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My latest book ‘Out There: Essays on the Lower Big Bend’ is now available on Kindle, and the two printed versions should begin distribution in a few more days. This is my third literary effort so far, and my advance readers all agree it is my very best yet.

‘Out There’ is the culmination of some six generations of my family who have called this country home, as well as so many of their peers and fellows. No matter where life led them afterwards or what trail they rode in later years, this is where their heart and spirit remained.

With over 82,000 words, nearly 160 color photographs and sixteen hand drawn area maps, the reader is introduced to a different place and on occasion, a different time. Whether you are thinking about making your first visit, or have been on many a journey into this land’s rugged environs, there is much here to see and read, as well as savor.

It is a book meant not for sitting on a shelf and gathering dust, but one to be read and re-read time and again. For it tells the tales of a lower Big Bend that by and large no longer exists; save for those isolated, long abandoned spots that few have heard of and fewer will ever go.

Accompanying these written impressions are the photographs, each carefully selected from tens of thousands of others. Though the camera lens can never hope to capture but a mere sliver of any experience, it does serve to save the memories and share a glimpse of what is to be found.

Every man has at least one passion, or he cannot truthfully call himself a man. God saw fit to make this one mine, going back to my youngest years and through the shared blood of generations who came before.

Passion is also the primer for the best that one has to offer, a call to fidelity to a cause as well as a demand to lifelong devotion. This book is the best that I have to offer to my enduring passion.

I hope that you, as well as those who came before, will find it worthy.
Please feel free to share this announcement with others.

In fact, I would appreciate it.

God bless to all,

Ben H. English
Alpine, Texas

USMC: 1976-1983
THP: 1986-2008
Author of ‘Yonderings’ (TCU Press)
‘Destiny’s Way’ (Creative Texts Publishers)
‘Out There: Essays on the Lower Big Bend’ (Creative Texts Publishers)
Facebook: Ben H. English
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