Ban on man-made junk he said 😜


“JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!” a poem “A Ban on Man-made ‘Medicine!’ ” 6/20/19 [Th]

It’s TIME! to just say: “NO!” to drugs; “Outta The House, You Bunch-o’-Thugs,

You who promote elixirs-potions-tonics-and-PILLS,

Thinking-you’re-doing-anyone-any-good!!” MEDICINE KILLS!

It kills: (1) incentive; (2) independence; (3) immune systems; and (4) common sense!

We’re-prohibiting-all-this-MAN-MADE-stuff, Including al-cohol! We’ve had enough!

Enough-of: cirrhosis of the liver, delirium tremens – and the rest;

It’s TIME! to-“weed-out-this-crap!” and – “put things to the test!

So, (pause) formulated booze is gone, as-well-as-pills-and-other-man-made-gunk,

Even aspirin and concentrated vitamin goop! It’s a-bunch-of-junk!

And! POLITICS! Yes! That’s-also-A-“bad”-DRUG! It’s “out the door!”

GOOD-BYE! Trump AND Pelosi; we don’t want no more!

NOW, there are SOME-things, regarding drug-INDUCED re-action:

ENDORPHIN PRODUCERS still provide a nice action:

“Naturally grown” tobacco – and-“wacky-tobacc-y” too!

They-can-be real-nice, for-me-and-you! Plus! S-x-al Union, “The Coitus Connection,”

Can get you really drunk! So, “YUMMY AFFECTION –

IS-IN! but-man-made-induced-phenomena-ARE-OUT!

Yeah, I know! Some folks will pout, Like those who: “I-got-an-ache-I-need-a-pill!”

Or: “I-think-a-‘shot’-is-the-thing-for-me, and I-will,

Indulge, as-I-wish, because it IS SO LEGAL!”


The Medical Establishment? BYE, BYE – TO THAT BUNCH O’ BOOBS!

It’s back to Country Doctors – and some “natural” enema tubes!

Dow? and Monsanto? Bye, Bye! Y’all (pause) SUCK!

I’m feeling-LIKE I-COULD REALLY-USE-A-NICE . . . kiss,

And a puff of your “joint!” GRASSROOTS, baby! It’s JUST THE THING! Do-you-get-The-Point? fin <3

Before long, everyone will be SO HEALTHY, oh, so fine!

Yeah, there may-be- a-few-“deaths!” Maybe yours and mine!?

But WHAT-THE-HECK, it’s worth a try-to-expose-the-glorious-“Pleiades,”*

And stop artificial dependencies called: HEALTH REMEDIES!?

Let’s DO IT! Yippee! Ya-hoo! NOT-so-much-poison! Wonderful! The BEAU-COUP -LIFE! as-it-was sorta-meant-to-be!

NATURAL? Brutal!? That-b-t-c-Mother-Nature is still holding-The-Key!

Here’s-to: A “sensational life,” on good-ol’ Planet Terra;**

She LOVES TO HAVE US “happy” &-DEAD, tearing-out-all-our-hair-a! [Hera!?**]

  • – a near-by star cluster, consisting of 7 stars ** – “Terra v. Hera!” a poem upcoming?
Be happy 👫
Be healthy, 😄 smile the world loves laughter, play together stay together.