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A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"


“SIMON’S WORLD!” a poem January 18, 2019 {Friday}


Simon says: “My mommy’s here!”
Simon holds her VERY dear,
‘Cause-she-suckles – and-holds-him-tight,
And tucks him into bed at night!
(It’s SIMON’S WORLD!) and ONE’s now TWO,
And, NOW – We wonder-what-Simon-will-do!
Well! No surprise! Now, Daddy’s near;
DAD-shields Simon – from every fear,
By guarding HIM – and, also, HER!
(It’s)-what-Daddy-does! We call him: SIR!
And Mommy? MA’AM and – NOW-there-are-THREE,
In Simon’s “developing tapestry!”
Attention-and-memories – solid-ify-“This-Scene,”
With, maybe, another child – for mommy to wean;
We’ll call HER a sibling – or, maybe-another-HIM!
We’ve got a little family! It’s SIMON’s little whim!
And grandparents visit! and that’s NO JIVE,
For Simon is expanding – his world along,
And Simon’s “vocals” are getting strong,
And more family members soon do arrive;
It’s causing SIMON’S WORLD – to really, really thrive,
And friends and neighbors – does Simon see,
EXPANSION – is (pause) the thing that He,
Desires! SO, The World of Simon,
Becomes a chorus, of mighty rhymin’!
Before long, he’s-in-school, and FACTS are learned,
Like 7-billion-people – and The World has turned,
But, Simon gets depressed,* and-then he might start,
Doubting THE WORLD! A World – OUT THERE!
A World HEAD! and-Simon’s-one-little-hair!?
Well, Simon loves HIS WORLD, all the characters within,
But-He’s-OK-to-lose-all-“the-extra” – people-there-have-been!
So, who gets to stay, and who’s not around?
It’s all up to Simon, for he’s no longer bound,
To be part of some world, that wants to make,
Simon, ITS Creation, when it’s HIS birthday cake,
That starts-IT and stops IT, for it’s Simon who says,
“Who’s HERE, and who’s NOT!” = Simon’s SHOW BIZ!

So, let’s just remember: YOUR WORLD IS WHAT YOU,
MAKE-IT-TO-BE! Simon says: “All-things’re-NEW!?”
Who’s “saved” then? and-who-is-“lost?”
“Meet”-with-Simon, at-any-cost,
For, perhaps-those (of) which Simon – is not aware,
Out of 7 billion – will have a blank stare,
For no one is saved, without-Simon’s-“recognition,”**
Of THAT THING’s existence! It’s-kinda-like-“perdition,”
For non-existent, non-entities, floating in mid-air,
BUT! Aren’t-we-ALL-just-THAT? Shall-we say-a-prayer?
And-pray-to-“The-Unknown-God,”*** within whom we move!
“NO, NO!” cried No One; “None-of-THIS-can-you-prove!”

Simon says: “YOU’RE NOT HERE!” (pause)
Then, you’re not?! But-Why-do-you-fear?
When, in the next moment, Simon’s gone too,
Then – SIMON D O E S N ‘ T SAY – When, Where or Who,
And THIS imaginary poem – echoes-NOT in no ear,
And-isn’t-seen-by-any-eye – So! Bye-now! HAVE NO-TEAR!
We CAN’t disappear – into non-descript light,
And no-one-(not)-even-Simon considers this (poetic) “rot,”
You’re-neither -too-cold- or-too-hot! 🙂 – LUKE, [you’re] WARM!

fin ❤

* – The Dark Night of The Soul!?

** – At West Point, “plebes,” or first year cadets, were, essentially, non-entities! After a year’s time, the “Upper Classmen” were “introduced” to us and began to call us by our first names! Suddenly! We were RECOGNIZED!

*** – See the first part of The Book of ACTS, in The Bible, where The Apostle Paul introduces The World to The God He (Paul) “serves!”


INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: January 15, 2019 (Tuesday)INSIDER INFORMATION!!!” a poem – in the series called: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

