-rough, Love!” Yet-such-loving I get!
And-(s)he’ll-then-hold-me-tenderly – All-parts, they’ve-been-“tagged!”
You-know-it’s-so-wondrous, and-I-sing: “I’ve been bagged!”

“You-bet-your sweet Bippy, my dear lover -an!”
(S)he-does-me-all-over, with-her[his]-fine Divine* Plan!
It’s-another-day-in-Paradise! Oh, yeah! This I know:
I-have-married an-Angel! Divine Love! is-so-slow! [pause]

Each lovely morning, I wake to her[his] smile!
(S)he’s- nice-and-hungry, and-my-Heart, all the while,
Is the main-course – on-[his]her breakfast fare,
With “juice” and-mild -“jam,” we make quite a pair!
My Dear, Sainted Lover – and-her[his] worshipful [doe]beau;
(S)he just wants more love! I can never say “No!”

(S)he eats want (s)he needs – and-we-come-back-again;
With-longing! and-ecstasy! It’s-always: “win-win!”

fin <3

* – “divine” can refer to anything “Godly,” or simply mean “delightful!”

** – especially on Sunday morning! It’s called: “breakfast in bed!”

“Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

BUT THERE’S YOU!” a poem in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” a.k.a.: “My Heart Is Always Waiting There For You, In Our Cuddly Bed!” Feb. 11, 2019 (Monday)

A day comes! (which you, maybe, DON’T LIKE!)

Well, you can STILL go for a ride on your spiffy, little bike!
Or, if you wish,


And just LAY THERE! and-play like-you’re [really] dead,*
But-REMEMBER: As the years go by,
Some days will come – and make you cry,
And, then, another-day-will-come, and ALL WILL SEEM FINE,
So! You’ll get some sunshine – AND BE MY VALENTINE!
And (then) The bad day’s “gone,” and Everything’s GROOVY:
It’s THE EBB & FLOW – of “The Sea’s” GRANDE MOVIE!

The FLOW? EXPANDS! and feels good;
The EBB? WITHDRAWS! but, y’know, you COULD,
When-it’s-“ebbing,” always-remember-“THAT DAY,”
When I met YOU, and we were happy & gay,
To-know-that-we-could-cuddle-TOGETHER – in-a-world [even] like this!
A PERFECT ANGEL! for-me to kiss,
And cuddle – and cherish – and lose-my-mind-about,
And I-am-still so-sure – that I would love-to-consider {ANY} DOUBT,
About all our glorious – and fun-filled days!
The EBBing still will come, perhaps! BUT – I shall gladly raise,
A murmur of excitement, for it’s-a-PRETTY-GOOD-BET,
That-a glorious-day is-nearly-here- with-“my-perfect-pet,”
And I-can-spend-it-with-you, and-I-DO-guess-I-can-emerge,
From the blankets of our cuddly-bed – to-even-sing “a dirge?”

TOMORROW! or-ANY-DAY! for I’m ALWAYS WITH YOU!** 🙂 – Yeah!

fin <3

* – famous (last?) words: “YOU THINK I’M KIDDING!?” A: I AM! Yay! Whoopee!
** – for you are no more distant, than RIGHT HERE! in My Heart! <3

I look at you
And I wonder
How I got to be so damn lucky

“Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

“LITTLE WITCH!” a poem in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” [M.M.C.P.] a.k.a.: “Mrs. Cuddly Is A Good Witch, Cleaning, Healing & Feeding The World!” February 11, 2019 (Monday)

