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My first thee book signings and talks are confirmed, and information on each is listed below.

Folks, these are special events for me. They allow me to meet you, the individual reader who has supported and encouraged my work.
You are my greatest asset, and frame the characters and the country that I write about, as well as provide the audience that I write for.

Without you, I’d have no real reason or purpose to ever sit in front of a keyboard.

So when we get together, it is a sort of an ‘old home week’ situation. We talk about my present books, my future projects and how this all came into being, and there is always a lively question and answer session. Some of my photos will be on a large screen, helping to display what my words attempt to describe.

And most importantly we will get the chance to shake hands, look each other in the eye and visit a bit.

Copies of my books will be available for purchase, autographed or inscribed to suit. If you already have a copy, the same applies. For those purchasing, I ask that you bring cash as I cannot handle credit cards. Ditto on Confederate folding money and Mexican pesos for you wild and wooly types.

Please come, all are welcome. And if you are of a mind to do so, share this post with others. I want every one of my readers to know how much I do appreciate them.

God bless to all,


Fort Stockton, Texas, June 19th at 1-4pm. Fort Stockton Public Library, 500 North Water Street.

Bandera, Texas, June 25th at 10am-Noon. Bandera Public Library, 515 Main Street.

Medina, Texas, June 25th at 2-4pm. Medina Highpoint Resort, 23195 Highway 16, between Medina and Kerrville. This one is worth the view alone, folks!

Ben H. English
Alpine, Texas
USMC: 1976-1983
THP: 1986-2008

Author of ‘Yonderings’ (TCU Press)
‘Destiny’s Way’ (Creative Texts Publishers)
‘Out There: Essays on the Lower Big Bend’ (Creative Texts Publishers)
‘The Uvalde Raider’ (Creative Texts Publishers)
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‘Graying but still game’

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Crockett County Public Library
Fort Stockton Public Library
Sutton County Library
Bandera Public Library
Museum of the Big Bend
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Front Street Books
Medina Community Library
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The Boerne Bookshop
Marta Stafford Fine Art
El Progreso Memorial Library
The Twig Book Shop
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