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(CANBERRA, Australia.) Court Report: “ A former journalist bought a scimitar from Pakistan before trying to lure Christians to his Canberra home and threatening to kill them in reprisal for the Christchurch m assacre, a court has heard.” #AceNewsDesk reports

Washington State Is Suing Facebook And Google For Violating Election Advertisement Laws ~ News Flash 💥

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WORDPRESS ~ oh booboo, thank you https://acenewsservices.

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+ six other blogs use all devices from Apple and Android as stated

WordPress Apple App is faulty, this Editor for these Bloggs positively feels vindicated from my complaining to WordPress and Apple Mac.

Happy Engineer’s are great but the Development of the IOS App leaves me bewildered.

Blocks release is the greatest tool today being updated on our Bloggs.

Thank you WORDPRESS being the best Bloggers tools to use , congratulations 🤗