Outside! There is sun and wind; Inside! calm & dark,
Outside-is: so-much-activity; inside – we-like-“to park!”
And-be-so-WARM-and-safe-secure – from all the BUSY-ness,
That-inflicts this-World-of-ours! Out-there-you HAVE-TO-GUESS,
What comes next?! &-What-is-“right?” &-let’s-“Keep-up-with-The-Joneses,”
But Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo – have put away their phoneses,
It’s tight &-right &-out-of-sight; they like the team called: HOOSIER,* —)
For IUHoosiers-are-the-team of choice, for those who like to cuddle, —)
And be “inside”-a-lot! Oh, yeah! A-splashing in “the puddle!” —)
It’s warm inside, like outside too – but-it’s-not so-abrasive,
Because it is so wet, so moist – and! it-can-be-“erasive!”
For-INSIDE-erases-OUTSIDE-“ouch-ies,” when-you-get-a-bump-or-scratch,
Your tender, little skin sometimes – upon some metal latch,
Which-is-on-The-Door-that-separates – OUTside! from -the-IN!
This-is-INSIDE-INFORMATION, and SHE-is-so-steeped in sin,
And HE-is-oh-quite-naughty, but that’s OK – because,
THEY RESIDE WITH JESUS! They’re TWO, but-then-there-was,
Three or more, for love hath bore – GLAD-TIDING-for-here – there is NO war,
INSIDE THESE WALLS! it’s-past-the-brush, and-spelunkers-dare – to-deep-explore,
The beauties of The Cavern Walls!
Yet, STILL – we hear all mating calls,
And they’ll finally-emerge! to greet The Sun,
Here-Mr.-&-Mrs.-Cuddly-Poo, on-green-sand-beaches-run,
Where zephys, zebras-and-unicorns – greet us all in dreams,
And rays of diamond-sun brush-wetness –
And then, IT truly gleams! 🙂 – Breath-taking!

fin ❤

  • a Hoosier is a native or inhabitant of Indiana, U. S. A. and is the name for the players of the Indiana University college football team! So, in essence, a hoosier – is an Indian, i.e.: someone from Indiana! How! Their “symbol” looks like a trident, or right-side-up horseshoe, pierced by a vertical shaft; it has some interesting connotations, I think! Don’t you think so

Oh Tumblr Censorial Representatives! O. M. G. No! Actually, you-know, EVERYTHING has potentially “notorious” and Community Standard violating connotations, depending upon what SPIN you put on whatever you are evaluating! Don’t you agree, Oh, Tumblr Censors?! If you are going to willy-nilly exclude some of my poetry and posts, why don’t you give some REAL REASONS for doing so? Mmmmm? Mmmmm? Comes on, now – BE FAIR, Tumblr! Be fair! 🙂


“X FACTOR!” a poem January 13, 2019 – Sunday

CREATIVITY glides; creativity flows;
Creativity’s “a-loose-cannon” and really never knows,
What’s coming next, but is OK with that,
And DOES have structures, within-a-mobile-“flat!”

It recognizes schedules that others like to follow,
But doesn’t (always) conform; it’s-a-bullet that is hollow,

& bounces around, skipping over hurdles,
Wondering what’s next – and watching all the turtles,

Conform to rigid scheduling, for-the-sake of the mundane,
& gets criticized a bit – for being a-little “insane!”

You don’t know where it comes from, so it is unexpected,
But – within – its shadow – – – KINGDOMS ARE ERECTED,

And then destroyed – and it don’t care,
And-it-is demonized, for being too bare,
And a little too wild – and sorta rude,
Although it doesn’t intend to be vile or crude!

Censors approach it, with torches en masse;
They wanna break the castle walls – and kick it in the ass,
And scream: “YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!” &-then-comes-its-reply:

“Have a wonderful day, y’all! Never ask me WHY!”

A little structure’s good, but-structures-are-like-The-Shabbat:
When you totally conform to them, you lose your clever Hobbit,
Who eats – food – when-he can – the kind that tastes so sweet,
And GIGGLES with excitement, at things that seem so neat,
But holds no nasty grudges and doesn’t wear a frown,
And doesn’t care about results – for-he offers you his crown,
‘Cause He don’t wanna rule – and don’t like to keep tabs,
And rather likes to walk around, rather-than-taking cabs,

But – easy does it – to-not burn out, and profiles are best kept LOW!
Take care of yourselves, Good Friends – and don’t put on a show!*

* – except when you do! fin ❤

“THE TRUE STORY:  OF HOTCAKES AND HER VEGAN SAUSAGES!”  a poem  a.k.a.: “How Alpine Became A Veritable Paradise For Lesbians And Gay Couples!”  in the series: “Things WE Have Wondered About ALL OUR LIVES – And We Are Now Getting Them Answered In The Final Seconds of 2018!”  Saturday:  December 29, 2018

“THE TRUE STORY: OF HOTCAKES AND HER VEGAN SAUSAGES!” a poem a.k.a.: “How Alpine Became A Veritable Paradise For Lesbians And Gay Couples!” in the series: “Things WE Have Wondered About ALL OUR LIVES – And We Are Now Getting Them Answered In The Final Seconds of 2018!” Saturday: December 29, 2018

[“They’re SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES!!” Can-you tell-me-true,

Where-that expression came from? I-think – I NEVER-KNEW!]

