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Vince Ryan found guilty of indecently assaulting more altar boys at The Junction and Cessnock | Newcastle Herald ~ The Pandora box is now opened in Australia. 🤐


Gambino crime kingpin Francesco ‘Franky Boy’ Cali shot dead in New York

Gambino crime kingpin Francesco ‘Franky Boy’ Cali shot dead in New York

Facebook outage smashes record as deprived users struggle to cope – 7 News

Facebook outage smashes record as deprived users struggle to cope – 7 News

Facebook crashed

Only in AUSTRALIAN Politics 😁🤗😅

Michael McCormack MP
Deputy Prime Minister
Parliament House, Canberra

Dear Michael,

Thanks so much for standing up for the interests of country folk yet again. If these over-educated city slickers have their way, we’ll all be living in the dark & eating raw kale. How dare they impose solar & wind power on us? Taking away our night-time footy & one-day cricket is bad enough. Anyone who’s ever had to get up at three AM to milk the sheep knows the sun never shines then, and if you use all the breeze to push turbines around, there won’t be enough wind left to pump water up from the creek. It’s gone on beyond all reason!

These urban smarties with their fancy degrees should do a decent day’s work for a change. The lads at the RSL would like to see you take your campaign a bit further. Traditional country values are a thing of the past, it seems. Scientists are all very well to have on tap, as we like to say out here, but NEVER on top. Gough the anti-Christ started it all, letting all sorts of riff-raff including women go to uni, and it’s all been downhill since then.

First they tell us we have to wear seat-belts & can’t have more than three middies before driving. Do you have any idea how many panel-beaters & morticians this measure did out of a job? Next they make us put fluoride in our water,& the next thing you know all our teenagers are turning queer & listening to rap. They won’t let us grow rapeseed any more, in case it upsets the feminists, so we have to call it canola, which half the blokes I know can’t spell. Our buxom young country lasses don’t want to wear aprons & learn how to make a decent scone any more – oh no, they have to go to uni where they can learn how to smoke dope & rabbit on forever about empowerment & equality & glass bloody ceilings.

Good on you Michael! Keep up the sterling work. It must be hard to keep your eye on the ball sometimes, what with Barnaby drooling & muttering in the background, hanging over your head like the Pork Sword of Damocles. But you stick to your guns, laddie! Someone has to restore traditional Australian values to this blighted nation, things like selling our best farmland & rivers to traditional allies like the Chinese. If only these commo greenies would get out of the way!

We’re all looking forward to your next brilliant analysis. With the help of thinkers such as yourself, Australia should do very well as we power through the 20th century.

Yours sincerely,

Godfrey Bigot JP
West Bathurst NSW 2795

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children ⁉️

In regards to everyone currently attacking survivors of child abuse who are currently speaking out against their celebrity abusers.

Everytime people call victims who are speaking out against child rapists, “gold diggers,” or fame seekers, a survivor refuses to speak up.

That means everytime one of you who actually has absolutely no idea if they did, or did not, do something, aggressively defends a celebrity accused of child rape, a child rapist who should be getting arrested and being taken off the streets to go to prison where they belong, then gets to walk the streets free to rape more children and abuse more victims.

So please…. unless you were there SHUT THE HELL UP !

#FACAA #ProudFacaa #EndingChildAbuse #Celebrity #MichaelJackson #RKelly #RolfHarris #Survivors #BelieveTheSurvivors #LetThemSpeak #GeorgePell

Paedophile partner drugged woman every night so he could rape her daughter

Stewart, pleaded guilty to 99 charges relating to the abuse and a jury later found him guilty of a further 28 offences, including drugging the girl and her mother, rape and sexual assault as well as indecent assault of her younger sister too.

The court heard Rachel and her eldest daughter were drugged up to three times a week for four years by Stewart who crushed Travacalm in her soft drink and wine.T he 45-year-old was sentenced to 32 years behind bars for grooming and abusing the girl, from ages 12-15 in November 2017 — and now Rachel is sharing the true torment she and her daughter endured

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children

Talk about perversion! I’m soooo pleased to see that His Holiness’ Roman Catholic Church hierachy is finally, being brought to some kind of accounting. Ever since I first heard in 2004 of now Cardinal Pell historically, sexually abusing boys in Victoria, I’ve naturally been seriously psychospiritually, socially, very angry.

My point here is trusting, innocent children have directly and indirectly, vicariously abused. While not a child, my elder brother was apparently “flicked with a towel” by then Christian Brothers School for the Blind, Head Brother Adams in the showers in the early 1970s. Dad described Brother Adams as “a sadist”.

Clearly when I saw then Cardinal Freeman, I have to wonder, what, seriously went on?


