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A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"


“SHE IS A SMORGASBORD OF SWEETNESS IN THE GARDEN OF SENSUAL DELIGHTS!” a poem a.k.a.: “You’re Delicious!” “So, I Want To Eat!” “All of You!” March 25, 2019 [Monday]

You’re my yummy, blueberry muffin; you’re my creamy, sugary puff!
You’re my scrumptious candy kisses! Yeah, I can not get enough!
You’re my frothing, fruity ambrosia – in-a-perfect-crystal-cup!
[Yeah, I’m-high – on eating you! Is-that-“the-dinner-bell?” [Is it] time to “sup?”]

I-hunger-for-you every day,
And-into-The-Night, in-every way,
For-you’re: DELICIOUS! I-need all-of-you!
I GO SO CRAZY, for-you’re-my-perfect- ME – NU!

I am just intoxicated – Drunk, upon your smile,
And-a-when-you-speak-my-name – I’m-“horny on The Nile,”
In-the-Flag-Ship-“Magnificent!” with Cleopatra, My Queen!
I’m-just poor silly Anthony! Do-you-think-I’ll-ever-“wean?”
Well, maybe [maybe!] SOME-OTHER-TIME! Actually, PROBABLY-NEVER,
Because-I-am-just-“LOVE STRUCK!” and-I’m-not-very-“clever!”
I’m just a bowl of cherry jello, wiggling towards YOU!
You’re-my whipped-cream-&-chocolate-cake,
Drenched-with-[lemon]-zesty-goo! 🙂 – Yum-yum! Yab-yab!

fin ❤



“YOU ARE MY LOVELY FEELING!” a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”
March 25, 2019 [Monday]

The sentiment of The Sweet Angel child:

“I-LOVE THAT FEELING when-I-am-with-you,
My-Mr.-Cuddly, Cud-dl-y – Poo!
The-Devas-of-Touch come-to-us-two,
To spread finest gossamer and-make loving new!”

The Submissive, Cuddly Lover’s response:

“You’re-MY-LOVELY-FEELING! my M. i. L. F.*
When I am with you, I-become-somewhat-deaf!
It-is-like I-am-drunken, for-[keen]-eye-sight and sound,
Give way to passion, and-you-know where I’m bound!”

You’re-My-Lovely-Feeling! When, my hunger stirs,
You’ll sa-ti-ate – all-my guttural “grrrrr’s;”
Changing-them-to-cuddly “oo-oo’s!” “ah-ah’s” &-“mmm -mmm’s!”

It’s-GOOD, CLEAN FUN! (pause) No-“dirty”-I-see!
Clean, fragrant juices – are-washing-over-me!
For you’re-My-Cuddle-Angel of Love & Desire,
You’re MY-LOVELY-FEELING! and-I-never-tire,
Of-being-“sanc-tified,” by-this-Heavenly-interaction!
The-feeling’s-not-[really]-FRICTION! It’s more-like-a-TRACTION,
But-I-admit-“Such-intensity!” can-‘knock-me-[right]-out,’
Then, you’ll guard over-me,
My-Lover, no doubt! 🙂 – Hooked on YOUR feeling!

fin ❤

* – Sometimes misinterpreted to mean other things! Of course, the original meaning for this acronym, coined in 1877, is simply: “M -y i- ndescribably L- ovely F- eeling !” “


“OWNERSHIPNERSHIP!” a poem a.k.a.: “You’re The Only Possession I Cherish & I Am Yours!” March 21, 2019 [Thursday]

Your can “OWN” Texas-land-and-cars, diamond-studs-and-rubies,
And-I’ll-get-them-ALL-for-YOU – from-The-Folks-who USED-TO-BE-“boobies,”
For THEY ALL KNOW – that:-“ownership’s a-big res-pon-si-bi-li-ty,”
So they were really “pleased as punch” to hand-it-all-over to-me,
To take control of all that STUFF, that many crave and wish-for,
But – lemme-tell-you, Honey! “Owned-things create-a FIS -SURE”
And, with all the responsibility-and-worry, you-REALLY – never win!!

