“THE TRAGIC, DIVINE COMEDY!” a poem August 16, 2018 [Thursday] Who’s in charge?! Well, it ain’t YOU!!?* Or else - would-you-do-these-things-you-do?* Would-you (pause) BURN-THE-SOUP-or back up wrong, In your car (that is) - or sing a song, So out of tune - that - it’s not fair - Just KNOW - “Honey-Chile” - there’s-poop-in-your-hair, From-THE … Continue reading “THE TRAGIC, DIVINE COMEDY!”😁😁😁



“THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS!” a stinky poem. Thor’s - 08/16/18 “Men! Are just a bunch of horny bastards!”-this-all-women-KNOW! It’s a GIVEN-and-yet-amnesia-infects-the-feminine-psyche- WHEN-WEDDING-BELLS-BEGIN-TO-TOLL!! 😦 For THEN, deep in love-and knowing sweet Love’s invincibility, All fresh bride-ies JUST KNOW - they-can-turn-their-horny-lad-to-civility!! Thus begins - THE TALE OF WOE: (1) Horny bastard; (2) Gets married; And NOW … Continue reading “THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS!”💥💥💥💥


“SING YOUR HEART OUT!”* a poem August 14, 2018 Why sing? Why dance? Why live? For: ROMANCE?! “Romancing a stone,” or a girl - or a boy, Gives you a reason - to want a new toy! Why sing? That song? - To sing that tune - all-along: There’s-one-main-reason, obvious-ly (One main reason that I … Continue reading “SING YOUR HEART OUT!”* 💥💥

Amorous vacation time – in-a-hotel-room? 💥

“YOUR EMBRACE!” a poem. Monday: 13 August 2018 Making lots of money? Business full “in bloom?” Amorous vacation time - in-a-hotel-room? With all of the amenities, One thousand bucks per night: Scenic destinations! Loving all the sight(s)! Interesting companions - Parties! Really classy, Drinking and carousing with - every lad & lassie, And THIS - … Continue reading Amorous vacation time – in-a-hotel-room? 💥


“DIFFERENT STROKES - FOR US COWPOKES!” a poem August 12, 2018 - SUN-day There was so much interest in The Adventures of Mimmy Cass and her Texas Cowboy Jack, that a second poem had to be written, to check up on M & J, just a couple o’ kids, trying to get by in this … Continue reading “DIFFERENT STROKES – FOR US COWPOKES!”💥💥

Suffice-it to say, Honey Childs: WE WERE ALL THE RAGE!😁😁😁

“ANOTHER VISIT TO ‘THE SHRINK!’“ a poem Tuesday: 7 August 2018 I went to “The Head Doctor” the other day, and it was no surprise, She told me she knew what was wrong, with a glimmer in her eyes: “You were withdrawn - from The Breast - too early as a child, That is why, … Continue reading Suffice-it to say, Honey Childs: WE WERE ALL THE RAGE!😁😁😁

*** – please refer to “Rockin’ The Cradle of Love,” song by Billy Idol.💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

“DEADPOOL CHAMPAGNE!” a poem Friday: 3 Aug 2018 “I pity you!” said Tolstoi (pause) (Said) Leo-Tolstoy* to Rasputin!** “Your GOD is money, Mr. Trump,” said Vlad-i-mir-i-Putin. “We’re-goin’-to-Heaven, buddy! We’d take you IF we could, But your faithless attitude - (pause) means-there’s no way we would!!” It’s inevitable, that - people (pause) Certain they’ve-found-THE-”BETTER”-WAY, Like to … Continue reading *** – please refer to “Rockin’ The Cradle of Love,” song by Billy Idol.💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

Texan Cowboy💥💥

“EVEN MORE THAN AUDREY II !” a poem. a.k.a.: “The Inevitable Conflict Between Mothers & Daughters?” Freya’s Day: August 3, 2018. AUDREY had a daughter: She was EVEN-MORE, Than-anything-you-can-even-imagine - got honey bees by the score! These flowers, like a daughter & mother? A personality clash? I don’t think so - just so similar, and, … Continue reading Texan Cowboy💥💥

And wanna apply some sexy lotion!!💥💥💥😁😁

"I SUCK AT THIS!" a poem - a. k. a.: "Don't Talk To The Hand; Speak With Butchie!"for Moonday, July 23, 2018 🙂 I'm a lousy poet, 'cause my feet ain't that long!! IF they were, they'd be LONGFELLOWS, and I could be a Poet Laureate Strong, BUT - my feet - just medium size, … Continue reading And wanna apply some sexy lotion!!💥💥💥😁😁