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Vile child rapist Ruecha Tokputza raped 13 children, the youngest being 17 months old. He doesn’t even think he did anything wrong. AUSTRALIA ~ S.A.

Vile child rapist Ruecha Tokputza raped 13 children, the youngest being 17 months old.
He doesn’t even think he did anything wrong.

Ruecha Tokputza, 31, is one of South Australia’s worst predatory sex tourists, he has “shown no remorse” for the abuse of at least 13 boys during a six-and-a-half-year period.

This case could be one of the worst in Australian legal history, they are literally comparing Tokputza to darkweb, child rape material giant and former Families SA worker, Shannon McCoole. Heath Barklay SC, prosecuting, told the court “it is hard to think of more serious offending”. “The sexual exploitation of all of these children, over all of these years, in all of the forms … is in many ways simply breathtaking”. “It sits in the highest category of this type of offending.”

Tokputza has pleaded guilty to 50 charges in the District Court including aggravated indecent assault, unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 14, having sex with children outside of Australia, persistent exploitation of a child outside Australia and transmitting child exploitation material. (We know it should be called rape, but these are the actual charges)

The charges relate to the grooming of Australian and Thai children for sex. (Again, rape) He also filmed their torment and encouraged fellow predators to do the same. His vile offending only ended when he was arrested after a joint investigation by Australian Federal Police, SA Police, NSW Police and Interpol in January last year.

Make no mistake about it, if Ruecha was not caught he would still be raping children and producing vile child exploitation material, child rapists of this level do not ever stop until they are literally forced to stop, by incarceration or other methods.

The court has previously heard Tokputza, 31, of Mile End, possessed 12,500 images and 650 videos of child exploitation material. He had also used an online messaging app to transmit the material to other offenders.

Mr Heath Barklay SC (the prosecutor) said Tokputza had shown no remorse and his prospects of rehabilitation were “poor” and stated he would not have stopped offending if he was not arrested.

Judge Liesl Chapman said the only comparable case she was aware of was that of notorious Families SA paedophile Shannon McCoole. Mr Barklay said Tokputza had abused a boy as young as 17-months-old. He had also promised a Swiss man that he could “hook you up” with young children if he travelled to Thailand.

“That is another layer that in my submission makes it all the more serious,” he said.

Mr Barklay said there was “not one word of remorse or contrition or regret for the offending” from Tokputza.
“Your Honour should find that troubling,” he said. He said his lack of insight included that he felt his victims “were happy”.

There it is right there, every paedophile we know of believes they are making their victims “happy” or certainly not harming them, they are merely“loving” their victims. Unbelievable! But sadly, very true.

This is just their way of justifying their horrific offending and downright destruction of an innocent child !
In their minds they must find a way to justify it, because to consider the fact that you are an outright monster is not something the human consciousness can possibly comprehend.

We have heard survivors tell us that their abusers would say things like “I know you love this because you started it all” or “You made me do this, you know that right” or “This is how we show love for each other” and those are the cleaner versions of what we get told. Fact is all of that is an outright lie. Love has nothing to do with what these monsters do and no child EVER has led on an adult and caused themselves to be raped. NO matter what they wore or did not wear, said or did not say, did or did not do, NO CHILD HAS EVER ASKED TO BE RAPED !

Craig Caldicott, for Tokputza, said elements of his “terrible” upbringing from a young age “did not excuse but explained” his offending. He said his client had a moderate risk of reoffending and needed rehabilitation. Mr Caldicott your client CANNOT BE REHABILITATED !

“He clearly fits the description of a paedophile,” he said.

Hence why he cannot be rehabilitated Mr Caldicott.

The court heard Tokputza will be declared a serious repeat offender, meaning the court must sentence an offender with a non-parole period no less than 4/5 of the head sentence. Mr Caldicott urged Judge Chapman not to impose a “crushing” prison term when she sentences Tokputza next month.

Mr Caldicott we ask that you think about the survivors for just a second, before you ever ask a judge to not impose a “CRUSHING” prison term on a persistent predator who raped, abused and exploited many, many children with the youngest being only 17 months old.

Then you may just realise that he damn well should be CRUSHED! Crushed beneath the weight of a life sentence without the possibility of parole ! Without the possibility of ever being able to harm another child.

