“GRATITUDE!” a poem - after a morning of lost cell phones and dreams! Sunday: 19 August 2018 for: my Sweetie, who always reminds me to smile! 🙂 I accidentally - kicked the cell phone!! and lost it for a while, BUT, NOW - I-found-IT-behind-the-bureau; so-now, again, I smile! It was - that-special-replacement-phone! For-the-one-I-lost - So, … Continue reading “GRATITUDE!”💥💥


“Thank-You, Sir!” 💥💥💥

“A SHIP CALLED AHOY!” a poem a.k.a.: “You’re Purr-fect!” “Ahoy There!” & “Thank-You, Sir!” August 16, 2018 - Thursday. HER. [Thank YOU for singing “YOU-LOOK-WONDERFUL-TONIGHT,” When you see me LIKE THIS! - when-I-feel-(I’m)-”such a fright!?” And, perhaps, you should DROP ME, like a dang sack o’ spuds, For-I-oft feel bovine, chewing long on my cuds! … Continue reading “Thank-You, Sir!” 💥💥💥

To sweep me off my little feet, each-day-with-a-perfect ______ {genus}!”🤠🤠🤠🤠

“SHALL WE FLY AWAY TO VENUS?” a poem. Tuesday: August 14, 2018. “Since I’m-not-truly-happy - I-need-to-focus on my dreams; I think I’ll fly away to Venus, on some video streams - I’m empty! My-eyes-are-shut - and I’M (so) ALONE! Perhaps if I can talk some more - on a cosmic phone: If we could all … Continue reading To sweep me off my little feet, each-day-with-a-perfect ______ {genus}!”🤠🤠🤠🤠

Mystic Poet 💥💥

“WHEN TO BREAK THE RULES: HARD-AND-FAST RULES ARE FOR FOOLS, NOT JEWELS!” a poem Sunday: August 12, 2018 Break some rules, IF it works, But-IF-you-break -em - - - there-may-be-no-”perks!!” Here’re some GROUND RULES!! or, maybe, laws: “STUFF WILL TURN,” and “BEWARE OF PAUSE!!” I ate-me a - candy mint, so sweet, Was it THE … Continue reading Mystic Poet 💥💥


❤ “PREPOSTEROUS!” a poem Friday: 10 Aug 2018 You-know? (pause) The odds - Of anything - Ever-happening - EVER - Are SO remote! Is no-one even so slightly clever, Enough, enough - Enough! To conceive - Of all-this “impossibility?” The-subject-we-SHOULD-leave, (Because) for us to analyze “the odds” of any event - occurring, Is preposterous - … Continue reading “PREPOSTEROUS!”💥💥💥


“PREDICTED POLITICAL NAME DIRECTIONS!?” a poem August 9, 2018 (Thursday) Pictures supra: John Kerry and John Edwards, a young pilot named John McCain, a slick, military-looking fellow named Donald Trump - and Don Sherwood, a Republic from Pennsylvania who still has some connections in Washington, D. C. There might be a trend here - or, … Continue reading “PREDICTED POLITICAL NAME DIRECTIONS!?”💥💥

Her insane jealousies are what I bore -💥💥💥

“A LESSON OF HUNGER!” a poem August 9, 2018 - Thor’s Day. With her love, I DIE (pause) and-am-re-born; She waits! She strikes - me-down. (pause) The Norm! I could not ask for anything-more, Her insane jealousies are what I bore - Her death-grip will choke my life away, And then we’ll kiss, in-this certain … Continue reading Her insane jealousies are what I bore -💥💥💥

A Message From 🙄 Carol

“A MESSAGE FROM CAROL(E)!” a poem Wednesday: 8/8/18 KARAOKE WEDNESDAY, The Railroad Blues, Alpine, Texas, at about 10:30 P. M. 🙂 The Doctor’s Office Receptionist (pause) called, just today: “I need to speak - with your mama or dad, put-’em-on! (pause) right-away, Because The Doc (pause) knows - (pause) what your parents need: MORE LOVIN’!” … Continue reading A Message From 🙄 Carol