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“OH, MY!!” a poem a.k.a.: “What My TWO CENTS Says About The 6th and/or 7th Sense(s)!” a.k.a.: “IF I Just Had Some Sense!” October 19, 2018 – Friday!!

She said: “ Something’s-not-right-here! We-need blood tests and MORE!

Something’s SO wrong! (pause) We MUST get to The Core!

IF we can-just exercise – Intuitive-POWER and-employ Wisdom-Divine,

We’ll-figure-out-what’s-wrong – and ALL WILL BE FINE!!

Once we’ve figured it out, we’ll be MUCH better off!”

“Oh, YES! You’re SO RIGHT!” as I shielded a cough!”

When we humans “figure-it-out,” cows and pigs – they WILL fly;

And The Secrets of The Universe will-be-uncovered! Right-before each eye,

AND – after eons of guessing, after oodles of time,

We’ll find out what’s wrong – through (some) poetic rhyme!


It-could-be SEEKING for certainty – for reasons – for me,

So! (pause) THE ANSWER? of-what’s-wrong, here it is, ob-vious-ly:

IT’S LIFE!!! Ever DUAL, filled with strife, poo & pee,

‘Cause WE CAN’T RELAX!! and our “tuits” and mind,

Are spinning 24/7! I LAUGH! How unkind,

How unkind – to subject – one-another-to-this-seeking,

Trying-to-find-out-WHAT’S-WRONG – when-there’s-NOTHING!!


Peeking-around-corners – and-into-The-Heart – of SOME GOD,

Who is urging us all – to-manipulate our “bod!”

And what’s in (y)our mind? And where do we go,

When we seem to expire – from THIS PLACE? We dunno!

But, yes, I’ve-been-seeking-too! For-relaxed-people – or-some-place,

Just ONE (or something-like-it) – in this vast human race!
Well, no-more-seeking for me! It’s just TOO MUCH DARN TROUBLE,

For – when-I-seek – I find-shattered-dreams,

Amongst all this “rubble!”

fin ❤


“A. S. A. P.!!”

A. S. A. P.!!” a poem a.k.a.: “RELAX! Take It EZ Sometimes!” Oct. 13, 2018 Sat

Have you-got some “friends” who are into a.s.a.p.?

Well! A S A P is a person who sets up a trap,

And expects you to JUMP! at-his-tiniest-whim;

Perhaps! he’s-”expendable!” (pause)


ASAP means right-now I-can’t-wait and-JUMP, Friend!

Well! What Friend is That-who-kicks-you-in-your-”end?”

And-expects-FAST-reaction – ‘cause he ain’t too patient!

I think-that such-people are-mostly-abras(h)-iant* –


When-there’s-a-REAL-emergency, but – let us make clear:

IF someone you know is AN EMERGENCY FAN,

You need NOT – support – THEIR habit, my man,

For man wasn’t made – to-be – on-call all-day,

Especially on-the-weekend(s) – to be caught in SOME fray,

Of someone-else’s obscene – and impatient nerves;

ASAPers are goofy! and many are “pervs!”

I-think-expedient-urges -are mostly just “toss-able,”**

LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS – to-do (pause)


fin ❤

* – i.e.: abrasive!

** – i.e.: In The Trash

“A NICE POEM!” a poem!! a.k.a.: “Crazy! The Sequel!” a.k.a. 2: “Her, Her & She Don’t Equal WE!” a.k.a.: 3: “O. A. O.!”* October 6, 2018 – Saturday.

I’m a guy! And-I’m so crazy,

About girls! and, yes, I’m lazy –

OK! So, I-like curls – and straight hair – and the feminine all around;

Lord knows, Lord knows (pause) Where! (pause) Lord-knows-where-I’m-bound!

So, OK! I’m CRAZY – yea! About HER & HER & SHE,

But – I’m not sure – if any of them,

Is crazy – about me,

But, NOW – I DID find me a delicious gal; she lives miles away,

But, if I had to bet, you know, this is what I’d say:

That “She’s Crazy! About me! Now – that doesn’t happen every day!”

I adore her too, so – THERE’S A FIT – and I will shout: “Hooray!”

And I ask myself, despite temptations, from Her & Her & She,

Who’s THE GIRL! THE girl! The girl who’s really for me?

Well, now – ain’t it obvious? When do you get two crazies in Love?

And – each-one-of-the-crazies – fits the other – like a glove!

Well, now, that sounds like the POT O’ GOLD – at The End of The Rainbow,

Or – The Princess you’ll climb “The Tower” for & rescue her from (The) Drago!

So, ask yourself, when you’re faced with such a startling event,

Well, ISN’T THAT GIRL YOUR BASKET, where all your eggs should-be sent?

She’s The Golden Goose – and The Stringed Harp, who plays so sweet!

Hold onto That Filly! You two might (must) be “in heat!”

Thank Your Lucky Stars! Tell the other girls: “Sorry!”