My-Little-Witch! Little-Fairy-Witch! with-a-little-broom – and-little-arms;
She’s gonna sweep – The Whole World up, with-a-lot-of-Love-&-Charms!
And do it – oh, so whimsically – one-dirt-“crumb” at a time:
She’ll sing and dance, as she sweeps – and-even-recite-a-rhyme:
“Sweep-ie, sweep-ie, dust and dirt;
I-love-to-clean and-be-so-pert,
But-I-don’t-disturb – webs-in-the-corners, where-spider-babies-dwell,
And-I’m-not-afraid – of ‘under-the-rug,” where-dusty-demons-from-Hell,
Might-come-and-demand (pause) me-to-stop because-of-my-“commotion;”
I’ll serve them cookies-and-candy-canes – and-even apply some lotion,
And magic salve upon their wounds,
To stop the bleeding – for-those silly goons!
They-think they-can-scare-me, but I’M IMMUNE,
From spooky goblins -in-my-little-room!
You see, I know-their-tricks! Tricks o’ “The Spooking Trade!”
They-are more afraid of me – because-life-is-a-parade,
And-the-more-you-see-it as A CHARADE,
The-less-scary-it-is! You-just-need-to-“upgrade,”
And promise-always to-be-kind-not-cruel,
‘Cause a mean-kinda-fellow is-never-very-“cool,”
Thinking-he-can-bully-and-scare little, witchy- MOI!
I-just-laugh – and-skip-along, with-my- dear pa-pa,
With Mr. Cuddly – I like-being-his POO,
And I’ll always protect him – from all of you,
‘Cause-I-“got-your-number!” Don’t [you dare] make-him-feel-bad!
You-better-watch-out for me – DON’T-MESS-WITH-MY-“DAD!”
Or -I’ll-bop-you – and-twist-on your-snooty-poopy-nose,
And squirt you all over – with my “magic hose,”
Until-you’re-so-wet! You’ll be cryin’ for help!
Don’t-make-me-do-it! For I’m a little whelp,
With a big-ol’-box o’ spells that just won’t quit!
And-I-can-quench-The-World’s-hunger, from just-my-little-teat!

fin <3
(1) [BAND AID: Do they know it’s Christmas?: 1984]

We are the World
Heal the World
With kindness
It’s free sprinkle is every where
It’s free

“WHIMSICAL!”  a poem,  in “The Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series!  a.k.a.: “A Love Note Scribbled & Left On The Kitchen Table By Mr. Cuddly Poo Before Going Into The Dark Woods, To Gather Wild Berries & Nuts For The Evening Meal!” Sat.  (02/09/19) 💙

“WHIMSICAL!” a poem, in “The Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series! a.k.a.: “A Love Note Scribbled & Left On The Kitchen Table By Mr. Cuddly Poo Before Going Into The Dark Woods, To Gather Wild Berries & Nuts For The Evening Meal!” Sat. (02/09/19)

POO-pooXIE, Pooxie, you’re- so-pretty! The-prettiest-girl I-ever-will-know!

Pooxie, you-are wondrous-fine, from your head – down to your toe!

Your eyes do sparkle! Your smile too! I’ll-fall-in-love-a-thousand times with you!

I just-adore-and-worship – at your feet;

Yes, Dear Pooxie! You’re-so SWEET!

I-LOVE-to-say-your-name all-of the time,

And-I-LOVE-to-write ’bout-[MY]-Pooxie – in a s – x -, little rhyme! 🙂 – kiss, kiss!

fin <3

“MY WIFIE, SUPER HERO!” Mr & Mrs Cuddly Poo ~ 💙🎭👄

“MY WIFIE, SUPER HERO!” a poem in the continuing saga/series of /Mr & Mrs Cuddly Poo ~ penned TODAY! Super Bowl Sunday! February 3, 2019

She’ll eat a Super-Bowl-sundae, with enough-choc-o-late to-KILL,
A thousand water buffalo – and-even- Buffalo Bill!
She’ll “BLOCK” The Bad Guys with – one hand tied behind her back,
And, if-she-had-to – The-Whole-L.A.-Rams-Offensive-Team,
She could prob’ly sack!

She’s got-enough LOVE – for a million years,
Of total-LOVE-exposure, drying (up) a zillion tears,
And (pause) She gives me lots of kisses – and-e-nough I-LOVE-YOU’s,
To float a thousand battle ships –
And-make the headline news!

She is: MRS. CUDDLY POO, “The-Down-Under-Queen-O’-Hearts,
Who-loves: cat&dogs&littlekids – Evil Doers? Take-to-your-“carts,”
And “Get-outta-Dodge” before High Noon,
Or she’ll subdue you, with a pink balloon,
Or a feather duster!! stuck – (well!) You know where!
MY SUPER HERO WIFIE!!!! Of-her, you-better-beware!