Well, sit down and REST – and I’ll-relate – to – you,

THE-AMAZING-STORY-OF-“HOTCAKES,” (and)-how- She-could- WOO-woo!

It-was-NOT-FAR-FROM-HERE (just-“over-there”) and-“Hotcakes”- liked-her-life!

She-was-HOT – with-her-“cakes!” (and)-she-was-NO-a-BODY’s-wife!!

She-was-so-hot-(that-)-all-men-just-sought – to-be-with-this-(sweet)-Dear,

And-She – SOLD! her sexy wares! (and)-lots-of-folks-shed-many-a-tear!

Until ONE DAY, she-just-became – “MAD-as-an-adder, oh, Heck,”

She-was so-dang-ed-harried (daily), (that) she-just-became- a wreck!

So “Hotcakes” she WENT CRAZY, investing lots of money*-

In fancy-electrical-systems (for killing folks), my Honey!

She got-her this-ELECTRIC-FLOOR, with special “touch control,”

And, whenever-men-would-enter, they simply – lost their soul!

They would be “elec-tro-FRIED, ” (pause) by-the terrible shock,

Of HOTCAKES’-HOT-FLOOR-PANELS! &-they’d-have-a-stiffened (pause)


And THEY’d-FALL! Yes, they fell! (pause) THEY-FELL LIKE(with)-little-FLIES!

So-Alpine-lost-its-men! THERE-WERE-MANY fond GOOD-BYES!

And, then, without no men around, the-Alpine-women cried!

Then-we-shipped-for-us-some-Marfa-men! [You KNOW, I’ve never lied!!!!]

Yes, yes, OH, YES! from: Marfa – fellas-came-to-town!

BUT! They were vegans** and-because-o’-that – they-ALL-soon-wore-a-frown,

When they FOUND-OUT that Hotcakes – had shock-ED, maimed & killed,

All-those-Alpine-sexy-guys! So-The-“Marfans” were-NOT thrilled!

You-know, they simply don’t believe – in-killing-no-“sentient-being!”

They-were “PRO-LIFE,” yet Hotcakes – was easi-ly-a-seeing,

A brand, new crop of fellas – that she could quite corrupt!

So, remembering her sexy wiles, she-became – yes! – quite-abrupt:

And INVITED all the Marfans – for-“A-Party-O’-Ap-o-lo-gy,”


And those silly, Marfa guys – well, they-believed-HER-cakes, that-she,

Had-had “a real change of Heart!” (at-this-point: “GOLLY, GEE!!”)

THEY WERE “IN FOR QUITE A SHOCK,” veganese – or not,

So-she-got ALL THE MARFANS (too) – and IT WAS QUITE-A LOT,

Of nice-a-Vegan “beefcake(s);” she-cooked-’em-in-a-stew!

And also VEGAN-GUY-POT-PIES – for me-a-and for you!?

Now-THE MORAL OF THIS STORY, which-isn’t-hard-to-find,

Is: When you’re SELLING-LIKE-HOTCAKES, you’ve-(also)-got-sausage(s)-in-mind!

And men in-Alpine – or-even-Marfa – can-be cooked-up – oh, so-right!

With HOTCAKES! They-are-yummy: FLUFFY, VEGAN (&) LIGHT! 🙂 – Ahh! OK!

fin ❤

  • and she had A LOT, from years of “community service!” in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

    ** – No living things were destroyed in the making of this poem! except my brain cells!

    *** – Including, of course, all the deputies and sheriff of Brewster County!! It was a MESS! but – it was QUICK! 🙂

Oh my, what a mess
Texas is in
Bruce County

Cuddly Plans for World Dominance 🙈 New Series of Verse from Jfasterft Poet 🙈Modern Impressionist Poetry.

“ANOTHER LANGUAGE!?” a poem in the “Mr & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series . . . Saturday: January 12, 2019

M M C P? “Initialism?” or ACRONYM?
It’s like -a NEW LANGUAGE! that’s-been-“ushered-in!”

It means: M r. and M rs. C uddly P oo –

But! they’re-just-letters! What-do-they-do?

This couple!? Are-they-TELEPATHIC? or – are-they-just-foolin’ –
All of us “REGULAR FOLK!” with-all-their-DROOLIN’ !

It-might-be: The NEW LANGUAGE! for – this-here-AGE!

We-can-call-it: “POOCH!*” for-dogs-&-cats-it’s-“all-The-Rage,”

“Pooch?” or “Pooish!**” How-can-anyone-tell?

If you understand it – well, IT’S JUST WHAT LOVE CAN CONVEY!
It’s-MOSTLY: letters – grunts – and-groans! = What “Cuddly People” say! 🙂 -Mmmm

fin ❤

* – like FrenCH!?
** – like PolISH!?

