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“Josh Groban – You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)”~ BROKEN Soul ©

Don’t Give up

Have you ever wondered why folk give up!

Watch the warning signs
Someone inside perhaps retreats within themselves
Silence is seen as escapism when in fact what happens inside a living being is our message from our gut really is the bodies way of reacting to lack of water, nourishment, surviving drought or famine inside all living matter fighting for survival. The role then is sent to the brainwaves simply GIVE UP.


Or maybe a sensitive Soul is mentally tired.

Mental illness has naught to do with giving up is a dangerous precursor to SUICIDE.

Animals, Humans, plants give up too. Why?

This Earth is Fragile we to are fragile

Every living being has this point called Fragility

We never know, what lays behind those eyes until the day we turn around to find another life LOST

Fragile– life is everyone’s responsibility.

Promises made at the moment, that are forfeited by the way perhaps unintended Promise’s never kept could destroy a life
Scared, disappointed, anger, loss of dignity, loss of trust, loss of love, all are a precursor to an already FRAGILE Soul.

Thought for the day
“When you make a promise — that is your word”
You are only respected by your “Word”of promise you have made.
Another Gentleman may say you are as good as your Word!


Here at Dazzle the team intends to look at Broken Soul –
SUICIDE — a subject we will all deal with around our lives with family, friends also with strangers who are FRAGILE.

This Category Blogging is not Medical advice or makes any claims pertaining to information in this chapter of Dazzled.
You are invited to participate in this Category by sending your thoughts by email to the Central Office for consideration to publish here. Thank you and blessings 🕯



Former primary school teacher Frank Viola Could serve as little as 7 months for possession of child exploitation material with kids as young as 9 !

A former teacher who was “sexually attracted” to pre-pubescent girls, has been convicted of possession of hundreds of images and videos of child exploitation material featuring children as young as 9 years old and all categories from simple posing of children to full blown hardcore.

He was sentenced to a maximum of just 15 months behind bars, the least he can serve is half of that which is as little as just over 7 months ! What a slap on the face to every single one of the children featured in his horrendous collection.

If it’s not shocking enough to hear that a primary school teacher was sexually attracted to the very children he was meant to be teaching, meant to be nurturing and protecting but instead he was fantasising about those children. He fantasised so much he would then go home and search the dark web for images and videos of children the very same age !

Frank Joseph Viola was charged in August last year after police seized a USB and computer from his home and discovered the collection. Viola, who was sentenced in the District Court last Friday after pleading guilty to possessing child exploitation material, told police in an interview that he was sexually interested in girls aged 10 to 12.

The 60-year-old resigned as a teacher in 2010 after 28 years, citing a “burnout”, and he told police he had been downloading child porn from the internet since 2005 – while he was still working in classrooms.

Judge Amanda Burrows said the category four images – which showed girls aged as young as nine performing oral sex on adults – as “very serious images indeed”. “I consider this to be a significant collection of child exploitation material,” she said. “You admitted you had a sexual interest in young girls. I find the interest you had was considerable and long-standing.”

She said she was sceptical about Viola’s claims the sexual gratification he had received from looking at the material had diminished over the years because of “health issues”.

There was evidence, Judge Burrows said, that he had accessed the material the night before police raided his house. So in other words he would never have stopped accessing and collecting this sick perversion unless he was made to stop.

Viola told the author of a pre-sentence report that he had not sought help for his paedophilic interest because he was “embarrassed and was scared of the repercussions”. Defence lawyer Rod Keeley said Viola was remorseful and had pleaded guilty to the charge at the first opportunity – which Judge Burrows said she took into account in sentencing.

However, Judge Burrows did not agree Viola should be handed a suspended sentence, finding his crime was too serious. “People like you, downloading this material, create a market for its creation,” she said.

Exactly Judge Burrows !

Those who download child exploitation images and videos directly contribute to the rape and exploitation of children !

How you may ask ? but they’re on the otherside of the world you might say.

FACT: Every single one of the children depicted in those videos and pictures is a REAL child who is being REALLY raped and abused !

FACT: As much child exploitation material is made in Australian and American homes as in foreign nations. Our children are being exploited just as badly as the foreign children.

FACT: By downloading child exploitation material you ARE contributing to the entire child exploitation industry.

Frank Viola should have the entire book thrown at him, 7 and a half months feels a little cheap considering he was a teacher who was literally in charge of children the same age as the ones he was scouring the dark web to find and collect images and videos of.

Child exploitation material features REAL children who are REALLY being RAPED and ABUSED ! They spend the rest of their days looking at every person who stares at them wondering “has this person seen the movies ? is this one of the sick perverts who has seen me being abused ?” Imagine that life.

That’s the life that child exploitation material viewers DOOM children to ! A life always wondering “Is this one of the sick perverts who got off on my abuse ?”