Besides, my Love – This concept – of ownership and rule,
Is REALLY! oh, so laughable! It-def’nitely – ain’t “cool,”
To think of HAVING – any-thing! especially-YOU, my Sweet,
For-YOU BELONG-TO-THE-UNIVERSE! You’re-“on-loan!” So-come; let’s eat,
On our rented table – in our borrow tent,
Saying-prayers-to-each-other, for WE-ARE HEAVEN SENT,
Sent-here -to-make-some-Heaven, and change some points of view!


fin ❤

“Doing The Bhakti TO-DO List !” 😊

“HOLEY! MAN!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Doing The Bhakti TO-DO List !” Feb. 27, 2019 [Wednesday]

In India, The Holy Men and Sages – walk around,
As Jesus said* to all of us: “Who knows where they are bound?
Because they are-all so in love, with no one there to steer!”

And your response, my wayward Friend? “I wish I did not fear,
This life so much, ’cause-I’d-like-to-be: a Holy Man myself!”

“Well,” says I, “Don’t give up hope – don’t-put-your-SAGE-iness-on-The-Shelf!
IF your ambition is-to-become-HOLY, have-I got new for you:
JUST FALL IN LOVE, WITH-THE-GIRL-OVER-THERE! &-you’ll-be-a- sage-too!
A Holey Man, with a plan? – and eyes upon The Prize!!
Which-is the beauty of THAT GIRL, who’s right between your eyes!
And you can be – between her thighs! Loving-her-right well,
And, like a Holy Man [or Sage], you’ll have no fear of Hell,
‘Cause you’ll be so, so into Her – that nothing-can-get to-you,
Except – her-pushing of-“your-buttons!” with-her-fine-list, “The-TO-DO!”

You’re-a-Holy-Man! Her-holey-man – A REAL SAGE YOU’LL BE!
Just like the ones in India – You’ll-wonder – and-wander with-glee,
Knowing-that just-like-Jesus! You’re-a-servant!-serving-every-whim,
And IF you’re lucky [you Ol’ Sage!] SHE’LL LET YOU “TAKE A SWIM,”
Of this kind of Spiritual Path – BHAKTI! with that dame!

JUST FALL IN LOVE! Yes, FALL IN LOVE! Fall into that hole!
And you’ll be happy EVER AFTER –
“On patrol!” 🙂 – Whoa!

fin ❤

  • Book of John 3:8″Doing The Bhakti TO-DO List !”
You can’t help who you fall In love with ~
Love finds you ~
True Love hits you in the head
You can’t get them out of mind
Your World is turned upside down
Spinning out of control
Take deep breaths
One moment at a time
TIME for you and love him
Just the way he is
True Love
Expects nothing and gives all
True Love
Is when you forget about your own self
True Love
Is not arrogant or wanting
True Love is wanting to care and nourish
Cherish share one another
From this day forward
Forgetting all worldly goods
One pair of shoes
Blessings 💫

  • Book of John 3:8
Vibrations of love 💥


“SOOKIE* STACKHOUSE IS MY HERO!” a poem, in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” a.k.a.: “Fits!” Feb. 27, 2019 (Wed.)

I stay away from TIZZY FITS – ’cause they-jus’ make me dizzy,
And I don’t feel so very well – when they’re- about my-Cuddly-Miss-y.

I like me to-do SOOKY FITS, ’cause Sookie fits with me!
Sooky! SookiE! Pout! Complain! Screw! Make-up! Tee-hee!

I LOVE – to pout – and to withdraw – into my quiet room,
And guard the door – against attack – with my little broom,
‘Cause when I have a Sookie(y) Fit, I like to clean the floor,
Maybe-vacuum just a tiny bit, behind my bedroom door,
And pout along – and think of YOU – and how much more I love,
You than before, my little Dear, and-I’ll-put-on a-little-glove,
And check for dust on shelves and books,
And check my phone, for-how-my-Wallpaper-looks,
With “pics” of you – all fresca and smiles;
I LOVE your face – and all your STYLES:
Your “CONFIDENT” one,
And You’re SOOKY2, and I’d like to ask-her,
To ask her “sooky self” to join,
My SOOKY too; I-like-it-when-we’re-goin –
And KISS – and-make-up! and-tighten-our-SOOKIE-tether,

And kiss and cuddle! and SOOK AROUND,
And get LOW DOWN – and hit The Ground,
Or – maybe we won’t! We’re SOOKIES! me-and-my-Cuddly-Wife! 🙂 – Yummy

fin ❤

* – a character in the HBO series “True Blood!”

