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Although everyone is looking for happiness, the search is futule because what you are looking for exists already here now. You’ll be happy once you are living a life you don’t need to escape from ! What keeps you away from this ultimate freedom are your thoughts that you constantly project to past or future […]

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Why you shouldn’t come to Australia! 🙃

Yes we have it all 😀

If you have a dream and dream is Australia

First, you make it very clear in your head that we will accept with open, arms.

Second, we have rules of law you must live with!

Thirdly you will pay the highest tax in the world here on the money you earn or try to bring into this Country.

Fourth, Shari Law is not part of the Australian lifestyle. Don’t COME HERE.

Fourth, learn English before you arrive. Life here to drive, English is essential

Australian saying:

One new arrival is standing on the Dock looking around bewildered when a Digger ( see learn the English terminology ) engages in a conversation together.

DIGGER/ What you do doing here?

ARRIVAL/ Decided to leave down south and come up here😊 cause their bastards🤔

DIGGER/ 🤗 Tell you what mate those bastards live here too!

Don’t come to Australia we got those bastards too.

( just jokin) 😂😃😅