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Racism Embedded in our Language 😁

Love is like a flower-you’ve got to let it grow. ♥

(re-run) A few months ago, I was in Carmel visiting my favorite thrift stores. If you don’t like thrift stores, you haven’t been to the ones in Carmel!  I got into a line to pay, and when it was my turn, and the woman had rung up my $89.00 worth of purchases, I whipped out […]

Racism Embedded in our Language

This is a great read 📖

Especially when you speak the english language

As a Prof Reader, it’s a hard world.

These days going to all Dictionary of the English language

Each country has different terminology.

It’s long been known that English is difficult to learn

I often wonder how many people ever learn English at all

Other countries translations are usually simple as words have one meaning

Then along comes a new generation of the term RACISM

This read 📖 I found today truly is spot on

Hope you love it like me.

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