Mystic POET


LATEST UPDATE!! re: Dr. Rex Wilson’s Memorial Service!




Saturday [March 2, 2019] at The Methodist Church [in Alpine, Texas] 2:00 P. M. [corner of 3rd Street and Sul Ross Avenue]


[Those who play together, stay together!]  “Go away!!! Let me be!” 🤠New Zealand Holidays

“YOU MIGHT AS WELL!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Need Something To Eat!” 02/25/2019 (Monday)

MIGHT AS WELL ACCEPT EVERYTHING! (a few good things might happen!)

IF you hide – and-lock-you-in-your-room – I STILL MIGHT COME A-TAPPIN’

And-a-whispering through-the-bedroom-door, “Come-out! Come play with me!”

[Those who play together, stay together!] “Go away!!! Let me be!”

“OK!” says I; “Perhaps then – later we can get together!”

And-SO I LEAVE? and-you-mope-a-while, then-“there-is-a-change-of-weather,”

And, from underneath your covers, you say: “Are you still there?!”

But, of course, now, Honey – I have left ! YOU – with-your-melancholy-“air!”

“He’s left me, left me – I am sad! I am hurt – and sooky!”*

So! You cry a little bit! BUT! I WASN’T “playing hooky!”**

“I’M STILL HERE, OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR!” I say; “Are you all right?”

And-you leap ‘cross the room – and open the door – & kiss me with all your might,

And say: “I sorry! I missed you! Don’t leave me no more!”

“But I NEVER LEFT!” “Oh, THAT’S RIGHT!” [and she wrestles me to the floor!]

And beats me – and threatens me – and kisses me sweet,
And says: “YOU TRICKED ME, you Bad Boy! Let’s (go) get something to eat!”

fin ❤

* – a slang term, in Australia, New Zealand, etc. meaning: sad and pout-y! 😦
** – being absent, as from school


“MY LITTLE ANGEL!” a poem a.k.a.: “For Ever After!” a.k.a. 2: “The Sound Of Laughter Goes Like THIS: Her-Her!” Valentine’s Day: Feb. 14, 2019 (Thursday)

Well, I found-A-LITTLE-ANGEL! I found her! OVER-THERE!*
She was cute and spoke so sweet! – with blue-eyes and blond-hair!
She promised me THE WORLD! and-I-did just the same;

Who-is so jealous! and-worried! and-is a whole lot wild!!
Like-she – orders s-x toys (for me!!) off the web, talks “dirty” and-will-threaten,
To end her life IF I’M “NOT NICE,” and now my angel’s frettin’!

Angel: “Don’t list’ to her – she is-an-evil nasty little-thing;
She will bring you heartache! and-She’s-got-a-SUPERSTITIOUS-wing!”

“Well, yes, I know, my Angel Fair,
But I-also-see cockle-shells – in YOUR hair,
And angels-and-demons are just a joke:
And-I-love-you-both – because you’re ONE,
Lovely (and) luscious ball of fun!”

“Now, DON”t love HER,” my demon said;

Then, Angel: “She’ll-get into-your-head!!!!!”

“Now, now,” I said; “you two make up –
Compromised of – two in-gre-di-ents:
Look! I-wrote-you-BOTH! some-po-et-ry!
You BOTH inspire – my HIS- tor-ee!
You’re! The BLACK WITCH – and – you! my-sweet, dear mother,
Wrapped together, in ONE KISS!
So, I’ll-always love you, love you both,
With[In]-a-schizophrenic, horrific oath!”
With that! The-two -combined! and-went: “POOF!”
No longer two! and here’s the proof:
Each day I look – to see which one – – – will manifest, at-the-breaking sun!
I-do-expect-both! and that-is-life – – – Upon-this-earth – with-a precious-wife!
Inside our bed! Hip! Hip! Hooray!
This-morn, for instance, I got a kiss – – – and-experienced – some CONJUGAL BLISS,
But, yesterday! was EQUALLY grande! – – – For, my Sweetie! She-did expertly-land,
A big, ol’ punch! There-upon my nose! – – – Which one was that? I DON’T suppose!
Is-there-anyone-else-OUT-THERE, who-has known – – – A similar-situation, which-is full-blown:
But – that is life INSIDE THIS “NET,”
Of intrigue! criticism! charm! and-laughter! – – –
And-I’ll-love-my: HER-HER-Demon-Angel-Sweetie FOR-EVER AFTER! 🙂 – Whoa!