BUT! She’s also a SUPER-CUDDLER, the best in any town,
And, if you’re nice, she’ll NEVER! let you wear a frown,
‘Cause-she’ll-make-you: SUPER-HERO-COOKIES, that-you-just-can’t-beat!
She’s a MARVEL!* A super-duper-wifie! and!-She’s-also: SUPER-SWEET!

fin <3

* – She might be in Marvel comic books some day!

Subject: FW: Urgent – bad phone calls

“SATURDAY CAMPAIGN PHONE CALL!” a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” a.k.a.: “Finding Your One & Only With Tears & Persistence!” 2 Feb 2019 [Sat!]

Really Sir, Mrs Cudly Poo! 😅

“Hi, Mr. Cuddly! I’m-calling-from-The Republican Convention!”
“But! It’s SATURDAY! and, respectfully, I have NO intention,
Of spending time talking with you about political issues!”
“But, SIR! This is important!” “Well, I’ll send you some tissues,
So you can cry about it – because it’s an important day!”*
“Saturday? but what do you do?” “Well, let’s-see! I may –
Go for a ride – or just ‘kick around,’
With my sweet O. A. O.,** who-I’m-lucky-to-have-found!”
“YOU’VE FOUND Y O U R LOVER? Your ONE, true one?”
“Yeah!” “Wow, I-wish-I-could-find-mine, so-life could be fun!”
“Well, keep on calling – ‘SHE’ may answer some how!”
“I’m going to cry! Tears (are) coming right now!”
“Do BUCK UP, me Bucko – just give (me) your address,
And I’ll send “cuddly tissues!” For life may seem a mess,
But, sometimes even Republicans find their one true love,
And it might be a Democrat!!! or a cuddly “dove!”*** 🙂 – Oh! Yeah!🤓

Hell yeh, Mr Cuddly Poo 💙
Whoa 🤓
Clip(n)t is really hot now 💋

* – [You know it; do you believe it:] THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

**- a term they taught us at The West Point Military Academy: O. ne A. nd O. only 🤓 ( probably 180 of them ” one year”) 😅

*** – at least “a bleeding heart liberal” has a heart!

Donald is infatuated
Now that Mrs Cuddly Poo
Is joining him for a
Private Talks


“MR AND MRS CUDDLY POO IN THEIR CUDDLY BARE KINGDOM BY THE SEA!” a poem in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” a.k.a.: “Transcending Boredom, Doubt And Subjective Pout!” January 30, 2019 BOB’S BIRTH! Hail, to The “B!” [A painting by the author(s) entitled: “Windmills In Our Kingdom By The Sea!”]

I never get bored-in-the-morning, for out-of-bed-I hop;
Then sit upon my throne – to hear my subjects plop,
Into The Moat, where they will swim and splash around,
And – I can’t be bored! for-then: off my throne I bound,
And eat a breakfast – of finest fayre:
Crumpets!-savory-morsels!-and juice to spare!

I’m out the door, and I mount my chariot,
And move and shake, with my best friend Harriet,
Who lives (you bet) on HARRIET STREET;
I go to my subjects – and joyfully greet,
Everyone – with garlands – and songs – and mirth!
I’m NEVER BORED – with life on Earth!
Sometimes, a subject approaches me,
And-says: “Are-you-bored?”-and-I’ll-answer-with-glee,
I leave each subject – with a happy smile!

And I’m NEVER bored – in The Afternoon,
For, in my carriage, I’m-ANYWHERE – so-soon,
At: The Sonic (Boom) – or The Merca-do;
I’ll grab hot java – and-then-a -pplaud-o,
To-see the beautiful, splendid array,
Of this glorious, excellent – wonderful day!
We sing! We dance! in The Choir – at The Pub,
Where all the happy folk – kiss and rub!
I’m stimulated! all-over The Place;
You can’t be bored, when there’s SO MUCH GRACE,
And charm – and love that we all share,

My QUEEN is always – by my side,
Or – waiting-at-The-Castle – so s – x – y and wide,
So-luscious! A-VISION! of which I’m NEVER bored;
She used-to-live DOWN SOUTH! where she often “whored,”
With business and computers and worries and woe,
And BOREDOM! (so insidious!) But, NOW, she’s-learned-to-“know,”
That boredom is- a MUNDANE state of mind;
You need-not embrace it – for you CAN be kind,
To yourself AND others, down by The SEA,
OF EXISTENCE AND YEARNING – and-live-hap-happily,
Ever-knowing (that) all days – are really The Same,

fin <3


“A C(O)UNTRY GETAWAY FOR OUR HAPPY COUPLE!” a poem included in the series: “M. M. C. P.” Tuesday: 01/22/2019