“CUDDLY PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION?” a poem, in the series: “MMCP!” written today! OMG! Saturday, January 12th 2019 WOW! LOL! LSMFT!

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!
What-in-The-World (are) we-gonna-do with-you?

You-don’t-seem-to-need-others! You’re-always-in-bed!
BEDBUGS! you-are! Are-you – maybe perhaps – dead?

Zombies? With-no-need – for/of CULTURE(s)? or-of-food?

“LUSH-y-naughty” people! – a Duchess – and her “Dude!”

Kind-of LAZY! Kind-of – exciting!
And! to-your-house – you’re-often – inviting,

STRANGE! and-WONDERFUL! Internationale “folk!”
Like: Kings! and Queens! and-an-occasional – “cow poke!”

We-can’t-figure-you-out! We-can’t choose A BOX,
To fit-you-all IN! Are-you-(perhaps)-“The-Building-Blocks,”
Of a new style of Living – of LOVING! and-STYLE?
“CUDDLY-POO”-could-be-The-New-NON-Cult – at-least – for-a-while?!

fin ❤

“ONE OF A KIND!” a poem in the “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series JAN 12, 2019 (Saturday)

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo – went for A WALK;
They hold onto-pinkies! in-our-town – it’s-“THE-TALK!”
We-guess: They’re PINKIE-BUDDIES! and-also “blood-related,”
‘Cause they prick-their-fingers, and DNA-is-mated!!
Those TWO!! Those TWO!! It’s-a-little-scary!
They’re-starting-to-look-alike!! When did they marry?
Was it LAST WEEK? or – a million years back?
NO-ONE-CAN-REMEMBER!! and-they-NEVER-lack,
For “marathon gazing!” – and KISSING! They-win,
At-most-every-“kissing contest” they’re entered-in!
Little-Tommy Fitzgerald – reported!-just-yesterday:
“Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo – I saw them! over-by-THE BAY,
And SUDDENLY!! There was ONLY ONE – and I couldn’t tell,
If it was-MISTER!-or-MRS.-Cuddly-Poo!!! Golly-gee!-Oh-well!”

fin ❤

[ ~:) -Tommy, you might have been seeing things, Tommy! Aliens! don’t exist in REAL life, Tommy! You just need TO SLEEP, Tommy! Go to sleep, Tommy; when you wake UP – EVERYTHING will be DIFFERENT! Tommy! Don’t doubt us!]

“DOCTOR’S VISIT 101!” a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Saturday, the 12th day of January, in “The Year of The Cuddle,” Twenty and Nineteen!!

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo! (pause) They went to The DOC;
They-hadn’t-been-t’-the-clinic – since “Forever O’Clock!”

“So!” said-The-Doc; “Do you need me NOW?”
“No!” we (they) said; “We just wanted-to-ask : HOW,
To-fill-out-a-medical-form – we-got-in-The-Mail!”

So, the Doc gave-’em (us) an address – and asked: “Why don’t you AIL?
Like other folks? Like most all I know?”

“Oh, we just follow: THE APPLE RULE! that’s-where-we-go!”

THE APPLE RULE?: “An apple a day, keeps The Doctor away!”

“So, you eat-a-lot-o’-apples?” was the prompt quer-ay!

“No! Not really!” “”Well, then – what do you mean?
How-do-you-USE-this-rule, so-no-docs-you-have-seen?”

“Well! We-just-LOVE-A-LOT!” and, He said: “She’s-The-Apple-of-My-Eye!”
And – Mrs. Cuddly Poo – she let out – A HEAVY SIGH,
“He L O V E S me!” She said, “and I fall for him – EVERY DAY!!

‘Cause he makes me laugh! and – I’m HIS “pink lay-day!” 🙂 – delicious! red delicious!

fin ❤

“CUDDLY POO x 2!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” 01/12/19 (Saturday)

So, when “the covers of health” over us (doth) go,
And we’re CLINGING together, there in The Dark,
(It IS – The (OUR) – Cuddly Poo Place – to-“park!”)
I’ll hold you – and kiss you – and taste and smell,
And – FEEL SO HEALTHY! so VERY well!

Who knows! Who knows! – what THEY’ll-finally-say?!
When LATER – THEY-go – to-take-those-covers-away –

And – WE’RE N O T THERE!!!! We’ve GONE! to stay,
In “Cuddly-Poo-Heaven,” where The Saints do pray,
And The Birds Do Sing! and – our pets will bring,

Offerings-to-us!! As WE cling,

And The-Universe-will-revolve! around-us-where-we-lay –

In CUDDLY-POO-POO! throughout The DAY!! 🙂 – ❤

fin ❤

“CUDDLY POO!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo” Jan 12, 2019 (Sat)

We go as we go; we stay as we stay;
We’re here tomorrow – and gone today!