* – pointing to one shoulder!
** – I am pointing to the other shoulder now!!
*** – See, “The Road Not Taken!” poet Robert Frost

Devil Women
Devil Women 😊
Little Angel Eyes
Is a
Little Devil in bed 🤗

IT’S JUST A DAY – LIKE-ANY-OTHER-DAY, You ask: “How was it?”  (and-I’m-likely-to-say:) “It was just PLAIN WONDERFUL, how else could-it-be?”😁🌞

“A QUESTION ABOUT THE DAY’S DIRECTION!” a poem Wednesday: 12/12/2018 – “Karaoke Wednesday” at The Railroad Blues in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.


You ask: “How was it?” (and-I’m-likely-to-say:)

“It was just PLAIN WONDERFUL, how else could-it-be?”

“And – What does THAT mean?” you’re asking me.

Well, it simply means: most-o’-the-folks-I-met,

Today-were-kinda-happy; yes-you-can-fairly-bet,

That I’ve no better gauge, with-which-to-answer-your-query,

Because each day, for me, is really kinda blurry!

I get OUT THERE – and I meet the folks I know,

And I meet some new acquaintances, and I talk with them just so,

And I try to insure – to make ’em laugh, just a little,

To make ’em feel relaxed, and maybe play my cello fiddle,

And MAYBE – sing a love song that will warm their Hearts a bit,

Or – read a piece of poetry, one that might just fit,

Into their precious SCHEME OF THINGS, to smooth a dreary day,

And-I-sometimes have some origami – a gift for them, I pray:

That I might-just warm their Hearts – for to warm them, then I DO,

Also warm my little soul; we’re ALL just passing through,

And hopefully-no-one’ll-shoot-me – or yell at me TOO loud,

And IF-I-can-touch-a-soul-or-two, I feel mighty proud,

BUT! I don’t-almost-always-succeed -to help folks on their way,

But-I-try – sometimes – to-insure-a-bit, that-I-might-“improve(?!)”-their-day,

To the point – that-when-they’re-safely-HOME, and someone asks THE QUESTION,

That they MIGHT say: “The day was good!”


