Beautiful woman 💃

“OUR THEME IS OUR WISH OF LOVE!” a poem June 9, 2019 (Sunday)

“Offering”-Beau-tiful-Women (pause) AP-PRECIATION,

Is-The-Theme-of-Our-“Site,” of Feline Sen-sation!

For-to SAVOR and-exalt the feminine form,

Has sadly be-come something-other-than-The-Norm!

Sadly! Men-crave – mostly to use,

The-body-of-a-woman, but – should we ex-cuse,

The mean ex-ploitation and harm that can come,

If people-don’t-RE-SPECT, and respect, it comes from:

LOVE! for The Feminine – and THE LOVE OFFERED YOU,

By a woman in love, and she just LOVES to do,

Kind, gentle, nurturing things for her man;

She loves-to-be-submissive – and-do-the-best that she-can!

SHE loves-to-look-attractive, so her lover feels good;

Yet, some still do hurt-her, yes, harm her: “Please, could –

You please-let-me-‘enrich’-you, with caresses-and-such!”

It MAY help-to-develop your-“feminine-touch!”

So, we-offer – these-beautiful pictures for-each,

One who appreciates – what-we-have to-teach,

Which-is: appreciation!-and-kindness! So, please-DO-en-joy,

And-please-respect-HER-body! She-is-more than-a-toy!

fin <3