Man made Religion is a mob of Peodofiles

8 year old Arab Child Bride died on Wedding Night due to Internal Injuries – Life in Saudi Arabia

Come unto me little CHILDREN 😢

Sexual abuse survivors reveal ‘traumatic’ pain of applying for National Redress Scheme – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

GREAT NEWS ! ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay has made laws that mean that ANYONE who fails to report child abuse can face prison time !


ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay has made laws that mean that ANYONE who fails to report child abuse can face prison time !

Yes that includes priests and other religious leaders, however we can’t help but wonder if they will adhere to this or any other law aimed at forcing them to break the so called “sanctity” of the confessional.

Adults in Canberra could face up to two years’ in jail if they fail to report child sexual abuse, under a suite of legislation ACT Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay will introduce into the ACT’s parliament on Thursday.

Ministers of religion will also become mandatory reporters, with no exemption for allegations aired under the seal of confession. Information from the confessional was already going to be covered under the ACT’s mandatory reporting laws come April, with a temporary exemption to expire on March 31.

If the ACT can bring this strong a law in why did the other states allow for exemptions based upon religious reasons ? Why did they bow to the religious leaders and the ACT did not ?

Sadly the Catholic church in Canberra have already come out and spoken about the fact that they do not answer to the laws of the land but instead answer to a higher power. Canberra-Goulburn Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse said while he supported mandatory reporting laws, there could be “no reasonable expectation” that forcing priests to break the seal of confession would make people safer and urged the government to reject the new measures.

Let me tell you something Archbishop Prowse, you could not be any more wrong if you tried ! the so called seal of confession has been allowing and enabling child rapists for centuries ! this idea that a priest or anyone else could rape a child and walk into a box, tell a priest they did it and then walk out completely absolved of all responsibility, all guilt and all sin. Then that priest who heard the confession MUST NOT go to the police and tell them what they knew (and if they do their god will smite them) has been responsible time and time again for centuries now for massive amounts of child rape !

If you do not reverse the so called sanctity of confession and FORCE priests to tell police if they are told about the rape of children then you are RESPONSIBLE for any further rapes that rapist commits after that confession because you did NOTHING when you could have stopped them in their tracks !

Well done to the ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay and his staff for bringing in these strong laws that stand up to the churches and religious organizations. All states should stand up to the religious organizations and put the rights of children to not be raped by repeat child rapists who are using confessionals to alleviate their guilt and responsibility for their rapes ahead of the rights of religious organizations who willingly and knowingly hide child rapists from the justice they deserve !

For the record we are not telling anyone to vote for Mr Ramsay or his party (who we have not named)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #ACT #Canberra #GordonRamsay #ACTAG #AttorneyGeneral #NewLaws #MustReportChildAbuse #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #KidsLivesMatter #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #JuliasJusitce #PhoenixProgram #TakeAStance #SaveTheKids #FromHellWeRise

This makes submission number 6 for the FACAA Julia’s Justice legal reform campaign !

FACAA have proudly completed yet another submission to bring the justice back to our legal system.

This makes submission number 6 for the FACAA Julia’s Justice legal reform campaign !

If we can help to get these laws passed then this will hopefully bring up our 20th recommendation made into law ! That is an awesome thought to ponder. You are awesome members have once again helped re-write the laws of our land to help bring back justice to our broken legal system.

This time the submission involved changing laws relating to domestic homicides in NSW. We spoke to you our awesome members (specific members due to the high levels of privacy concerns around this subject matter) and got their ideas, then our volunteers brainstormed our thoughts on the suggestions, and we came up with our 5 key recommendations.

I could not be prouder of what this charity has become, never in my widest dreams did I think for a second that I would be making submissions to help change the very laws that govern our nation !

But here we are, we saw a need and made the program to match it. Your voices were not being heard so we made sure they were ! We became the voice for the voiceless !

We will let you know how this one goes ! can’t wait to tell you how many laws we have helped change with this one ! – Adam

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #EndingChildAbuse #PhoenixProgram #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWIllFight #StandUP #Donate #JoinTheFight #NEverGonnaStop #SaveTheKids #FromHellWeRise #BreakTheCYcle #OneSurvivorAtATime #WeWillENdChildABuse

The girl who executed Nazis after seducing them in bars dies aged 92 – NZ Herald

My 91 year old Stepfather, attacked Panzer Tanks before WWII started with his Older Brother in The Netherlands … When he was 11, his Bro 13.

He then went on to Fight under Montgomery and the Allies, until Armistice Day in ’45.

Johannes or Hans, became My Stepfather when I was 13 … He had his Battledress in his Wardrobe, alongside his Enfield Rifle.

The girls, the paedophile and Cardinal Pell | SBS News

Broken SOUL of the Catholic Church 😏

Shane Arthur Simpson manslaughter: Baden Bond’s father jailed for 12 years | Cairns Post Australian News

News Australia: New spider species discovered and named – 9Pickle