fin ❤



Do you Jerk off ? Of course I do

When I was 13 years old, I was in class 7th. I sat with a boy who was dirty in his mind. This is not what I thought about him but other kids told me so. They also warned me to be beware of him. One day, this dirty boy asked me whether I shake my “popat” or not. I said no and he told me to do so that very evening after returning home. But what happens when you do that? I asked. Something like fevicol will come out of it and you’ll feel happy after that, my friend said. After going back home, I did as he had described. It took me 15 minutes to get the fevicol out of my “khada popat” and at that particular moment my whole body got a shock from the thrust that I experienced in the region below my navel.
While shaking my popat, I also was mentally playing with the slim and trim belly of a saree wearing kindergarten teacher who I used to see in our school. Next day, I told the dirty boy about what I did and he asked me to not talk about this with anyone except him. This was our secret act. He had already imagined all the teachers in our school and I had to do the same. In reality we simply were kids in search for more marks in exams. But in our toilets, we could touch and feel the naked skin of any of the teachers we wanted to and that too without the fear getting any punishment. You can also think about the small small boobies of girls in our class but more enjoyment is in grown up milk booths, the dirty boy told me and winked. For three more years I went on shaking my popat to take out fevicol from it. At 16, I finally came to know about masturbation,ejaculation and semen. By then, all the girls and ladies I liked, they had been stripped in my imagination. And the best part is that they didn’t know anything about me and dirty boy’s secret act.
It has been 10 years since I first smelled my fevicol while masturbating and every time I do this secret act, I feel a sense of happiness. There are various reasons to jack off. On some days it acts as a stress reliever before sleeping while some mornings compel me to the get excess energy out of my body. I do it to avoid wet dreams and I also do it because I feel stuck in my lower abdomen if I don’t do it for a week or so. No matter what the external situation might be, the intrinsic motivation is to have imaginary sex with someone who doesn’t know me or won’t be interested in having sex with me in reality.
Till the age of 20, I was sexually deprived to such an extent that even the touch of a woman’s hand with mine would give me an erection which was hard beyond what I can describe in words. Later on I used to have sex with her in the closed arena of my bathroom or toilet. Once I even masturbated in a polythene because I didn’t want to wash my hands in the cold month of January. I also wasn’t in the mood to move out of my blanket. After finishing up,I wrapped the polythene in a paper and kept it under my bed. The next morning I threw it. Disgusting, isn’t it? Masturbation is for happiness, the dirty boy had taught. Other people won’t like you for doing it so don’t talk about it, he had warned. Once I saw a man rubbing one out in the public urinal at Allahabad railway station. He didn’t know that this secret act is meant to be done in private. He could have at least used the pooping toilet that had a door to hide his wrinkled and saggy popat.
Three years back, I had sex for the first time and it was nothing like masturbation. It was as if a whole grown up human body is shaking my popat. My hands had never felt so inadequate until then. Just at the mere remembrance of that afternoon and that lady, I can feel the fleshy sword in my red Macroman underwear getting ready for battle. A lot of people will be repulsed by the account of a young man who describes the details about him jerking off. Every woman with whom I would be more than excited to have sex, they won’t necessarily feel the same for me. She might not even know me and even if she knows, I am not Brad Pitt. I just am an ordinary guy who wants to have sex but doesn’t get to do so as often as I want and also with whom I want. My only option at 13 was shaking my popat and the same option exists now. Only difference is that today I refer to me and my dirty friend’s secret act as masturbation.


Mystic Poet

“ANSWER TO MY PRAYER!” a poem Sunday: December 2, 2018

You’re just like – ALL THE CHRISTMASES – AND BIRTHDAYS – that I never had;
You’re a treasure! “THE” TREASURE! I’m your lass, and you’re my lad,
And both of us DO – deserve to be perfectly happy and gay;
We’ve got NOTHING TO MAKE WORK; we can just be ourselves all day!
I wanna look – I wanna look – after you,
And (you-know) – you make my life more “intimate” too!
You’re SO BEAUTIFUL – and I just love it – I just love that,
And I’m gonna love you – even more tomorrow – and – we’ll “chat,”
About how I want every part of you for me,
And how you’ve given all of yourself – unconditionally!
You cuddle me! (pause) And-I love to cuddle YOU, below and above,
And I love “the good” and “the bad,” because I’m so in love!
I want your every part – and “sacred” is the magic word,
To describe our love – and I’m drunk and it’s not absurd.

SOME DAY – SOME ONE – will find this paper, entitled: “Answer To My Prayer.”
I imagine, when they see it, it’ll cause them to sorta stare,
And say: “Well, this is odd! Every line’s the same – look here:”
Every line – will simply read: “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR!”

fin ❤

J. J. S. Davis



J. Jay S Davis

Texan Cowboy Creed

A Cowboys Prayer. I Lord I Reckon I’m not much by myself, I fail to do a lot of things I ought to today; but when the trails are step and the pass is high, help me ride it straight the whole way through. And in the failing dusk, when I get a final call, I do not care how many flowers the send; above all, the happiest trial will be for you to say to me ” lets ride my friend”

American Country Music
At it’s Best

INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: January 15, 2019 (Tuesday)INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

