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Praise ~

“IN PRAISE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP!” a poem a.k.a.: “A Great America Is A Good America; A Great President Is A Good President!” a.k.a.: “How To Balance Diplomacy And Keep ‘Her’ Safe!” in the ever-popular series: “Mr. Hip (Trump) Goes To Town!”* Sunday: July 14, 2019

SOMETIMES, some-isolation – is-appropriate – and-blessed!

Thank God for our President, who-has given-us good rest!

For he is strong & steadfast – and guards our sacred shores,

Against those that would hurt us – and break apart our doors,

The doors we have erected, to-give-us [some] pri-va-cy;

We-LOOK-FORWARD-to-the-strangers’-knock, when-they-stop-by-for-some-tea;

A tea that’s served WITH KINDNESS, for the-respectful and the-kind;

However, there-ARE trespassers – who have a different mind:

The mind to quite profane – our hallowed, sacred land,

And YES! We’re sometimes “door mats,” when-we-won’t take “a stand,”

To-safeguard our-glorious-bride; She need NOT be defiled!

President-Trump he-seeks to-keep things-both-safe-and-mild!

So, PRAISE we give to such fair thinking, but we’ll-hope-to-never-over-reach,

For ANYTHING CAN GO TOO FAR, and, so, I do beseech,

Our President, Good President, to keep a kindly heart!


fin <3

  • – or “a town hall meeting!”


(LONDON) JUST IN: Taxpayer Funded Media BUT BBC bosses order reporters not to use word “terror ” in reporting jihad attacks BUT will they turn a blind eye to say an isolated attack by a ‘ white nationalist ‘ and thus the public will be fooled into believing that the global jihad is not a homeland security threat, only “white nationalism” is …#AceNewsDesk says Keeping Citize ns in the Dark over the #Truth that sets you Free

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Our mission is to serve audiences as a distinctive content source for information, insights and cultural experiences essential to living in our diverse, interconnected world. 🤗

Our mission is to serve audiences as a distinctive content source for information, insights and cultural experiences essential to living in our diverse, interconnected world.

Indian Country remembers the trauma of children taken from their parents
Indian Country Today

June 19, 2018 · 10:30 AM EDT
By Mark Trahant
A group of Chiracahua Apaches on their first day at Carlisle Indian school, 1886. “Separating children and their families to ‘kill the Indian to save the man’ by sending Native children to boarding schools, and doing it in the name of religion, is one generation removed from my family,” wrote Peggy Flanagan on Twitter. Flanagan, White Earth, is a candidate for lieutenant governor in Minnesota. “Trump’s ‘zero tolerance policy’ is nothing more than a clear violation of human rights. We must learn from history. We must stand with immigrants and refugees.” Credit: John N. Choate/MPI/Getty Images
Indian Country remembers. This is not the first administration to order the forced separation of families.

The Trump administration has initiated a zero-tolerance policy on the border. Zero tolerance means that people caught crossing the border are treated as criminals.

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security said the Trump administration separated 1,995 children from the adults they were traveling with at the US border between April 19 and May 31.

“The act of ripping children away from their parents is nothing new for the United States. Separating children and their families to ‘kill the Indian to save the man’ by sending Native children to boarding schools, and doing it in the name of religion, is one generation removed from my family,” wrote Peggy Flanagan on Twitter. Flanagan, an Indigenous member of the White Earth Nation of Ojibwe, is a candidate for lieutenant governor in Minnesota. “Trump’s ‘zero tolerance policy’ is nothing more than a clear violation of human rights. We must learn from history. We must stand with immigrants and refugees.”

Many on social media referred to a piece in Indian Country Today by Mary Annette Pember in 2013, illustrated by a picture of tiny handcuffs.

From the piece: “For such small objects, the child’s handcuffs are surprisingly heavy when cradled in the palms of one’s hand. Although now rusted from years of disuse, they still convey the horror of their brutal purpose, which was to restrain Native children who were being brought to boarding schools. ‘I felt the weight of their metal on my heart,’ said Jessica Lackey of the Cherokee tribe as she described holding the handcuffs for the first time.”