He should be absolutely CRUSHED by the sheer volume of offences, of which he has been found guilty !
The sheer number of children’s lives he has forever changed, the children he has physically and mentally tortured and exploited.
He should be totally and completely CRUSHED by the realisation that he will never again see the outside of prison walls, that he will never again be a free man, because that is what he deserves for the pain and suffering he has caused many children and their families.

Ruecha Tokputza deserves nothing less than life behind bars without the possibility of parole. He deserves no mercy, for he showed absolutely none to his innocent young victims here and in Thailand. He has shown no remorse and not even the slightest regret for his actions, in fact he stated that he believes his victims “were happy” that total lack of insight into what he has done to these children means he will, given the opportunity, re-offend. He must never be given the opportunity!

Ruecha Tokputza we sincerely hope you get a life sentence without the possibility of parole, because the fact is you deserve nothing less !

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Managing depression depends on how we understand ourselves

Managing depression depends on how we understand ourselves

What is the cause of who we are and how we feel? If we understand something better, we can manager it better. Thus, if we have better understanding of ourselves would it enable us to better manage ourselves?

This electronic technology enables people to share ideas who would never otherwise interact. The base of this technology is science, namely quantum physics. But there is no science of people? They have all failed. Before looking more closely at why it has failed, let’s first consider ‘science’ what can it tell us and what can it not tell us.

The theory of a simple pendulum is T, the period of the pendulum, the time it takes to make one revolution equals twice pi (2π) times the square root of the length (L) over the gravitational constant (g) at sea level (√L/g). T=2π√L/g. The equation developed by Galileo and the German mathematician Christiaan Huygens in the 16th and 17th centuries, so we have known about pendulums for a long time. If we assume the pendulum is at sea level, we can simplify the equation to T=K√L, that is the period is calculated by multiplying a constant (K=2π/√g) by the square root of the length (√L). We can call this our scientific theory of the pendulum.

Now, imagine a pendulum on earth, as far away from you as you can imagine, but still at sea level. What is the period of that pendulum? It will depend on the length. Of course. It follows, if we want to know the period we need to go to the pendulum, measure the length and put it in the formula. So, what is the point?

The point is all science relates to all situations in the same manner, that if we want to know an answer relevant to any practical (empirical) situation, we need collect relevant information, put it in our theory, and calculate the result. It follows, that a scientific theory does not and can never give us ‘answers’, it can only tell us what to look for and how to then use that information to calculate the answer we seek.

Definition of scientific theory: A set of variables that describe the operation of the system under study, with those variables linked such to enable mathematical formula that when data inserted, the theory can calculate the result (example, T=2π√L/g).

Does this rule apply to understanding ourselves, we have all this private insight into ourselves, surely it must be different?

Wrong, it is no different. Look inside, what are you thinking? How do you know what you are thinking? If there was no information flow linking what you are thinking and your awareness of what you are thinking, you would not know what you are thinking ‘over there’. In the absence of photons, we cannot see. The same rule applies to every other sense. Our awareness of our brain and its activities is no different, in the absence of information flow whereby we ‘perceive events’ we would not know what is happening. Just that within the brain the ‘information flow’ exists in electrical signals via nerves, synapses, and other components of the brain. But the exact same rule applies as when we ‘see’: In the absence of a communication flow system linking ‘us’ to events ‘over there’ beyond ‘us’, we can have no idea of what is happening ‘over there’. The nature of the communication channel is irrelevant, they are all subject to the same cybernetic rules of operation.

Now, we have the perplexing question what exactly is ‘us’, and what exactly is ‘outside us’?

A full answer to the question takes us deeper into questions on causality and epistemology than we can go in this brief comment, so I will step forward to the conclusion of the reasoning.

The reasoning is pursued in full in the book The Origin of Consciousness . The result being a theory of ‘us’ and ‘beyond us’, exactly equivalent to the theory of the pendulum. The conclusion is we are a spirit within a mind, within a brain within a body each component equally important.

The core of our spirit is all our experiences before we have speech, and before we have conceptualization and aware of ideas to apply to manage circumstances, so it is all emotion. This spiritual core then becomes overlaid as we grow with self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence, self-doubt, our social reflection of self, and all the other aspects of our ‘self’ that we have and can think about. Our mind consists of the variables, emotions, thought and attitude and our attention. The whole structure of our psychic existence occurring via the operation of our brain as the mechanism of mind. This does raise crucial issues of the relationship between mind and brain, all fully covered in ‘Origin’.