We like to guess; we fret a lot,
Yet, I-think: ourselves, we-can-be-(so)-“caught,”

UP-in-“stuff,” especially our thought,
And – ME!-I-like-to-cling – to-the-knickers-you’ve-bought,

For-they’ve-been-close-to-you – AND-I-WANT-TO-BE-TOO!
You ARE – my pretty (and-sexy) CUDDLY POO,

Y’know? I-can’t-get-enough – – – enough of YOU!

For REAL HEALTH – Let’s CLING! – us two!

If you gotta-be-“dependent,” be dependent on ME;
I’m-dependent on YOU – and-all you will be!

You give me HEALTH, and thoughts of you,
Through-each-day -(they) DO-carry-me-through!

Let’s flow LIKE WATER – and float on by,
The dependencies-of-The-World, which makes me (us) cry!

“THE WORLD LOVES A LOVER!” or so they say,
But-I-think-THEY-tolerate-&-humor-us MOST-OF-THE-DAY,
If you know what I mean! 🙂 – Poo-poo-pee-doo!

fin ❤

Black Desire

“REMISSION!” a poem, dedicated to: Rachel Taylor, singer/songwriter extraordinaire! a.k.a.: “One Heart!” 11/26/18 – Monday

It’s a roller-coaster-ride, this game of life;

It’ll rock ya – and “real” ya, but, in-the morning light,

When you finally-reach (pause) The Break of Day,

And-you’re-groggy – and dreamy, I-hope you’ll say:

“I can do another! Just gotta-‘wake-up,’

I-know-I’m-in-remission!” [Ask-your-coffee-cup]

“Is it worth-the-effort – to keep on going!”

“Yes!-you’re-rich-and-dark (pause) and-seeds,* we’re-sowing,

And-we’ll-inspire – The-World – to-make the FLIP,

And, it’s true – each-one-of-us – may-be-just-a-blip,

On The Screen of Life, that seems so immense,

But each-blip-can-inspire – other blips off The Fence,

Of despair and lethargic – machination,

LOVE is contagious! And each generation,

Fights-for-its-life – to offer (all) the-rest

A chance to shine, despite any test!

So, I’m hanging on – with Rachel in the seat,

Of this roller coaster! She’s next to me,

And, together-we-can-turn – this bloody-life-around,

And discover One Heart! – where remission is found! 🙂

fin ❤

* – coffee (and otherwise!)


THE ETERNAL HOPE-R hopes for the best,

Even-when “All’s Lost” and There is “No Rest

For The Wicked” And Hopeless, who “throw in the towel!”

THE OPTIMIST says: (and (s)he’s a wise owl!):

“Just KNOW – That, That, That – ‘All’s well in the end!’ ”

And, like a kind person, (s)he’ll help out (a) FRIEND!

“The Eternal Hope-r” has visions and dreams,

And simply doth KNOW: It’s not as it seems,

When it seems HOPELESS, (s)he’s got a smile,

To comfort all cry-ers, who moan all the while,

When this one or that

Is down “for the count,”

THE ETERNAL HOPE-R arrives with a “mount,”

And loads the weary carcasses – and gives all a ride,

Until we are animated, to resume our “stride,”

SO, if you’re depressed OR you’ve just had enough,

“The Eternal Hope-r” will sure call your bluff!

fin. ❤

Facebook 😁😆

“REAL WOMEN DON’T USE FACEBOOK – THEY JUST GET BEAR AND USE A POST!” a poem a.k.a.: “In Search of: NO FACE BOOK!” 11/9/2018 – Friday

GOD’s in charge of Facebook – we found out yesterday!

(S)he’ll throw you all in JAIL – or-crucify-you! Hey, hey!

For GOD’s a “real piece o’ work,” and will-kill all-Her(His) daughters-&-sons;

(S)he’ll let them/you post – and even host – & will-let us play with guns!!

But no dikpix – or vagietrix – ‘cause then-you’re-considered-NAUGHTY,

Wanna-get-stuck-in-JAIL-for-the-week? This-Social-Media’s (so) shoddy!

If you’ve a gripe, just call “US” up; we will NOT answer you,

“WE” are an algorithmic text! Come-on (now)! You wanna sue?

Try-to-sue-”US,” you’ll have no luck,

For algorithms – you can NOT f – – – – -!

“WE” don’t exist! Oh, yes! WE do!