Child exploitation material needs a MUCH harsher sentence ! 7 months is a sad pathetic joke just like most of our legal system !

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    Colin Randall, former QLD Police Officer who beat his 10 week old son to death, has had his appeal for early release DENIED !

    Colin Randall, former QLD Police Officer who beat his 10 week old son to death, has had his appeal for early release DENIED !

    The story of Colin Randall and how he punched his 10 week old baby boy Kye, in the stomach so hard he pulverised the little boy’s liver, is a story that is downright horrific.

    Horrific because the only explanation he gave was that he was “frustrated.”

    Horrific because he punched his son in the stomach with such force it caused fatal injuries.

    Horrific, because it was the first time he was left alone with Kye.

    Horrific because he tried to blame the CPR for Kye’s death, claiming ‘misapplied force’ caused his death.

    Horrific because he lied for 18 months to Kye’s mother Debra Chambers, manipulating and deceiving her into believing Kye’s death was a tragic accident.

    Horrific because someone capable of losing control and behaving so abominably, managed to pass the psychological testing invoved in becoming a police officer, someone charged with protecting those unable to protect themselves.

    Horrific because he pleaded guilty to manslaughter… not the murder charge he deserved.

    Horrific because the 9 year sentence he received is a joke and a parole date of 2021 is not justice for Kye and his loved ones.

    He was sent to jail last year for punching his baby son so hard the 10-week-old’s liver was “pulped”, but former Queensland police officer Colin Randall could be free soon. The brutal act came the first time the senior constable was left alone with his son Kye in June 2014. The then 37-year-old Randall had become obsessed with moving to Hervey Bay but a recent transfer request was knocked back by police.

    He wanted to move to Hervey bay to be closer to the woman that he was having an affair with. The fact he couldn’t be closer to his girlfriend made him so frustrated he punched a completely innocent and vulnerable 10 week old baby boy.

    On the morning he killed his son, Randall’s wife Debra Chambers had gone to the shops with their first child. Randall stayed at home and put Kye in a swing. The court heard Randall leaned down and punched Kyle once, leaving him with severe internal injuries from which he never recovered.

    “The child went into cardiac arrest because of the trauma,” Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said.

    Randall was sentenced to nine years in prison last May after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter three days before his murder trial was due to start. The fact is the courts have difficulty proving murder in domestic situations, because they must prove the murderer intended to kill the victim.

    We at FACAA have to question how in this particular case there can be any question at all of Randall’s intentions.
    There could be no other likely outcome. What the hell did he think was going to happen when he balled up his fist and drove it into the stomach of his 10 week old baby boy?

    Anyone capable of becoming a police officer would realise that punching a 10 week old baby would do irrepairable damage and more than likely be a fatal blow.

    Seriously, a child would know this!

    Yet here we are, with another child killer who pleaded down to manslaughter rather than facing the charges they deserve …. that of child murder.

    “The courts are saying they can’t prove he intended to kill Kye, but in my eyes, if you are going to punch a two-and-a-half-month-old in the stomach really hard, you are going to kill them,” Ms Chambers told A Current Affair.
    “He is very manipulative and very evil. I mean, it takes an evil person to do what he did.” – Well said Ms Chambers !

    While sentencing Randall in Brisbane’s Supreme Court, Justice Peter Davis delivered a scathing assessment of the 41-year-old, saying he had breached his duty to care for his son in the “most horrible and vile way”.

    Randall maintained for three-and-a-half years the injuries were caused by CPR he had incorrectly performed, despite being familiar with the technique. “It beggars belief in circumstances where he was a trained instructor (in CPR),” Mr McCarthy said.

    Yeah sorry Randall, you loser, it was you punching your son Kye that killed him, not bad CPR !

    Recently Randall appealed the length of his sentence, wanting to be free before his already incredibly lenient parole date in 2021. He tried to claim that the judge did not put enough weight on his guilty plea.

    A guilty plea that he only gave at the very last possible moment to do so, because he knew his not guilty plea would not fly and he would be found guilty of murdering his son. So he got the advantage of an early guilty plea and a charge reduction to manslaughter…. not the murder charge he should have been facing.

    Thankfully the board of judges that heard his appeal saw straight through his lies and denied his appeal for early release.

    Well done to the judges who dismissed his appeal, they have shown that sometimes there is just a little bit of justice in our legal system and that sometimes the judges get it right.

    Colin Randall should be locked up for the rest of his days, his pathetic temper tantrum cost little Kye his life !

    A life that had unlimited potential, a life taken away because Colin Randall was frustrated that he didn’t get the transfer he wanted.

    It’s time our legal system spoke loudly to these murderers who take the lives of innocent babies like Kye and toddlers like Hemi and then claim it was an accident.
    Beating a baby is not an accident and they deserve to face the full force of the law, the charge is murder not manslaughter and sentence should be life !

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    Mother of 2-year-old who died charged with making child porn, …😓