Our awareness of what is happening ‘over there’ in our brain (defined as the ‘reacting part’) determined by our attention, we only know of things happening, even things in our brain if we are aware of them via our attention. Finally, there is no single synapse response, all responses from this system are ‘processed’. Which means if we attend, learn to be aware of processing we can intervene via our attention and alter that processing. We have free will and choice. To the extent where nature has not enabled such choice, we can create it for ourselves via paying attention and learning. Such as some Eastern mystics learning how to control their heart beat.

The crucial point is that all our life experience is driven from our mind not from our brain. If we choose, we can alter what we are thinking, alter our emotional responses, alter how much we allow our spirit and its core to influence us. We can choose, and if we are willing to fight our reactions via our brain responses we can become what we choose not what genetics, or our upbringing chose for us.

We can choose to be less influenced by some things and more influenced by others. WE CAN CHOOSE.

The base of us choosing is to believe we can choose. If we do not believe then all our choices will be tentative. I expect we all know what happens when we try but half-hearted. We fail. Then we say to ourselves, … there, in my heart I knew it. I’m a failure.

The alternatives have names, the current main view is called monism, that is all our experiences are driven by the brain and we have limited influence on it, if any at all. Brain and mind are one and the same, monism, with brain dominant. Hence in mental illness, drugs are prescribed, since to ‘fix’ any mental illness requires changes in brain functioning.

The view proved in my work, is called dualism. Rene Descartes first argued dualism around 1650. It has never gained sway, since it could never be proved, and the existence and influence of ideas was always a major ontological problem. Only in my work is dualism proved, with mind and brain separate, spirit the core of our existence, and with our psychic states best understood from our choices in mind rather than neurological malfunction in our brain.

Neurological malfunction does occur but is the same as when we get a significant illness, such as cancer, or malaria. In short, it is not something the person can influence, it requires ‘medicine’. Within my science, neurological malfunction is defined as mental illness. With problematic psychic states arising from mind defined as psychological dysfunction. Currently there is no technological to separate the etiology, the cause of any problematic psychic state, hence much modern confusion over how to manage them. Within my science, with the base of dualism, then the assumption is the person has a ‘normal’ neural functioning, hence the etiology of a problematic psychic state is arising from their mind, not from their brain.

Under dualism, with mind being the primary driver of our experience of life, then to improve our experience of life we need better manage our mind rather than depend on medicines to manage our brain.

The difference is profound. For example, monism, the view of much modern medicine regards depression as an illness, based in the brain. Hence medication used to ‘support, correct’ or otherwise alter brain functioning. In dualism, the prime causal factor in determining the psychological state of a person is the mind. Only a person has access to their mind. Dualism states that in a person with ‘normal’ neural functioning, then their psychological state is the result of the thoughts they have, and the emotions associated with those thoughts. In short, depression is not an illness within the brain but an affliction of the spirit. The person and only the person can finally manage it, but they will likely need guidance, love and spiritual support to do so.

Depression: Malfunction in the brain, or an affliction of the spirit. The choice of the underlying causal understanding of the drivers of psychic states will fundamentally determine how people act to deal with those states when they find them unsatisfactory. The strength of commitment to belief will determine the success at improving the experience of life.

Monism, the medical model of how we work. Or dualism, the spiritual model of how we work. Today, both scientifically validated. There is a choice. And in that choice, we can lift our spiritual experience, or succumb to control of our life experience by our brain. It is a fight at times with our personal reactions and tendencies, but to have better life experience it is a fight we must win.

But we will not win if we are half-hearted at it. We begin by firmly adopting the idea that I can manage me.

Watch “Sunday Night – Inside Australia’s Chilling New Cult (AJ Miller)” on YouTube ~ pure evil 🤐

Daruk Boy’s Home: Government-run Sydney home exposed as ‘paedophile’s paradise’

No matter what your religion, raping a child is wrong !

No matter what your religion, raping a child is wrong !

Now let me state this clearly and loudly, having sex with a child under the age of consent is RAPE !
If you have married them or not, it does not matter.
If they are under the age of consent, it is RAPE !

We have all heard about reports of child “marriages”. When it hits the news there is the usual tirade of “these people” and “not like us” but let me tell you, marrying children off to older partners, who then rape them, has nothing at all to do with any religion.

Stop hiding behind the false guise of religion and say it like it is….. Pathetic child rapists using religion as an excuse for their own sick perversions.