Pember wrote that she had heard rumors about the existence of the handcuffs during visits to Haskell. Then Haskell agreed to allow a public viewing of the handcuffs. She wrote: “Andy Girty, one of the elders who first blessed the handcuffs when they were given to Haskell in 1989, helped unwrap them for me. Known as the Haskell Institute in its early years, the school opened its doors in 1884. It was originally founded as an instrument of the final solution to this country’s ‘Indian problem’; Haskell Institute’s mission then was embodied in the now infamous motto of Captain Richard H. Pratt, founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School: ‘Kill the Indian, Save the Man.’ This mindset led to decades of forced acculturation through brutal military-style incarceration cloaked as education in US Indian boarding schools.”

This tragic history is again public policy. And, as in previous public policy debates, the authorities rely on Christian scripture for their inhumane acts.

“The American people have been begging and pleading with our elected officials for an immigration system that is lawful and that serves our national interest — one that we can be proud of. There is nothing mean-spirited about that. They are right, decent and just to ask for this,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last week. “We’ve got a choice here. We either have open borders or we have laws. It’s one or the other.”

Sessions, a Sunday School teacher, proclaimed: “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order.”

Immigration is an issue that will surface again in Congress as soon as this week.

Republicans debate their own competing plans for immigration reform. The House will consider two bills: a conservative, hardline approach and a more moderate version. (Moderate among Republicans. The bill is unlikely to win votes from many Democrats.) A third bill, an actual moderate proposal, could only be brought to the floor with a discharge petition, the signatures of a majority of members. The House leadership’s immigration bill is designed to make sure that never happens.

But the division between Republicans (harsh across the board on immigration or mostly harsh on immigration) leaves Democrats out of the discourse, and therefore any bill is unlikely to become law.

The conservative bill is authored by House Judiciary chair Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. That bill includes funding a wall, further slowing legal immigration, and ending family reunification as a policy. The conservative approach does not address the family separation issue or any legal citizenship route for the dreamers, immigrants who came to this country as children.

The House leadership bill, according to a draft posted by Politico, calls for more border security, and a solution for DACA-eligible immigrants via a special visa. It also says it ends separation of families at the border.

Both bills restrict legal immigration and provide penalties for cities that support sanctuary policies.

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma, a member of House leadership, told Axios that the only way this bill can happen is if Trump “leans in on it hard, he can make a huge difference.” The president is expected to meet with House Republicans this week.

Perhaps an immigration bill could pass in the House. But Senate Republicans would need votes from Democrats in order to prevent a filibuster — and that’s unlikely.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Speaker Paul Ryan picked up more flack for the Trump policy of separation of children from their parents.

Singer John Legend attacked Ryan’s Father’s Day tweet. “Seriously, f–k you,” he tweeted. “Reunite the families at the border and we can talk about father’s day.”

Legend is not alone in his condemnation of the policy. Former First Lady Laura Bush wrote an op-ed against the policy in The Washington Post. “On Sunday, a day we as a nation set aside to honor fathers and the bonds of family, I was among the millions of Americans who watched images of children who have been torn from their parents,” she wrote. “People on all sides agree that our immigration system isn’t working, but the injustice of zero tolerance is not the answer. I moved away from Washington almost a decade ago, but I know there are good people at all levels of government who can do better to fix this.”

And there is one more parallel with Indian Country and the border policy of family separation. The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Colleen Kraft, told Buzzfeed News that the separations will cause “irreparable harm to lifelong development by disrupting a child’s architecture. Immigration has become so politicized. We would really like people to sit back instead and think of the health of these children.”

She cited a list of physical and mental health issues. She said the research shows that children who are forcibly taken from their parents have demonstrated links to asthma, obesity and cancer, in addition to tendencies toward substance abuse, developmental delays and mental health issues.

One such study is a 2013 report in the Journal of Family Issues. Researchers looked at historical trauma “incurred by genocide (see United Nations definition, 1948) and the subsequent forced acculturation policies has been accumulating over the past decade to include affective states like anger, depression, guilt, and anxiety, internalized oppression, and feelings of inadequacy in parenting roles.”