Outside! There is sun and wind; Inside! calm & dark,
Outside-is: so-much-activity; inside – we-like-“to park!”
And-be-so-WARM-and-safe-secure – from all the BUSY-ness,
That-inflicts this-World-of-ours! Out-there-you HAVE-TO-GUESS,
What comes next?! &-What-is-“right?” &-let’s-“Keep-up-with-The-Joneses,”
But Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo – have put away their phoneses,
It’s tight &-right &-out-of-sight; they like the team called: HOOSIER,* —)
For IUHoosiers-are-the-team of choice, for those who like to cuddle, —)
And be “inside”-a-lot! Oh, yeah! A-splashing in “the puddle!” —)
It’s warm inside, like outside too – but-it’s-not so-abrasive,
Because it is so wet, so moist – and! it-can-be-“erasive!”
For-INSIDE-erases-OUTSIDE-“ouch-ies,” when-you-get-a-bump-or-scratch,
Your tender, little skin sometimes – upon some metal latch,
Which-is-on-The-Door-that-separates – OUTside! from -the-IN!
This-is-INSIDE-INFORMATION, and SHE-is-so-steeped in sin,
And HE-is-oh-quite-naughty, but that’s OK – because,
THEY RESIDE WITH JESUS! They’re TWO, but-then-there-was,
Three or more, for love hath bore – GLAD-TIDING-for-here – there is NO war,
INSIDE THESE WALLS! it’s-past-the-brush, and-spelunkers-dare – to-deep-explore,
The beauties of The Cavern Walls!
Yet, STILL – we hear all mating calls,
And they’ll finally-emerge! to greet The Sun,
Here-Mr.-&-Mrs.-Cuddly-Poo, on-green-sand-beaches-run,
Where zephys, zebras-and-unicorns – greet us all in dreams,
And rays of diamond-sun brush-wetness –
And then, IT truly gleams! 🙂 – Breath-taking!

fin ❤

  • a Hoosier is a native or inhabitant of Indiana, U. S. A. and is the name for the players of the Indiana University college football team! So, in essence, a hoosier – is an Indian, i.e.: someone from Indiana! How! Their “symbol” looks like a trident, or right-side-up horseshoe, pierced by a vertical shaft; it has some interesting connotations, I think! Don’t you think so

Oh Tumblr Censorial Representatives! O. M. G. No! Actually, you-know, EVERYTHING has potentially “notorious” and Community Standard violating connotations, depending upon what SPIN you put on whatever you are evaluating! Don’t you agree, Oh, Tumblr Censors?! If you are going to willy-nilly exclude some of my poetry and posts, why don’t you give some REAL REASONS for doing so? Mmmmm? Mmmmm? Comes on, now – BE FAIR, Tumblr! Be fair! 🙂


“X FACTOR!” a poem January 13, 2019 – Sunday

CREATIVITY glides; creativity flows;
Creativity’s “a-loose-cannon” and really never knows,
What’s coming next, but is OK with that,
And DOES have structures, within-a-mobile-“flat!”

It recognizes schedules that others like to follow,
But doesn’t (always) conform; it’s-a-bullet that is hollow,

& bounces around, skipping over hurdles,
Wondering what’s next – and watching all the turtles,

Conform to rigid scheduling, for-the-sake of the mundane,
& gets criticized a bit – for being a-little “insane!”

You don’t know where it comes from, so it is unexpected,
But – within – its shadow – – – KINGDOMS ARE ERECTED,

And then destroyed – and it don’t care,
And-it-is demonized, for being too bare,
And a little too wild – and sorta rude,
Although it doesn’t intend to be vile or crude!

Censors approach it, with torches en masse;
They wanna break the castle walls – and kick it in the ass,
And scream: “YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!” &-then-comes-its-reply:

“Have a wonderful day, y’all! Never ask me WHY!”

A little structure’s good, but-structures-are-like-The-Shabbat:
When you totally conform to them, you lose your clever Hobbit,
Who eats – food – when-he can – the kind that tastes so sweet,
And GIGGLES with excitement, at things that seem so neat,
But holds no nasty grudges and doesn’t wear a frown,
And doesn’t care about results – for-he offers you his crown,
‘Cause He don’t wanna rule – and don’t like to keep tabs,
And rather likes to walk around, rather-than-taking cabs,

But – easy does it – to-not burn out, and profiles are best kept LOW!
Take care of yourselves, Good Friends – and don’t put on a show!*

* – except when you do! fin ❤

“THE TRUE STORY:  OF HOTCAKES AND HER VEGAN SAUSAGES!”  a poem  a.k.a.: “How Alpine Became A Veritable Paradise For Lesbians And Gay Couples!”  in the series: “Things WE Have Wondered About ALL OUR LIVES – And We Are Now Getting Them Answered In The Final Seconds of 2018!”  Saturday:  December 29, 2018

“THE TRUE STORY: OF HOTCAKES AND HER VEGAN SAUSAGES!” a poem a.k.a.: “How Alpine Became A Veritable Paradise For Lesbians And Gay Couples!” in the series: “Things WE Have Wondered About ALL OUR LIVES – And We Are Now Getting Them Answered In The Final Seconds of 2018!” Saturday: December 29, 2018

[“They’re SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES!!” Can-you tell-me-true,

Where-that expression came from? I-think – I NEVER-KNEW!]