The c(o)untry c(o)um(e)s-when-we-catch-a-whiff – of sweet-fresh-air-and-dew;
You-look-at-me; I-look-at-you; we-know-what-we-must-do!
Which-is, together, to-“make-a-break,” for-a-c(o)untry-getaway!
Your love is warm, just like The Sun; we’ll-ride! Could-TAKE-ALL-DAY!
To-A SPECIAL PLACE to play and dream – We’ll find the Maypole waiting,
And dance around like faerie folk; our-HOLE-y-DAY of DATING;
Encount-ering-spacious-mountains, with-milk and honey flowing,
Our cheeks are flushed-and-we-just-love – towards-SOUTH, we’re-ever-going!
Bed-in-The-Bush, with-stars-to-see, twinkling in your eyes so bright!
We can get into-(some)-“real-trouble,” and find we’re stuck quite tight!
But wait a moment! THE EMERGENCY KIT! with dressing and some salve,
To-apply on-any-swollen-parts-we-find-that-we-DO have!
We go on EXPLORATIONS – into-areas-we’ve-been-before,
In landscape strewn with bushes, and-we-couldn’t-ask-for more!
We-are “climbing buddies” and like to hike all over,
Well-explor-ED-territory! “C(o)um(e)-hither-here, RED ROVER!”
Flowing STREAMS! Dribbling-dew!
A luscious geyser – made-just-for-you,
So warm-and-moist; WE’VE-LEFT-ALL-CARE,
With those who couldn’t c(o)um(e)-along – and join our happy picnic!
WE-COULD-VENTURE-HERE- EACH-DAY, &-roll-in-grass, so-cyclic,
To-be as one fine organism, with Earth & Air & Sky,
And, all the while, we cling so close – for we are eye-to-eye!
Musicians-both! You-blow-my-horn, and-I compose a lick,
With-ever-shaking tambourines! The songs of love we pick,
And strum! perhaps, to-so-incite – a lyr-i-cal-re-frain;
We’ll do it LOUD! Then, soft and slow, with just a little pain!
And ALL OF NATURE CELEBRATES, for-we’re-IN-LOVE, alright!
I LOVE – our c(o)untry getaways, joy-filled! both-day-and-night!
We sup on wine and-milk-so-warm, and-we-bring-us -candy:
Chewy, goo-y, oo -ee (pause) Meals can be – so “randy!”
Let’s-eat-it-all! We have so much! Nothing’s-left-to-spare!
I-smell-ambrosia ALL AROUND; are-there-flowers in your hair?
It-is A ROSE!-with-fragrant-scent, and-it-will-never-wilt,
For we-have-brought spring water – and-with-just a-little-“tilt,”
“Oh, my-gosh! A MIRACLE!! For-you’ve-brought-LIVING-WATER!”
A-gushy-spring!-going-“Swish-swish-swish!” “Are-you Elysium’s daughter?”*
Yes, an-“ODE TO JOY,” (pause) fa-miliar mu-sic, filled with oo’s and ah’s;
It’s HARD! to hear the subtle rifts, for I-shan’t-take a pause,
Until The Rose be happy, en-gorg-ED-with-the-flow,
Of-such-ma-gic-elix-ir! (pause) PICNICS! (pause) WE LOVE THEM SO!
fin <3

Take me home
In your arms
To a simple way of life
Where we will find our place
In this world
To live as one
  • Mrs. Cuddly Poo the goddess JOY?!

“CUDDLY POO PRAYER!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Monday, January 21, 2019

“CUDDLY POO PRAYER!” a poem in the “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Monday, January 21, 2019

“Seasons come, and seasons go, but-our-Love-is-still-THE-SAME:
OUR-LOVE-is-ever-“feral,” so IT we’ll never tame!”