The Intergenerational Effects of Relocation Policies on Indigenous Families by Melissa L. Walls, PhD, and Les B. Whitbeck, PhD, said that “government relocation policy of the 1950s provides a somewhat recent example of an acculturation policy. It affected a cohort of whom many still survive and affords the opportunity to measure the psychosocial impact of moving individuals from reservations to urban employment settings.”

The study found “a critical and widely documented aspect of intergenerational continuity concerns the mediating effects of parenting processes on parent-to-child transmissions of behavior and emotional well-being.”

A key point: “Generational ties are particularly valued because elders are viewed as repositories of cultural knowledge, spirituality, and traditional language. Their life experience is enormously respected, and they are turned to for direction and advice. When these linkages are disturbed the consequences ripple through subsequent generations.”

This story was published by Indian Country Today.

One more thing…

PRI takes a global approach to the news of the day. We help you understand how what happens around the world matters in Washington and in your neighborhood. Today more than ever, we need conversations, perspectives and diverse voices.

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(edited)5 days ago
Malcolm Brenner
How ironic that “historical trauma” was discovered in post-Holocaust Jews when Native Americans had been suffering from it for 500 years. I worked as a reporter in Indian Country for almost a decade, and nobody gives a damn about Native Americans unless they catch some new disease or kill a white person.

9 days ago
Helen Nowlin
It is also time to demand private prisons or detention centers are removed from the criminal “justice” system process.

9 days ago
Helen Nowlin
Regarding American Indian country remembers when their children were ripped from them, I would like to point out that it is not some historical problem. While the Indian Child Welfare Act was passed in 1978 and rules of implementation in 1979, the Act appeared successful because of the serious socio-economic degradation which had been allowed to occur for years. It appeared successful. However, ICWA is part of the problem. It didn’t stop the state based abuses as data shows. Tax exempt organizations appear to be part of the problem, too. Tax exempts appear because of a problem but the vested interest is self-interest. Why solve a problem when your own existence may be undermined?
As an attorney and researcher, I have written about the problems surrounding ICWA and have suggested an alternative. ICWA is not triggered when a parent voluntarily sets up a legal Guardianship before state intervention occurs. In fact, legal guardianship is expressly carved out from triggering ICWA. Find out why at my website is Look under “Our Products” and “American Indian probate” for greater details. Legal education is empowerment.

17 days ago
Nadine Doubleu
Here is a letter anyone can send to their government representatives, feel free to use. Information on how to contact your representative is in the comments:

Dear [Senator, Congressman/woman etc],

In 1978 The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) was enacted in response to a crisis that had been affecting American Indian and Alaska Native children, families, and tribes for decades. Studies revealed that large numbers of Native children were being separated from their parents, extended families, and communities by state child welfare and private adoption agencies. In fact, research found that 25%–35% of all Native children were being removed; of these, 85% were placed outside of their families and communities—even when fit and willing relatives were available. Congressional testimony documented the devastating impact this was having upon Native children, families, and tribes. The intent of Congress under ICWA was to “protect the best interests of Indian children and to promote the stability and security of Indian tribes and families” (25 U.S.C. § 1902).

In the United States, today, right now, there are countless children being targeted and seized from their parents based on the color of their skin, their original language, and their country origin. We are witnessing thousands of parents being forcibly, painfully, separated from their children. Authorities refuse to disclose any details of the location of individual children to their parents or anyone else.

This is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue or a liberal issue or a conservative issue. This is a human issue. This is this country repeating history by targeting children of color once again and I believe we have a spiritual responsibility to stand for our suffering brothers and sisters and their children and to raise our voices, sanely, and peacefully for them because they cannot do it for themselves. I believe in my heart we must stand, and we must stand now. Our nation needs awareness of what has been done in the past and what is going on now in order to raise the consciousness of the U.S. and to stop further inhumanities.

On May 29th, during a Senate committee hearing late last month, Steven Wagner, an official with the Department of Health and Human Services, testified that the federal agency had lost track of 1,475 children who had crossed the U.S.-Mexico border on their own (that is, unaccompanied by adults) and subsequently were placed with adult sponsors in the United States.