Well, sit down and REST – and I’ll-relate – to – you,

THE-AMAZING-STORY-OF-“HOTCAKES,” (and)-how- She-could- WOO-woo!

It-was-NOT-FAR-FROM-HERE (just-“over-there”) and-“Hotcakes”- liked-her-life!

She-was-HOT – with-her-“cakes!” (and)-she-was-NO-a-BODY’s-wife!!

She-was-so-hot-(that-)-all-men-just-sought – to-be-with-this-(sweet)-Dear,

And-She – SOLD! her sexy wares! (and)-lots-of-folks-shed-many-a-tear!

Until ONE DAY, she-just-became – “MAD-as-an-adder, oh, Heck,”

She-was so-dang-ed-harried (daily), (that) she-just-became- a wreck!

So “Hotcakes” she WENT CRAZY, investing lots of money*-

In fancy-electrical-systems (for killing folks), my Honey!

She got-her this-ELECTRIC-FLOOR, with special “touch control,”

And, whenever-men-would-enter, they simply – lost their soul!

They would be “elec-tro-FRIED, ” (pause) by-the terrible shock,

Of HOTCAKES’-HOT-FLOOR-PANELS! &-they’d-have-a-stiffened (pause)


And THEY’d-FALL! Yes, they fell! (pause) THEY-FELL LIKE(with)-little-FLIES!

So-Alpine-lost-its-men! THERE-WERE-MANY fond GOOD-BYES!

And, then, without no men around, the-Alpine-women cried!

Then-we-shipped-for-us-some-Marfa-men! [You KNOW, I’ve never lied!!!!]

Yes, yes, OH, YES! from: Marfa – fellas-came-to-town!

BUT! They were vegans** and-because-o’-that – they-ALL-soon-wore-a-frown,

When they FOUND-OUT that Hotcakes – had shock-ED, maimed & killed,

All-those-Alpine-sexy-guys! So-The-“Marfans” were-NOT thrilled!

You-know, they simply don’t believe – in-killing-no-“sentient-being!”

They-were “PRO-LIFE,” yet Hotcakes – was easi-ly-a-seeing,

A brand, new crop of fellas – that she could quite corrupt!

So, remembering her sexy wiles, she-became – yes! – quite-abrupt:

And INVITED all the Marfans – for-“A-Party-O’-Ap-o-lo-gy,”


And those silly, Marfa guys – well, they-believed-HER-cakes, that-she,

Had-had “a real change of Heart!” (at-this-point: “GOLLY, GEE!!”)

THEY WERE “IN FOR QUITE A SHOCK,” veganese – or not,

So-she-got ALL THE MARFANS (too) – and IT WAS QUITE-A LOT,

Of nice-a-Vegan “beefcake(s);” she-cooked-’em-in-a-stew!

And also VEGAN-GUY-POT-PIES – for me-a-and for you!?

Now-THE MORAL OF THIS STORY, which-isn’t-hard-to-find,

Is: When you’re SELLING-LIKE-HOTCAKES, you’ve-(also)-got-sausage(s)-in-mind!

And men in-Alpine – or-even-Marfa – can-be cooked-up – oh, so-right!

With HOTCAKES! They-are-yummy: FLUFFY, VEGAN (&) LIGHT! 🙂 – Ahh! OK!

fin ❤

  • and she had A LOT, from years of “community service!” in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

    ** – No living things were destroyed in the making of this poem! except my brain cells!

    *** – Including, of course, all the deputies and sheriff of Brewster County!! It was a MESS! but – it was QUICK! 🙂

Oh my, what a mess
Texas is in
Bruce County