Make no mistake about it, every single religion has their own version of this, hence why we can say confidently that it has nothing to do with a particular religion.

In America there are entire cities set up and run by polygamists, who believe in multiple brides for men. They also believe in marrying their girls off at very young ages, often starting as young as 10 years old. These people call themselves “Christian” yet Jesus Christ their very own savior said in Mathew 18:6 “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” . Does this sound like a man who is approving of child rape ?

Soldiers in Afghanistan talk about seeing very young girls married off to much older men all the time. They were told it is just part of the Muslim faith, but after speaking to several local leaders in the Islamic community FACAA have been told that it is most certainly NOT a part of their faith. There are passages where the Prophet marries a young girl but it is well recognized among Clerics that this was a sign of the times back then and is not an excuse to marry children now. The Islamic faith speaks very clearly on adherence to the laws of the land, so to say that the faith itself approves of child marriage is a lie. A religion that adores children and deplores harming them is being used to blame for child rape by those who are obviously only in it for their own sick means.

The Jewish Torah has many passages about how wrong it is to abuse children, it is considered one of their worst Mitzvahs to abuse children in a sexual manner. Yet we hear time and time again about Orthodox Jews marrying underage brides often in arranged marriages. Senior Rabbi Yosef Feldman said before the Royal Commission, that those who have raped children deserve leniency and shouldn’t be made to feel like “the scum of the earth” despite the fact that his own religious text the Torah speaks incredibly poorly of those who have raped children. Once again a child abusers use the excuse of religion as a guise to hide behind for their own sick crimes.

In Bangladesh, there are entire hindi suburbs dedicated to child prostitution, yet the Hindu faith teaches that Parents and Teachers are next to god because they are the protectors and guides of children who are the very future of the faith. Yet once again people have perverted a very peaceful religion and used it to hide behind with their sick cowardly practices of child rape.

We could go on and on and on naming all the major and minor religions and giving examples of practioners who have used it to hide behind while they raped and abused children all in the name of a god or gods who would be outraged and vengeful of their sick actions (and we hope are rather vengeful when they are standing before them).

At the end of the day it is not the fault of the religion that these monsters abuse children, sadly the religion is used as the fall guy, as the patsy, as the excuse for their pathetic choices. But make no mistake about it, no religion and no god approves of, condones, or even does not hate the raping of children. What religion or god could possibly think that the destruction of the very future of the species they created could be a good thing.

Stop letting people hide behind religion, stop letting them off the hook by blaming their god or their religious text for the abuse of innocence. It is not the fault of the religion, it is not the fault of the biblical scripts, it is however the fault of the person abusing the children ! It is their fault and their fault alone ! Not the religion’s fault, not the bible/Qur’an/Torah/Veda/Scroll/Dhammapada/whatever, certainly not the fault of any god/gods/goddesses/deity . No god would ever approve of child rape !
Stop letting abusers off the hook, stop letting people blame their faith because none of them say that child rape is ok, not a single one !

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“SOUL AGREEMENTS!” You never fall for ~ lose your reality and your money🙊🙉🙈VICTIMS OF FINANCIAL EMOTIONALLY ABUSED

“SOUL AGREEMENTS!” a poem, dedicated to my friend Matt March 26, 2019 [Tuesday]