As of today, June 19, 2018 Trump administration officials said Tuesday that 2,342 children have been separated from 2,206 parents at the US-Mexico border between May 5 and June 9.
Someone needs to be their ICWA.

I respectfully yet urgently ask that this inhumane and vindictive policy is ceased and that you, as our representative do all you can to make sure our country is on the right side of history this time. Immigration policy is important, but human rights should and needs to supersede anyone’s political agendas.

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We honour this man today. These staunch warriors never forgotten. Maybe today instead of crying fowl take time to read this story of great strength for freedom. Shame on those that sit in chairs with flapping mouths disapproving or judgement of the soothsayers . Action or hide. These stories of great Americans who served their Country without reserve we now our head in Peace. – America

Van T Barfoot died…  (2012)

Remember the Guy who wouldn’t take The flag pole Down on his Virginia Property a
While back? You might Remember the news story several Months ago About a crotchety old man in

Virginia who Defied his local Homeowners Association, And refused to take down the

Flag pole on His property along with the large

American flag He flew on it.

Now we learn Who that old man was.

On June 15, 1919, Van T. Barfoot was born in

Edinburg, Texas . That probably didn’t make

News back Then.
But  Twenty-five years later, on May 23, 1944, Near Carano  , Italy ,
That same Van T. Barfoot,

Who had in 1940 enlisted in the U.S. Army, set

Out alone to Flank German machine gun

Positions From which gunfire was raining

Down on his Fellow soldiers.

His advance Took him through a minefield but

Having done So, he proceeded to single-handedly

Take out Three enemy machine gun positions,

Returning With 17 prisoners of war.

And if that Weren’t enough for a day’s work,     he
Later Took on and Destroyed three German tanks

Sent to Retake the machine gun positions.

That probably Didn’t make much news either,

Given the Scope of the war, but it did earn

Van T. Barfoot, who retired as a Colonel after

Also serving In Korea and Vietnam , a well

Deserved Congressional Medal of Honor.

What did make News…Was his Neighborhood

Association’s Quibble with how the 90-year-old

Veteran chose To fly the American flag outside

His suburban Virginia home. Seems the HOA rules Said it was OK to fly a flag on a house-mounted Bracket, but, For decorum, items such as  Barfoot’s   21-foot
Flagpole were “unsuitable”.

Van Barfoot Had been denied a permit for

The pole, but Erected it anyway and was facing

Court action Unless he agreed to take it down.

Then the HOAStory made national TV,

And the Neighborhood Association rethought

Its position And agreed to indulge this

Aging hero Who dwelt among them.

“In the Time I have left”, he said to the

Associated Press, “I plan to continue

To fly the American flag without interference.”

As Well he should.
And if any of his neighbors had taken a Notion to Contest him Further, they might have done well to Read his Medal of Honor citation first. Seems it Indicates Mr. Van Barfoot  wasn’t
Particularly Good at Backing down.

If you got This email and didn’t pass it on –

Guess what -You need your butt kicked

I sent this To you, because I didn’t want MY butt kicked!




“NATIONAL MOMENT: MEMORIAL DAY 2019!” a poem May 27, 2019 (Monday) 3:00 P. M. C. S. T.

“NATIONAL MOMENT: MEMORIAL DAY 2019!” a poem May 27, 2019 (Monday) 3:00 P. M. C. S. T.

Some gave ALL, we shall recall!

They-were-glad-to-serve! They-did-heed “the-call!”

So, on this day – of-sac-red-mem-or-y,

Remember those – whose gallant-chi-valry,

Embodies-THAT which-is-noble-and-true,

Which-is-in-herent, in “The-Red-White-and-Blue!”

We lift our hearts – especially this day,

For our fallen-soldiers we’ll always pray:

To THANK! and remember, as-our-gratitude-flows,

And our-pride goes-with-THEM! It-surely-goes,

To-Heaven – and beyond, and our souls won’t forget,

Our heroes and loved ones! On-that-you-can-bet!

fin <3


Only in America

The owners of Northern Kentucky’s Ark Encounter — a wooden replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark — are suing over rain damage.

Yes, really.Advertisement

In the Bible, the ark survived an epic flood. Yet the owners of Ark Encounter are demanding their insurance company bail them out after flooding caused nearly $1 million in property damage. 