But I have found me my one true love – and we are “on safari,”

But we’re NOT hunting – in African terrain – for some Lost Diamond Mine:

It’s HERE, for us, under the covers – with THE ONE FOR WHOM I PINE!

fin ❤

Postscript: Will it last? Who knows! But, you-know, I DO care,

But life’s a “crap shoot” (so I’ve found) BUT – Sometimes you GET The Bare,

Naked, sexy lady – or guy, If he’s your beau!!


When you find your O. A. O. 🙂

Sting: “Fields of Gold:”

* – from my West Point days – ‘O. A. O.,’ an archaic expression meaning ‘One And Only!’


“WELCOME TO THE BUBBLE!” a poem October 2, 2018 (Tuesday!)
He said, “Y’all-are-in a bubble!” Well! I must be – A Bubble Man!

Did-Josh(ua) put me there? Or was it my own plan?

To get in this here bubble – this imaginary place!

Aren’t-we-ALL-in-a-blasted-bubble? The-entire human race?

Aren’t we RACING in a bubble? Makes-sense!-we’re-going-NO-WHERE!

Could-we-be in a little trouble? Does-our bubble need repair!?


But, until that happens! We’re BUBBLE FOLKS! Let’s scream & shout,

And never take responsibility – for what happens here;

We’re all in this here bubble – with INFINITE-WEB-CAM-STARE!!


Are here, in-a-bubble! It’s The Cosmic Joke!!

Ya! The joke’s on US – but, PLEASE, don’t poke,

And, even “if ya got ‘em,” please don’t smoke!*

So! Let’s ALL really smile and smile,

SKIRTING-responsibility** all the while,

For – WHATEVER HAPPENS IN THE BUBBLE, Well, “God’s” here too,

IN THE BUBBLE – OF SOME TROUBLE – along with Winnie (the) Pooh,

And WINNIE THE POOH SAYS: “Please-don’t pop it, ‘cause, if you do,

There’ll be no more Tigger – Christopher Robin – or ME!-

And “I Love You!”

🙂 – OMG! She’s gonna POP!! and you don’t have to love me back!!

fin. ❤

* – Too much anyway! 🙂 – Unless you have extras!!

** – unless you don’t want to! 🙂 -Skirt IT, I mean; just lo(o)se that skirt!! ❤

“TAKING A BOW!” Texas Cowboy ⭐🌟

“TAKING A BOW!” a poem. a.k.a.: “April Showers Bring Flowers of Love, Even In October!” Tuesday: Oct. 2, 2018

April in October! – Karaoke Power!

There’s kerosene on stage, and it’s an April Shower!

A shower of petrol, burning up the stage:

April, April, April Showers! The fans are all a-rage,

With-exaltation-throughout-the-nation* – &-Blonde-Ambition’s-outta-the-cage!

Miranda Lambert must be pleased, as we gleefully engage,

A Blonde War Chant! with Blondie in our heart:

MUSIC OF THE NIGHT! It’s sweet! It’s tart!

Hearts will burst; fire will burn,

Love will SHINE-A-LIGHT! at every turn;

Singing with THE DEVIL – and-an-Angel! Wow!

April in October: LET’S TAKE US A BOW! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – The “Nation” of Railroad Blues Karaoke Wednesday!


“MY DREAM GIRL – AS ‘REAL’ AS IT GETS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Welcome To Another Illusory Month Of October In This Illusory Year, Where Halloween Comes But Once?!” Monday: 10/1/2018

“I DREAMED OF YOU LAST NIGHT,” She said, as-we-talked upon the phone;

“I LOVE to dream of YOU, my Love – and-I LOVE to be ALONE,

With-you-in-life! It-is SO SPECIAL, that IN REALITY,

We are together, as a MARRIED couple – YOU ARE – My Destiny!”

“I love you too,” I did reply; “but-you-know! REALITY(?)

Is but a dream, we’re just “asleep” – AND-we-dream-mortality!”

“Oh-you-jest; you jest!” SHE laughed out loud – “Life IS so REAL, My Dear,



These things are ALWAYS clear!”

Although-dreaming DREAMS WITHIN THIS DREAM, outside of time & space,

Might-give-the-notion-this-is-not-a-dream, THIS-IS A SPECIAL CASE:

That we have conjured, oh, so well – to give the quaint impression,

That-REALITY is really real: yet, it’s just a dreaming session,

Which we can even prove a bit – when-we-glance-at-molecules,

JUST PARTICLES, themselves-not-real! vibrating-in-vestibules,*

And TIME AND SPACE-ARE-ILLUSORY! We know this, when we die,

Where the lie of space & time’s exposed – and another dream we try,

Called-the-AFTERLIFE (presuming THIS is life!) – but in this death so-called,

We’re dreaming still, with senses new, but 3-D time has stalled!

So, never doubt, OH, Separate “Friends,” that whatever you might do-here,

Like dreaming, phoning, eating, rhyming – It’s illusory! “Boo-hoo, Dear!”

And-although-UNREAL – and-although-we’re-ghosts,

Still know “I” love you so:

And-I-always-will – FOR WE’RE THE SAME!

