Belly Button oh Sir ~

“A BRAZEN GRAZIN’ POEM!” a poem! a.k.a.: “From A Seductive Barroom Scene!” July 9, 2019 (Tuesday)

To: The-girl-at-The-Bar “May I get-a-drink-for*-you?”

“No! But! What-I’d-like, Big Boy, for-ME to do,

Is – get-YOU-one! Gin-‘n’-tonic, right? ICE, we’ll-be-“cuttin’!”**

“OK! Gin-‘n’-tonic! Can-I-SIP-IT? from-your-belly-button?”

“There’s not much room there; you’ll have less-than-a-thimble!”

“Well! (long pause)

Is-there any-place-else-we-could-put-it; I’m pretty-nimble!”

(uncomfortably? long pause)

“Maybe-I-could-take-it-as-an-enema, and you-could sip-gin-‘n’-tonic-from-my-ass!”

“Sounds-GREAT, but-I’d-prefer-it AS-A-DOUCHE,

Then, we-could-pass,

The night away, (pause) in ev-ery, wonderful way!

I could sip! My name’s J-Jay!”

“Well, J-Jay (pause) OK! A-douche-of-gin-‘n’-tonic’s fine,

I’d LOVE to serve you! Might-‘n’-you-BE-MINE?”

I REALLY FLIPPED! I-gasped and-was-amazed, (pause)


AWAY-from-where with-Roxanne-I-would-have-grazed!”

fin <3

  • – in the original poem, it was: “from” you!

** – or is that: “ICE” WE’LL BE BREAKIN’?

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