Big Kid On The Block ~

“GOOD UNION.” a poem October 29, 2019 (Tuesday)

Be kind. and PLAY.

No rules. OK?

NoChangin’ME; Iwon’tChangeYou,

Although, beSureToTellMeWhatToDo,

But, ifIdon’tLikeIt, you’re in trouble, man.

I think I have a real good plan:

Come to me. Stay right here.

And I will: call you: HONEY DEAR.

And you will: be my HONEY BEAR;

So, justRemember: WE ARE “A PAIR,”

A “GOOD UNION,” Honey, and you’d best beware:

‘Cause I got me a “RIGHT HOOK” thatIsMOREthanFAIR;

It’s a “knock out punch,” soYou’dBetterBeNice,

Or I’LL KNOCK YOU DOWN, like a chunkO’Ice.

Naw, I’mJustKiddin’ “I gotcha, JJay;

Don’tcha just LOVEit when I play?”

fin <3

Teddies Bear Picinic
And lots off Tick- Nicy 😁
To make you satisfied 😆

By ace101

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