When I-was younger, (pause) BUT NOT-THAT-MUCH –
Younger!! I got myself involved and-very-much-“in-touch,”
With a wonderful psychic, internationally known,
Who owned a fine estate – and had a “busy” phone,
With people calling in – for-advice – and sending-lots-of-money!
Let-me-tell-you – this-lady, she-was-a-real-“honey,”
A very pleasant, “competent” – and social kind of gal,
Who considered all her “clients,” each-one, a good “pal!”
Her psychic readings are (and were) considered quite-FIRST RATE,
Concerning-“past-lives,” “social-contracts” – and matters-of-Love-&-Hate!
Well, at the time I KNEW!? that-my-poor-life was a mess!
My wife, she was defiant – and I-had less and less,
Ability to deal – with-the-stress, the stress of all;
So, I would-just: “ASK-ALICE!” – I’d give my “pal” a call!
She’d -provide good-information – on why my days were tough,
For-just-a hundred dollars-a-session! but, it was not enough,
To help me – to-balance – my “life stream’s” awful issues!
and-when my money had run out, I still had extra tissues,
That I could use to cry-about – “CONTRACTS”-from-the-“past!”
[Those spiritual, soulful contracts, well, they-tend-to-last-&-last!!]
And-you’ll doubtless be “bound-up!” – for-many-lifetimes-to-come,
Unless you call it “bulls[h]irt,” for-THESE-STORIES – might-come-from:
YOU! Yes-you! for-it-seems-we-love to-have A-CHALLENGING-LIFE(?)
[I think that’s why SOME PEOPLE – marry-a-grumpy-wife!*]
You-can-look for reasons – for-BAD-things , OR-say: “Bye! Bye!”
To-the-psychics, a.k.a.: psychos, who feed us – “pun’kin pie!”
You-can-join-“a-group”-get-a-guru – and-many-there-are-to-find,
But all of them – I-guarantee! You “pull” from-your “behind!”
Why don’t you take those “spiritual-ones,” who-are “stinking up The Place,”
And flush them down the toilet-to-H – L L! and-fill-your-life-with-grace!
fin ❤ To Whom It May Concern:
I think most people seek-spiritual-counsel, for one of 2 “good” reasons: (1) They-wanna-know-WHY!! or (2) They-wanna-“advance”-in future seasons! – – – Either’s fine, but my advice, for what it might be worth: Just say: “Oh, f – – – ! It’s-what-I-had – to-give-me-at-my-birth! And, even if I don’t know why, it’s what I’m sort-of used-to – – – And-if-it-all-now-changed [anyway] I wouldn’t- know what-to-do!!” SO, WHY-DON’T-WE-JUST COUNT-OUR-BLESSINGS &-give-hugs-to-our friends! – – – &-decide not-to-give-a-s – – -! even-if -IT-all-ENDS! – – – “I’m-forcin’-me-A SMILE &-gettin’-up-tomorrow – – – It’s time to stop The Worry ! I-can-[always]-beg – steal or-borrow! 🙂 – Optimistic humans!

* – of course, some people like to marry a happy, dopey, bashful or s – – y wife!!!


This is a true sorry

Broken Soul wrote this recently looking back at their sad journey

This is how dishonorable HUMAN beings do to others praying on the broken souls living in their own hell, searching for answers “WHY ME ”


Thought for the day

Treat others the way you would like to be treated with compassion, respect, trust. Kindness is free sprinkle it all over every one you meet and smile 😁💥

Otherwise Broken Soul Author knows exactly what happened. 👨🏻‍🔧

Thought of the Day if you dare to wallow ~ get out of the comfort zone ✌

Dare yourself to wallow on what lies beyond the familiar. Never let mediocrity be your identity. Remember, opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door, so huddle all the grit that you have within to take that first step away from what you’re accustomed to. If you are daunted in facing the unknown and unfamiliar, I’m telling you this, “end it now” or you’ll wake up one morning in another twenty years wondering where the time went and you’ll just find yourself in the same exact spot with all the “WHAT IFs?” in mind…
For once, let RISK and DARE be your language


Broken SOUL
Mental Abuse
Did you know Men suffer Abuse to ?
Listen to this tape✔
Did you know that more Men than Women suffer
From Spousual Abuse ⁉️

Broken SOUL of a Man 〰️ Men suffer in Silence 💯

You are so loved precious

A way my therapist has told me to approach childhood trauma is thinking about the child who went through the traumatising ordeal. You may resent yourself for not fighting back, not doing enough, or not running away, but you need to see the young child who was there, the one who needed protection, not persecution

Humanity ~ all children are precious and loved 🤗
Little Children
Come unto me
Kindness is free sprinkle it all over your Children 🤗

Strong Women sometimes feel BROKEN

Broken SOUL of an ANGEL

Colin Randall, former QLD Police Officer who beat his 10 week old son to death, has had his appeal for early release DENIED !

Colin Randall, former QLD Police Officer who beat his 10 week old son to death, has had his appeal for early release DENIED !

The story of Colin Randall and how he punched his 10 week old baby boy Kye, in the stomach so hard he pulverised the little boy’s liver, is a story that is downright horrific.

Horrific because the only explanation he gave was that he was “frustrated.”

Horrific because he punched his son in the stomach with such force it caused fatal injuries.

Horrific, because it was the first time he was left alone with Kye.

Horrific because he tried to blame the CPR for Kye’s death, claiming ‘misapplied force’ caused his death.