“Our love is wild, and so are you,
To tame THE WILD, the wild-and-free,
Out-of-Our-Love – It’s YOU & ME,
Feral beings, like Jesus Christ;
We’re CRUCI-FI-ABLE* – and-quite-enticed,
By all we feel, we’re sparks of fire,
Smoldering in our fond desire,
To be together – FOREVER -and-MORE!
To-proceed BEYOND, hand-in-hand;
We’ve found EACH-OTHER, as-our-PROMISED-LAND!”

“Please bless HER-landscape, Oh, So Rich,
For, in the bedroom, SHE-is-no-WITCH;
She is a wh-r e – and so am I,
But in the kitchen I think I spy,
A twinkle, twinkle – in her eye,
And, when we gaze, we start to cry,
Because – WELL! ? Really, we-don’t-know!
We just fit! I-am-“SHAFT!”** – and- she’s-my-“BO!”***

“So, Lord: Please bless my Shaft to me
I need GOOD LOVING, con-stant-ly!
And-when-Shaft – and-aper-ture UNITE,
Please bless us, Lord! (But)-let-ME-win-THE FIGHT!
OK! OK! We’ll both concede;
He can “come,” with all I need!
So! Together -we’ll-be-cume-as-one;

fin <3

* – or “certifiable!”
** – from the film of the same name, about a big, strong, black man named “Shaft!”
*** – from the film “10,” starring Bo Derek, who looks pretty good – on the beach, on horseback, on-e-moan-e-pee-a (a Hawaiian expression meaning “LOVE & JOY!”

INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: January 15, 2019 (Tuesday)INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

Outside! There is sun and wind; Inside! calm & dark,
Outside-is: so-much-activity; inside – we-like-“to park!”
And-be-so-WARM-and-safe-secure – from all the BUSY-ness,
That-inflicts this-World-of-ours! Out-there-you HAVE-TO-GUESS,
What comes next?! &-What-is-“right?” &-let’s-“Keep-up-with-The-Joneses,”
But Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo – have put away their phoneses,
It’s tight &-right &-out-of-sight; they like the team called: HOOSIER,* —)
For IUHoosiers-are-the-team of choice, for those who like to cuddle, —)
And be “inside”-a-lot! Oh, yeah! A-splashing in “the puddle!” —)
It’s warm inside, like outside too – but-it’s-not so-abrasive,
Because it is so wet, so moist – and! it-can-be-“erasive!”
For-INSIDE-erases-OUTSIDE-“ouch-ies,” when-you-get-a-bump-or-scratch,
Your tender, little skin sometimes – upon some metal latch,
Which-is-on-The-Door-that-separates – OUTside! from -the-IN!
This-is-INSIDE-INFORMATION, and SHE-is-so-steeped in sin,
And HE-is-oh-quite-naughty, but that’s OK – because,
THEY RESIDE WITH JESUS! They’re TWO, but-then-there-was,
Three or more, for love hath bore – GLAD-TIDING-for-here – there is NO war,
INSIDE THESE WALLS! it’s-past-the-brush, and-spelunkers-dare – to-deep-explore,
The beauties of The Cavern Walls!
Yet, STILL – we hear all mating calls,
And they’ll finally-emerge! to greet The Sun,
Here-Mr.-&-Mrs.-Cuddly-Poo, on-green-sand-beaches-run,
Where zephys, zebras-and-unicorns – greet us all in dreams,
And rays of diamond-sun brush-wetness –
And then, IT truly gleams! 🙂 – Breath-taking!

fin <3

  • a Hoosier is a native or inhabitant of Indiana, U. S. A. and is the name for the players of the Indiana University college football team! So, in essence, a hoosier – is an Indian, i.e.: someone from Indiana! How! Their “symbol” looks like a trident, or right-side-up horseshoe, pierced by a vertical shaft; it has some interesting connotations, I think! Don’t you think so

Oh Tumblr Censorial Representatives! O. M. G. No! Actually, you-know, EVERYTHING has potentially “notorious” and Community Standard violating connotations, depending upon what SPIN you put on whatever you are evaluating! Don’t you agree, Oh, Tumblr Censors?! If you are going to willy-nilly exclude some of my poetry and posts, why don’t you give some REAL REASONS for doing so? Mmmmm? Mmmmm? Comes on, now – BE FAIR, Tumblr! Be fair! 🙂