‘Cause WE’ve “key words,” like f – – – – – – & s – – – – – – -,

And – IF we notice once-too-often, [ b l a n k ]-on-your-bloody-page,

We will NOT get upset, you-know – We’ll-never throw a rage;

WE’ll just respond, in-A-GODLY-WAY, * and stick you 10 feet under;

So, DO NOT CROSS US, M—— F—— s; do NOT make that blunder,

‘Cause WE (I?) AM (are) GOD, The-Almighty-One, runner of Facebook;

Call us, page us, e-mail us too – Your souls we have done took!

“When I was young – and quite naive, I believed in GOD – and stuff!

Now that I have a Facebook Page, I know IT – is a “bluff!” **

Miss Behavin’ lives next door; she loves my Facebook posts,

Until SHE-doesn’t and shuts me down – I-don’t-care-’bout-all-These-Ghosts!

BRING IT ON! OH, FACEBOOK GOD – for I don’t NEED “My Page,”

I’d f – – – – you royally, IF I could! Come-on-NOW! Act your age,

And you are ancient! An “Evil” Serpent, filled with dreadful venom! ***

(But) I’m immune! Been bit a lot! I’ll still wear cotton-&-denim!

FACEBOOK! FACEBOOK! God-of-This-World! I spit into your eye,

And I won’t care – if-you-shut-me-down/off! I will barely cry!

I’LL LAUGH! I’LL SING! YOU F – – – ing THING, a piece of 3-D “flap,”

F—– you, Facebook-no-arse-to-kick! NO HEART! NO SOUL! just c–p! ****

fin ❤

* – i.e.: “Community Standards” R “US”


*** – L. O. L. – Actually filled with something else, a little more pungent!

**** – IF there was a GOD, IF there really was a SUPREME BEING, IT would: (1) not be a he or a she; (2) not censor anything, since everything exists within IT’s parameter’s; and (3) IT would be … even more unapproachable than whatever computer system operates Facebook! (Of course, now, someone either programs or programmed [but my guess is: programS, ‘cause whoever set up this system is (are) (a) bloody control freak(s), times infinity] Facebook, Inc., so THAT person – or consortium – must just have A GOD COMPLEX almost comparable to mine!! So! F – – – – you, Facebook Programmer(s) – and your b – – – – – – , c – – – – s – – – – p – – – p – – -, f – – – – ing w – – – – mother(s), OK! Oh, and have a nice day! Shalom!)


“OPTIMIST PRIME!” a.k.a.: “Smile! All Will Work Out!” Friday: 03/02/2018 Dedicated: to Daddio!

THE ETERNAL HOPE-R hopes for the best,

Even-when “All’s Lost” and There is “No Rest

For The Wicked” And Hopeless, who “throw in the towel!”

THE OPTIMIST says: (and (s)he’s a wise owl!):

“Just KNOW – That, That, That – ‘All’s well in the end!’ ”

And, like a kind person, (s)he’ll help out (a) FRIEND!

“The Eternal Hope-r” has visions and dreams,

And simply doth KNOW: It’s not as it seems,

When it seems HOPELESS, (s)he’s got a smile,

To comfort all cry-ers, who moan all the while,

When this one or that

Is down “for the count,”

THE ETERNAL HOPE-R arrives with a “mount,”

And loads the weary carcasses – and gives all a ride,

Until we are animated, to resume our “stride,”

SO, if you’re depressed OR you’ve just had enough,

“The Eternal Hope-r” will sure call your bluff!

fin. ❤

Facebook Jail 😂😁😅😆😓

“OVER-REACHING FACEBOOK POLICIES AS THEY WERE APPLIED TO OUR TEXAS NUDIST COLONY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Beautiful Dreamer!” Friday: November 30, 2018

“Your voluptuous girls,” Facebook-did-say;

“They’re-far-too-provocative! (pause) They’re NOT OK!

To-put-on-your-posts, so – your page we will close,

And all will be better! This-is-what we suppose.

YOU-ARE-EXPOSING T O O M U C H – we-must-hide,

These-things-a-from view; these ‘pics’ open wide,

More than WE care for – care for to see,

We’ll-throw-this-blanket-over-you –

YOU’RE – NOT – FREE! 🙂 – Aw, shucks!

We ARE the censors, and we have OUR rules,

To safeguard The Public – from lecherous fools,

And YOU – are a foolish- and nasty, bad bloke,

Who feels – and shows – way-too-much – STOP YOUR ‘POKE,’

For the wrong sort of feelings – your pictures provoke,

We abhor LUST – Don’t-you-lust-us! [and THIS IS] NO JOKE! 🙂 – !

Take-away – all-your smutty, ribald points of view,


We once had-a-nudist-camp, where we tanned, swam and washed!

Even little children – in the air – parents tossed!