The Ark Encounter says in a federal lawsuit that heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on its access road .

Crosswater Canyon Inc. and the Ark Encounter have filed suit against multiple defendants who comprise the business’ insurance underwriters after their property was damaged by heavy rains.

According to the suit, heavy rains caused a landslide and some structural support damage near the ark exhibit. The ark itself was not damaged

“Subsequent to heavy rains, a significant landslide occurred along portions of the slope, which eliminated the structural support for the roadway, caused significant damage to the road surface itself and the incorporated improvements, and rendered portions of the road unsafe and unfit for use,” reads the suit.

The lawsuit states that engineers fixed the roadway at a cost of $1 million, but when they asked insurers to cover the repairs, the insurers refused.

The defendants denied liability, according to the lawsuit, citing faulty craftmanship as the reason for the road issues.

But officials with Ark Encounter encouraged them to reconsider.

The defendants later said only a part of the Ark Encounter’s loss was covered under the policy, the lawsuit reads.

“By refusing to pay all but a very small proportion of Plaintiffs’ covered claim, the Defendants have failed to meet their Policy obligations and failed to handle Plaintiffs’ claim properly and in good faith, causing Plaintiffs to incur significant additional loss and expense,” the lawsuit reads in part.

The lengthy lawsuit asks for both punitive and compensatory damages.

Read the full lawsuit here.

The 510-foot wooden ark, modeled after the one in the biblical story of Noah, opened in July 2016.

The group that built the ark, Answers in Genesis, promotes a literal interpretation of the Bible’s Old Testament and predicted 2.2 million visitors a year.

Follow this story to get instant e-mail alerts from WLKY on the latest developments and related topics.

Before it is to late I suggest you study a Bible
KAY Wise

Good night my friends… perhaps we should seriously consider this when impeachment proceedings begin…


Only in America

Looking up here there are a couple of ringins’

Price Charles thinks he an AMERICAN TOO.

Mr Putin believe in Mr Trump being his house boy next year, did you know that 😂

Well your guess is probably better than my American knowledge who these Dudes are up above. Oh my goodness gracious how did AMERICA SURVIVE THEIR INTERNAL POLITICS.

Gee wiz congratulations AMERICA

Famous Quote🤠

“As acrimony gets a tighter grip on democratic society, good people can either sit on the sidelines, debilitated by angst and daily distractions, or they can overcome indecision and work towards harmony.” ― Gudjon Bergmann

AMERICA 💙 Horseshoe Bend destination holidays 😁

The Sunset in Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA 🇺🇸


Texas bill would fine men $100 each time they masturbate – CNN ~ only in America 😂😁😃🤣

Interesting observations into cultural differences between relatives and themselves


Who’s going to Police the action.

I’m A honey delight cream cone 🍦🍦🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍦
😃🤣😊🤗😁😂😀😢🙄😄😅😆😉 Sorry about this lol.
Thought about it 🙊🙉🙈 pay me instead and we would buy every property in Texas lol