Horrific because he lied for 18 months to Kye’s mother Debra Chambers, manipulating and deceiving her into believing Kye’s death was a tragic accident.

Horrific because someone capable of losing control and behaving so abominably, managed to pass the psychological testing invoved in becoming a police officer, someone charged with protecting those unable to protect themselves.

Horrific because he pleaded guilty to manslaughter… not the murder charge he deserved.

Horrific because the 9 year sentence he received is a joke and a parole date of 2021 is not justice for Kye and his loved ones.

He was sent to jail last year for punching his baby son so hard the 10-week-old’s liver was “pulped”, but former Queensland police officer Colin Randall could be free soon. The brutal act came the first time the senior constable was left alone with his son Kye in June 2014. The then 37-year-old Randall had become obsessed with moving to Hervey Bay but a recent transfer request was knocked back by police.

He wanted to move to Hervey bay to be closer to the woman that he was having an affair with. The fact he couldn’t be closer to his girlfriend made him so frustrated he punched a completely innocent and vulnerable 10 week old baby boy.

On the morning he killed his son, Randall’s wife Debra Chambers had gone to the shops with their first child. Randall stayed at home and put Kye in a swing. The court heard Randall leaned down and punched Kyle once, leaving him with severe internal injuries from which he never recovered.

“The child went into cardiac arrest because of the trauma,” Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said.

Randall was sentenced to nine years in prison last May after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter three days before his murder trial was due to start. The fact is the courts have difficulty proving murder in domestic situations, because they must prove the murderer intended to kill the victim.

We at FACAA have to question how in this particular case there can be any question at all of Randall’s intentions.
There could be no other likely outcome. What the hell did he think was going to happen when he balled up his fist and drove it into the stomach of his 10 week old baby boy?

Anyone capable of becoming a police officer would realise that punching a 10 week old baby would do irrepairable damage and more than likely be a fatal blow.

Seriously, a child would know this!

Yet here we are, with another child killer who pleaded down to manslaughter rather than facing the charges they deserve …. that of child murder.

“The courts are saying they can’t prove he intended to kill Kye, but in my eyes, if you are going to punch a two-and-a-half-month-old in the stomach really hard, you are going to kill them,” Ms Chambers told A Current Affair.
“He is very manipulative and very evil. I mean, it takes an evil person to do what he did.” – Well said Ms Chambers !

While sentencing Randall in Brisbane’s Supreme Court, Justice Peter Davis delivered a scathing assessment of the 41-year-old, saying he had breached his duty to care for his son in the “most horrible and vile way”.

Randall maintained for three-and-a-half years the injuries were caused by CPR he had incorrectly performed, despite being familiar with the technique. “It beggars belief in circumstances where he was a trained instructor (in CPR),” Mr McCarthy said.

Yeah sorry Randall, you loser, it was you punching your son Kye that killed him, not bad CPR !

Recently Randall appealed the length of his sentence, wanting to be free before his already incredibly lenient parole date in 2021. He tried to claim that the judge did not put enough weight on his guilty plea.

A guilty plea that he only gave at the very last possible moment to do so, because he knew his not guilty plea would not fly and he would be found guilty of murdering his son. So he got the advantage of an early guilty plea and a charge reduction to manslaughter…. not the murder charge he should have been facing.

Thankfully the board of judges that heard his appeal saw straight through his lies and denied his appeal for early release.

Well done to the judges who dismissed his appeal, they have shown that sometimes there is just a little bit of justice in our legal system and that sometimes the judges get it right.

Colin Randall should be locked up for the rest of his days, his pathetic temper tantrum cost little Kye his life !

A life that had unlimited potential, a life taken away because Colin Randall was frustrated that he didn’t get the transfer he wanted.

It’s time our legal system spoke loudly to these murderers who take the lives of innocent babies like Kye and toddlers like Hemi and then claim it was an accident.
Beating a baby is not an accident and they deserve to face the full force of the law, the charge is murder not manslaughter and sentence should be life !

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This Islamic Child Bride Is 11 Years Old And Pregnant. Abhorrent evil Monsters from Earth 🙏

Watch “The Big Secret Diana Knew! [ORIGINAL VERSION]” on YouTube

Reflections of your Soul

Life is only a reflection of what we allow

Us to see ~ self-reflection is a humbling process

Maybe it’s essential why you think, say or do many things

Than to improve yourself

Self growth comes bit by bit

Not all at once

Be Patient

You are healing the same as Nature