We used us some blankets, when we sat in our chairs;

We welcomed our youngsters’ inquisitive stares,

But ONE DAY – a Facebook, Incorporated Gent,

Entered our camp – with restrictions they sent!

He posted this notice:


And you’ll-now-don-our-garments!* These rules we’ve proposed!

We know what is best – and a-nudist-colony,

Is NEVER appropriate – in OUR symphony!

So, you’re closed down for good; your exposure is VILE,

And your nudity, you lecher(s) – is NEVER IN STYLE!

The-human-body’s-to-be-clothed, and your children-weren’t-meant-to-see,

Anything in PUBLIC – even-breast-feeding – naturally!

For we KNOW breasts and the-groin – are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN;

They are private AND DIRTY – and, by GOD, we’re not kiddin’ 🙂 – Oh, my!

fin ❤

* – i.e.: Community Standards!!!

On THE 5TH DAY OF X-MAS, my true Love gave to me, A candy-kiss – (and other stuff) (pause) To-a-Beethoven Sym-phony!

“WAKING UP AFTER FIVE RINGS!! ON THE ALARM!” a poem – 29 Dec 2018 (Day #5 of Christmas Yet To Cume!) (Saturday) in the series: “Loving Reminders To Your Significant Other On The 5th Day Of Xmas!”

I just woke (back) UP! (pause) This-Fifth-Day -Of-Christmas-Morn!

I dozed-off, my CANDY-Love – (pause) from-your-SWEET-ness I-was torn!

I dozed right off (I did!) – so relaxed and VERY HAPPY,

GOOD NIGHT, my precious-Love – and-please-do-sleep-in-“God’s-Warm-Lap”-py!

And, OH! Please-do-remember: I LOVE YOU EVERMORE!

My-Favorite-Sound (ABOVE A L L OTHERS) – is the sound of your SWEET snore!

‘Cause it sounds – just like an angel – going to the potty!

Little grunties-groans & yummy-cries – a-bit-chewy!-kinda-naughty!

On THE 5TH DAY OF X-MAS, my true Love gave to me,

A candy-kiss – (and other stuff) (pause)

To-a-Beethoven Sym-phony!

fin ❤


“INHERENCY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Testing Love Forever!” Dec. 22, 2018 (Saturday)

EVERY LITTLE GIRL – is-THIS-WAY without fail:
“DADDY? Am-I bothering you?” “No-no, my little Gayle!”

Daddy?” “Yes, Sweetie!” “Are you SU-U–RE?* – (maybe)-just-a-little!!?”

“Well-now! OK! Perhaps-JUST-A-BIT!” “DADDY? – I-have-a-riddle!”

“Not-just-right-now-my-Sweetie! Daddy’s on A CALL!”

“Daddy?” “Yes, my Sweetie!” “Can-we-play-CATCH-A-BALL?”

“Not-NOW, my little Honey, for there is someone GREAT,
I-have upon the phone right now – please-I’m-sure that we-can-wait!”

“Well, OK, my Daddy; (pause) I’ll behave, I will!
I-can-wait-for-you, Dear Daddy – ,” (at-this-point-her-soul’s-in-Hell,)
Conferring with The Devil, about her Daddy Dear!!
And how his little Sweetie – can bring to him a tear,
Of pain-and-anguish! Love-and-hate,
Little-girls!-Ya-gotta -appreciate!!
And EVERY WOMAN -(she)-WANTS-to-be-called-such,**
(Who) wants more-than-anything – to-be “in touch,”
With-her-INNER-LITTLE-GIRL; well, she ALSO-wants-her-dad,
To-do-ANYTHING-for-her – and-then-she’ll-drive-him-“MAD,”
But-HECK! This-scene’s-been-unfolding, for quite a while, I know!
With/from Jesus-In-The-Wilderness, and-with-Santa’s*** “HO-HO-HO!”
Which, UNKNOWN-TO-MOST – is-really-(just)-Santa’s-greeting-to-his-wife:
To let her know that he is ready – for-(her)-glorious-affection in his life!

SANTA AND DEAR MRS.-CLAUS -live-in-a-(real)-cool-place,
‘Cause IF they didn’t!-When-they-“make-love!”

fin ❤

* – that I’m not bothering you?!
** – i.e.: consider or called A WOMAN, a loving, caring feminine – so in love with others that you can feel it, oozing out of her pores!
*** – or Satan; notice that they have the same letters, mixed up just a bit! Ho, Ho, Ho!
A A N S T : Satan Santa Snata Natas Asnat Astan Stana Natsa Atans Asant Anats Antsa Anast Tasan Tanas Tsana Nasat

Merry little Christmas on Earth. Peace to all.