SENIORS WITHOUT LIFE INSURANCE!” a poem February 21, 2019 [Thursday! Karaoke Night! Tonight! Ole Crystal Bar, in beautiful downtown Alpine, Texas, USA!]
Life INSURANCE – It-is important! IF-it gives-you PEACE OF MIND,
All-lives-should-have GOOD QUA-LI-TY! so -life-does-NOT-sad-ly-“unwind,”
In yucky ways! Like-when-people-seek – every-day a doctor’s aid,
And find that their deduc-ti-bles – are way TOO MUCH! Lots can be paid,
By people – who do seek ASSURANCE! that-INSURANCE-might-prolong,
Life-to-the-point where IT DON’T SUCK! [In – dependency, we’re NEVER strong!]
So – PEACE OF MIND! Now, THAT’S INSURANCE – that is really worth its weight,
In gold or other precious substance! We-never really know-our-fate!
LIFE IS LIFE – is life is life – and what’s insurance! Any how?
I like to think The Best Insurance is: family, friends – and-a-good-milk-cow!
Because good family – they will lift you, when you’re weak or tired or sick;
& FRIENDS are worth much more than gold – and a good milk cow can do the trick,
For providing needed sus-ten-ance! When your fuel tank is low,
Or-there’s recession – or a flood – or-your-car is-lost “in tow!”
What’s INSURANCE? Well, to in-sure – means-to-secure-or-protect-someone-against,
Stuff, both unseen and expected – and-to-most, NOT being too-darned-“tensed,
Up!”-ABOUT the “perilous” future! And THE-ONLY REMEDY FOR-THAT:
Is FAITH – that things will work-out-well?! Then, PEACE OF MIND is in your hat!
So who-are-The-Seniors “without insurance?” A: The-ones without no faith or friends!
They’re the ones who-are-so-scared of life, we say they’re there! – at “their wits’ ends!”
What is, for you, the-“optimal-program?” of exercise? The BEST – for you?
For – if it’s exercise you need! Then-do SOMETHING and you will feel,
Better – than just sitting-around – and never-moving upon-your-heel!
So! THE BEST INSURANCE – for everyone – IF they can understand these words,
Is: “Loving-relations” with PEACE OF MIND, just ask my friends, The Angry Birds!
And they will chirp – in your direction – to remind you all what Jesus said:
“Don’t worry for the ‘morrow, friends! For tomorrow, you just might be dead!
But IF YOU’RE NOT – just hope that you – Have good friends! They’ll see you through,
All the worries that might befall, And on good friends, you-can-always-call!
Plus, IF you need some kind assurance – That life’s OK, – even-without insurance,
Provided by A Com-pan-y, Which says: “We’ll SMOOTH your des-tin-y!”
You-could-ask-eth-your-insurance-“rep,” If-he’ll-be-your-friend, when you need he(l)p!
If he says their coverage doesn’t include, Help from friends – Well, don’t be rude!


Those poor folk in America

Think of all those Immigrant folk wanting to live in America 😢

It’s time the world was informed that such a powerful Country has no health-care for its Citizens 😢

In Australia we pay taxes to look after all folk illegal or not.

Humanity 🙏

American~ Contributed Author

I would like all of my right wing, conservative friends and family members to read the following. It explains my beliefs in a nutshell. It explains my views in an even tempered, logical way. I wish I knew who wrote it so that I could give credit. But I believe it expresses the position of most of us who think of ourselves as liberals.

“Let’s break it down, shall we? Because quite frankly, I’m getting a little tired of being told what I believe and what I stand for. Spoiler alert: Not every Liberal is the same, though the majority of Liberals I know think along roughly these same lines:

“1. I believe a country should take care of its weakest members. A country cannot call itself civilized when its children, disabled, sick, and elderly are neglected. Period.

2. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Somehow that’s interpreted as “I believe Obamacare is the end-all, be-all.” This is not the case. I’m fully aware that the ACA has problems, that a national healthcare system would require everyone to chip in, and that it’s impossible to create one that is devoid of flaws, but I have yet to hear an argument against it that makes “let people die because they can’t afford healthcare” a better alternative. I believe healthcare should be far cheaper than it is, and that everyone should have access to it. And no, I’m not opposed to paying higher taxes in the name of making that happen.

3. I believe education should be affordable and accessible to everyone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be free (though it works in other countries, so I’m mystified as to why it can’t work in the US), but at the end of the day, there is no excuse for students graduating from college saddled with five- or six-figure debt.

4. I don’t believe your money should be taken from you and given to people who don’t want to work. I have literally never encountered anyone who believes this. Ever. I just have a massive moral problem with a society where a handful of people can possess the majority of the wealth while there are people literally starving to death, freezing to death, or dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. Fair wages, lower housing costs, universal healthcare, affordable education, and the wealthy actually paying their share would go a long way toward alleviating this. Somehow believing that makes me a communist.

5. I don’t throw around “I’m willing to pay higher taxes” lightly. I’m retired and on a fixed income, but I still pay taxes. If I’m suggesting something that involves paying more, well, it’s because I’m fine with paying my share as long as it’s actually going to something besides lining corporate pockets or bombing other countries while Americans die without healthcare.

