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“GETTING OVER IT!” a poem.05/04/18 FRIDAY. (J)ulian: “My woman’s” quite “beside herself;” She says: “I AM IN DEEP!” (La Femme): “I gotta have you (a)round, my Love; without-you I can’t sleep!” (Julian): “Well, I AM FEELING QUITE THE SAME, And you’re my OAO (One-and-ONLY), And I’m so much in love with you - I LOVE … Continue reading “GETTING OVER IT!”💜


“MEN-TLE HEALTH MONTH!” a poem. a.k.a.: “God’s Opened THE DOOR And Let All The Idiots Out!”* EVERYTHING’S “ORDERED!” YET, EVERYTHING’S N O T! Predestination? Just get off that pot, But, WAIT!-The-Sky’s-blue, SO - Now, Sit back down - Or it’s black or it’s green or it’s gold, like a crown! There’s lots of free will, … Continue reading “MEN-TLE HEALTH MONTH!🙊🙈🙉


“SEARCHING FOR WHAT TO CALL MY BLUE BIRD!” a poem, a.k.a.: “I LOVE WATCHING YOU!” 🙂 The last day of April 2018 - April 30th. How-can-I-describe you?- I haven’t got a clue! To say (just) INDESCRIBABLE - has no “romantic glue;” IF you were some music: You-are “sounds that I like,” I’d play you, I … Continue reading BLUE BIRD🐝

Romance 🎀🎀

WALLS I SINK!💜💜 There'll be no strings to bind your hands Not if my love can't bind your heart And there's no need to take a stand For it was I who chose to start I see no need to take me home I'm old enough to face the dawn Just call me angel of … Continue reading Romance 🎀🎀


“NIRVANA” a poem April 28, 2018 Sat - Tat - Ohm - Ur - Day . . a.k.a.: “Sometimes ‘THE BEST’ Here Is Mediocre In Alpha Centauri!” AS GOOD AS IT GETS “HERE,” AS GOOD AS IT GETS, WITH LOVING AND TRAVEL AND ALL OF THESE “BITS,” REMEMBER, SEPTEMBER! THERE’S MUCH MORE TO DO - … Continue reading “NIRVANA”