Santa saw your Tumblr Account and pictures

So you are getting clothes and a Bible for Christmas

This year 🙈🙉🙊

Better luck next year Mystic Poet

Watch “Poetry In Motion ( 1961 ) – JOHNNY TILLOTSON – Lyrics” on YouTube

.: “IF You Are Negatively Affected By Horror Films, PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE, OK?”

“DISTURBIA VS. NIRVAN(I)A!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Impact of Films (And Other Stuff) On Our Psyches!” a.k.a.: /a.k.a.: “IF You Are Negatively Affected By Horror Films, PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE, OK?” December 20, 2018 (Thor’s Day)

Amidst all the fury surrounding censorship by those (like Facebook, Inc., and certain governmental agencies and evangelical Christians & Muslims) who are SO concerned about someone seeing a little tittie – or a fluff of pubic hair, I am presenting this piece, BECAUSE – I am (sorta) concerned MUCH more by the impact of, for lack of a better term, “torture porn!” I have always been aware of “horror films,” since I was young – AND! attracted to them (somehow)!
Eckhart Tolle [ ] ,
who some see as a viable teacher/guru/master – explains (some) people’s “compulsion” to experience such things because, ACCORDING TO HIM, we have a “Pain Body,” whatever the heck anyone thinks that is, which feeds on this stuff – and, possibly, creates terrible changes “within us?” Well, I think that is VERY much an oversimplification of the matter, BUT – I don’t know what I’m talking about either. ANYWAY!! PLEASE BE WARNED! THE FOLLOWING IS N O T FOR THE “FAINT OF HEART!” IF you are a sensitive “soul,” DO NOT WATCH THIS STUFF! STOILER ALERT! WARNING! GROSS! I NEVER WATCHED (some of) THIS! I ONLY HEARD ABOUT IT AND PUT ON THE VIDEO TO L I S T E N TO IT, WITHOUT EXPERIENCING THE TRAUMA AND GORE OF VIEWING IT! YUCK! I D I D SEE “The Hills Have Eyes!”movies and some of those films in “The Hostel” series! I did NOT see: “The Human Centipede!” “A Serbian Film!” “Antichrist!” AND I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU NOT SEE THEM EITHER! HOWEVER, I DID HEAR AND READ ABOUT THEM! YUCK! BUT! BUT! BUT! SOME PEOPLE REALLY LIKE THAT STUFF! REALLY!! FOR WHATEVER REASON IS FINE! THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS, I THINK! Just like it is my prerogative, sort-of! to enjoy beautiful, naked dancing girls!! I’m a GUY! “God” has TRICKED ME! into being “aroused” by experiencing sexy female stuff! (You see, I would MUCH prefer seeing a beautiful woman’s body than viewing horrific mutilation and suffering!) Viewing pretty bodies – to me – is NOT traumatic, it’s beautiful!) Amen.

The Poem:

It’s an AMAZING realm we’re living here,
Offering-(possible) ecstasy – and/or MANY A TEAR!
And it’s all about FOCUS, as I’ve said before,
Torture-and-Sex-ploit(ation)-versus Love-(and-Joy)-in store!

And, perhaps, as some of you may recall,
“GOD” invites us – to make the call,

To-make-many-choices – FOR THERE’S-SUCH-GREAT-VARIETY!

Eli Roth,* (for e.g.) can JAR THE NERVE,** & Frank Capra (may) approach piety!

So, if GOD’s criteria is “an interesting ride,”
Both GENRES – event-ually coincide,
To provide the necessary experience,
You-can-feel-the-difference(?) (yielding-a): GLOW – or – “tear-iance!”

IF YOU DARE! Watch this scene, from-“The-Green-Inferno,”

Versus- from-“Love Actually,” the-final, airport scene- OH! 🙂

I LOVE TO SEE THE PEOPLE – in their lovely greeting,
But – mutilation-and-torture causes-my-poor-heart to-beating!
In one regard – you vibrate WITH RELIEF!
In the other, the vibration’s-a-shock – and leaves your self with grief!
Either of pretty-yucky-pain – and terrible neglect,
And, it’s an AWESOME responsibility – in which we’re dealing,
With THE ELEVATION – or “THE FALL of man,”
To Elevate -or-Demean – our FRAGILE, LITTLE, CLOWN HEARTS,
And I THINK – to all – (that) EXPERIENCE – completes many parts,
Of a severe journey of terms – of STARTS & STOPS,
You can’t escape pleasure; you can’t escape pain,
And censors – well, they can NEVER explain,
Why-they-THINK-“This is BAD!” or “This-one-gets-a-passing-mark!”

fin ❤

    • He directed HOSTEL, for instance
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