6. I believe companies should be required to pay their employees a decent, livable wage. Somehow this is always interpreted as me wanting burger flippers to be able to afford a penthouse apartment and a Mercedes. What it actually means is that no one should have to work three full-time jobs just to keep their head above water. Restaurant servers should not have to rely on tips, multibillion dollar companies should not have employees on food stamps, workers shouldn’t have to work themselves into the ground just to barely make ends meet, and minimum wage should be enough for someone to work 40 hours and live.

7. I am not anti-Christian. I have no desire to stop Christians from being Christians, to close churches, to ban the Bible, to forbid prayer in school, etc. (BTW, prayer in school is NOT illegal; compulsory prayer in school is – and should be – illegal). All I ask is that Christians recognize my right to live according to my beliefs. When I get pissed off that a politician is trying to legislate Scripture into law, I’m not “offended by Christianity” — I’m offended that you’re trying to force me to live by your religion’s rules. You know how you get really upset at the thought of Muslims imposing Sharia law on you? That’s how I feel about Christians trying to impose biblical law on me. Be a Christian. Do your thing. Just don’t force it on me or mine.

8. I don’t believe LGBT people should have more rights than you. I just believe they should have the same rights as you.

9. I don’t believe illegal immigrants should come to America and have the world at their feet, especially since THIS ISN’T WHAT THEY DO (spoiler: undocumented immigrants are ineligible for all those programs they’re supposed to be abusing, and if they’re “stealing” your job it’s because your employer is hiring illegally). I’m not opposed to deporting people who are here illegally, but I believe there are far more humane ways to handle undocumented immigration than our current practices (i.e., detaining children, splitting up families, ending DACA, etc).

10. I don’t believe the government should regulate everything, but since greed is such a driving force in our country, we NEED regulations to prevent cut corners, environmental destruction, tainted food/water, unsafe materials in consumable goods or medical equipment, etc. It’s not that I want the government’s hands in everything — I just don’t trust people trying to make money to ensure that their products/practices/etc. are actually SAFE. Is the government devoid of shadiness? Of course not. But with those regulations in place, consumers have recourse if they’re harmed and companies are liable for medical bills, environmental cleanup, etc. Just kind of seems like common sense when the alternative to government regulation is letting companies bring their bottom line into the equation.

11. I believe our current administration is fascist. Not because I dislike them or because I can’t get over an election, but because I’ve spent too many years reading and learning about the Third Reich to miss the similarities. Not because any administration I dislike must be Nazis, but because things are actually mirroring authoritarian and fascist regimes of the past.

12. I believe the systemic racism and misogyny in our society is much worse than many people think, and desperately needs to be addressed. Which means those with privilege — white, straight, male, economic, etc. — need to start listening, even if you don’t like what you’re hearing, so we can start dismantling everything that’s causing people to be marginalized.

13. I am not interested in coming after your blessed guns, nor is anyone serving in government. What I am interested in is sensible policies, including background checks, that just MIGHT save one person’s, perhaps a toddler’s, life by the hand of someone who should not have a gun. (Got another opinion? Put it on your page, not mine).

14. I believe in so-called political correctness. I prefer to think its social politeness. If call you Chuck and you say you prefer to be called Charles I’ll call you Charles. It’s the polite thing to do. Not because everyone is a delicate snowflake, but because as Maya Angelou put it, when we know better, we do better. When someone tells you that a term or phrase is more accurate/less hurtful than the one you’re using, you now know better. So why not do better? How does it hurt you to NOT hurt another person?

15. I believe in funding sustainable energy, including offering education to people currently working in coal or oil, so they can change jobs. There are too many sustainable options available for us to continue with coal and oil. Sorry, billionaires. Maybe try investing in something else.

16. I believe that women should not be treated as a separate class of human. They should be paid the same as men who do the same work, should have the same rights as men and should be free from abuse. Why on earth shouldn’t they be?

I think that about covers it. Bottom line is that I’m a liberal because I think we should take care of each other. That doesn’t mean you should work 80 hours a week so your lazy neighbor can get all your money. It just means I don’t believe there is any scenario in which preventable suffering is an acceptable outcome as long as money is saved.”