“God”-masturbating, you know! 🙂

fin ❤

* – our physical frames and all other apparently solid matter.


“THE POLITICAL ENTERTAINMENT RATIN’s ‘H I G H’ – AND SO ARE THOSE FOLKS IN OFFICE!!’ “ a poem. a.k.a.: “The Exciting DAYS OF MY YOUTH – Re-visited!!” a.k.a. 2: “Alas! The Way We Were!” a.k.a. 3: “My School Days Were NEVER This Exciting! … Or Important!” Sept. 30, 2018: [Sunday]

POLITICAL REALITY SHOW SIT-COMS! Are-”heavy”-on-the-political-scene!*

Here comes good ol’ Judge Cavanaugh – Looking all too keen!

Gotta “clear” his “good” name – so-he-can (just) TAKE That Blasted Bench,

But FIRST – Let’s pause! And-inhale-some:


The stench – OF ACCUSATIONS! Decades auld;

We NEED this entertainment: ON ALL THIS STUFF WE’RE “SOLD!”

We’re sold SO MUCH, about everything, Honey,

We need a SPECTACLE – Perhaps The-Easter-Bunny?

Let’s dress The Judge up – in a bunny suit,

And bring in some other bunnies – from-his-school – to boot,

And everyone can sit – and point their nasty fingers,

And “spin” their good ol’ stories – they’re-a-bunch-o’-real “wing dingers!!”

We NEED our entertainment; we NEED to fill our screens,

We need to use the time, to concoct our silly schemes –

OF: Boy Meets Girl – and Boy Becomes Man –

And – Man Is “Corrupted” (?) – In A Devious-Political-Plan!

Man Becomes Judge – JUDGE NOT! Oh, my people,

What a(n) hilarity! Do I spot a “righteous” steeple?

Of The Glorious, Aged – Church of Satan?

Who cares! As long as – The show’s got a good ratin’ !

NO! Wait! THIS guy did it! No? Him? No, HER:

OMG! This-here’s-SO-exciting! THE WAY – WE (almost) WERE! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – especially in The Good Ol’ United States at this time!! 🙂

“THE KNACK!”  Texas Cowboy 😁😁

“THE KNACK!” a poem Sept. 30, 2018 [Sunday]

“Be like children – IF you truly desire,

THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN – for which you inquire!?”*

(And what does this mean?) – After 2 thousand years,

Haven’t you figured – – – it-out? My dears?

RESILIENCE-is a-key = two girls in the shower,

You can almost feel – their immaculate power!

It’s THE POWER OF LOVE = overlooking-everything!

Such JOY – Children! Can truly bring,

To The Table! So – we seal our doom,

By-sequestering-them – to another room:

And wait – ‘til they become “adult,”

When “skins of knack” – they finally molt,


Every free girl – and every free boy,

Who demonstrate – “The Jesus Laugh,”

When they’re touching – in the bath,

When they swing; when they glow,

In a meadow! Yes, we (deep-down) know!

So, whatever happens – be a kid:

DON’T TAKE “IT” SERIOUS(LY)! (Adults’ll-”flip-their-lid,”)

‘Cause adults are slaves – to-the-possession of-THE-SERIOUS,

Whereas children – well, children! are imperious! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – Do you? or have you given up!?

“YIPPEE & YAHOO!”  a poem  The Last Day of September: Sunday Texas Cowboy ❤❤

“YIPPEE & YAHOO!” a poem The Last Day of September: Sunday

You’re my Yippee – You’re my Yahoo –

You’re my prince(ss); I love youou.

I dream of you – I like to kiss;

I like to cuddle – Don’t wanna miss,

The chance to tell you, “I’m just crazy –

In love with you, And that’s no maybe!”

You-are so pretty! You’ve got my heart;

It’s in your keeping; I’ll never part! 🙂

fin. ❤


“WARNING! STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT?” a poem a.k.a.: “ ‘Smack Your Bum’ & Other Sexual Phrases Not To Be Used In ‘MIXED COMPANY!’ “ Sept. 28, 2018 – Friday. {We just got the keyboard operating again! It has been out for over 24 hours; it’s one of those “light powered” jobbies! Plus! The “mouse” needed new batteries!}

Person 1: “I’m going-to-SMACK-your-Bum!”

Person 2: “Well!! Just-watch-me – smooch your tum!”

Person 1: “Yea!? Well! I’m gonna piddle;


AND! – TOOTLE with your tutu!”

Person 2: “I’ll oodle – at your woo-hoo!!” 🙂

“You’re bluffing! You sexy thang!

Try me! Here cums – boom-boom-bang!!*

Hey! Watch what you do with that snake!

Or – I’m closing Woe-be-gone Lake!!

With that threat! A tear formed-and-Heart-strings-were plucked –

And our lovers sucked face – and THEN!

They (just) (really long pause!)


Like a cock and a hen!

And – we better stop there – and end with an

🙂 – Amen!

fin. ❤

* 🙂 – So there!!