“SUNSHINE CUP!” a poem Monday: June 18, 2018 I’m (probably) not the worst guy; I’m not the best: Just-the-one-who - Lays-down-here to rest, And thinks of how-wonderful it would be, To always-have my Sweetie - next to me, To have - To hold, and to fall asleep, With thoughts of HER in slumber deep, Knowing … Continue reading “SUNSHINE CUP!”☀🌞🌝💥



“WHEN PURTY SAYS IT!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Dropping The F Balm (Bomb)?” Sunday: 17 Jun 2018 {Disclaimer: Owing to possible impropriety, please cover your children’s eyes!} Thank-you! When-others-say: “F - - ,” I DON’T THINK TWICE; But-when-YOU say: “F;” It’s awfully nice; ‘Cause I just love it when you talk dirty, You’re my foul-mouthed darling, … Continue reading “WHEN PURTY SAYS IT!”💥🌞🌝☀

Sometimes just ENJOY YOUR DAYS!”🌞🌝☀

“TIME TO LOOSEN UP - JUST A BIT, MAYBE!?” a poem Sunday, 6/17/2018 🙂 Even though you eat organic, with-doctor-visits twice a year, Taking the right pills and tonics - with-nothing-much you have to fear, You wear your ca-ar-see-ee-at-belt - always; (pause) You-don’t-drink - Too much wine or beer, And-you put on the proper sunscreen, … Continue reading Sometimes just ENJOY YOUR DAYS!”🌞🌝☀


“I’VE BEEN ON MY LIQUID DIET FOR 3 DAYS AND HAVE ALREADY LOST 3 DRESS SIZES; PLUS, I FEEL GREAT!” a poem Saturday: 16 Jun 2018 When I was younger, apple sauce, it was my favorite food, NOW, Honey Wunny Sunny Bunny - I-don’t-mean-to-be-rude, But, NOW, my-preference, it doth shift, You’re-now, My SAUCY PICK; I … Continue reading My SAUCY PICK❤❤


“DIAMOND DISTRACTION!” a poem. 15 June 2018 Freya’s Day - a.k.a.: “Crystal Gems Come First!” 🙂 I heard it on the weather report: “DIAMONDS-ARE-FALLING-FROM-HEAVEN!” This could-be ROMANTIC! The motor in my love thing’s “revving!” I can’t believe it! It’s too good to be true; It just started happening, since I met YOU! I’m Steven Universe, … Continue reading PERFECT INSIDE❤❤