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I am a singer songwriter who does it for a hobby which I enjoy very much

“Diary of a Madman” beginnings, this is, as best I can recall, how the journal starts: Now this is a new beinging. Sweet as 😁😁😁😁

Congratulations my Dear Freind for surviving those dark times of terror. The strength you found in the depth of anguish😔 isolation were harrowing. A journey faced by many poor Broken Souls that are unable to survive the darkest only seen in the depths beyond grief never to be back. This story uniquely defies the odds with deep outstanding of self. So proud to be a part of this journey back to the living a joyest life with loved ones. On and upwards we run hand in hand to the highest Peace 🕊🕊


Go in the direction of your greatest happiness. (This is referencing the EFT Tapping procedure I was experimenting with at the time!) (1) AIM AT THE TRANCE; (2) TAP IT OUT TO WHERE THE MEMORY (ROOT) CHANGES. (This is a basic suggested sequence!) YOU ARE – THEY ARE . . . YOU LOVE ______ . . . YOU’RE JUST LIKE ______ . . . THEY’RE HERE NOW . . . GIVE WORST SCENARIO . . . PLAY “IT” OUT . . . SAY WHAT HAD BEEN SAID TO THEM . . . SAY/FEEL THE WORST . . . SAY WHAT THEY THINK THE WORLD’S SAYING ABOUT THEM (HOW DO YOU KNOW?) (CAN YOU MAKE IT COME BACK?) IF YOU STILL HAVE EMOTIONS, KEEP TAPPIN’ UNTIL YOU HAVE PEACE


“Has worked for others on the…

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Diary OF A MAN Mad


(Let’s face it! ANY experience you have, has the potential to be “good” or “bad,” depending upon your perception of it! You can ALWAYS put a “positive” spin on anything, or so some people say!! Anyway, there are likely to be some moments that you might remember that were not altogether pleasant. These are some of those for me!? )

A M Run -Passed out[& then hit]{after hitting}a vehicle-waked in hospital[attending SR]
Lost Palestrina (our pet cat) – at night – returned from Bonfire [early childhood]
Poked in throat by upperclassman (Charles Bartolotta) at West Point
Dental visit – 1st (one ever) – Drilled & filled [early childhood]
Shameful encounter – Dan Garber – front porch bed – mutual masturbation
Alicia brought home – Parents introduced her to me [Age 5 – Spokane] Very upset
(grabbed her hand & squeezed TOO hard & startled look on Alicia’s face.
2nd Divorce – 1st floor – touched on forehead by Robin’s friend
Fell from bicycle – intersection of Hendricks & Alley.
Fell from goal post at Alpine H. S. – during summer with Robin
Teaching – Austin: classroom Phone call
smoking student – “cracked”


Shame: with Julia – in dorm across street from her apartment
Mahikari – Effortful-ness in extreme
Gang of Bullies – in Dillon – shame of needing cousins’ help
Dental Appointments – Dillon
– Big Spring
– Marble Falls – horrific long trips, spyrocete viewings, drills, smells,
motel rooms (drugged, snoring, refrigerator) – sound amp.
– Houston
– Midland
Law Cases – Woman in Welfare Benefits Case
Forced to perform on cello in Helena front room.
Dad kicks down door in Dillon
Dad shouting at truck driver during drivers’ training
Dad playing guitar for Grama Mazie, prone & in drugged state.

Diary of A Madman🎯🎯

(62) HONOUR ALL – RESPECT ALL – LOVE ALL- (Song: James Blunt’s SHINE ON) Direct yourself and others in the direction of greatest happiness – Honouring yourself IS lovingly going in the direction of YOUR greatest happiness – you have to be in touch with your feelings to be able to direct yourself, to steer yourself away from that which causes you to be uneasy, for an uneasy direction must mean you are headed for misery, for yourself, ultimately & for anyone else that finds themselves around you, unless they are in control of their emotions, in which case, your misery hasn’t the power to affect them. So, your only best advice to others is to go (in) the direction of their greatest happiness, but this can only be done through the mantra of HONOR ALL – RESPECT ALL – LOVE ALL FOR ME TO HONOUR YOU, I’VE GOT TO HONOUR WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT FOR YOU BUT If what you think is right for you has to do with forcing me to do that which is not honouring to myself, you are poison(ing) me & I need to run to the hills. DO WHAT YOU THINK IS THE RIGHT THING, BUT Do it with Honour to ALL. “Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable about on my account.” = The Most Loving Statement Imaginable


(60) (TODAY) A Song came to mind: “I Think I Love You” – by The Partridge Family. Another Song (too!), a (Chant) OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – done, wonderfully, by the devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (NOT the sitar player, but the guru – Well, actually, I don’t know! He MIGHT play the sitar too!!) YouTube Om Namah Shivaya: calls upon Shiva to aid in the death of the ego & in rebirth (through meditation – devotion?) Reminder: a quote from Anonymous – GO IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR GREATEST HAPPINESS . . . IF you’ve lost your direction, maybe it’s best just to stay put (for a while). On the last page, the last few lines of Joseph Campbell’s “Flight of The Wild Gander:” “For there is, in fact, in quiet places, a great deal of deep spiritual quest & finding . . . . outside the sanctified social centers, beyond their purview & control: in small groups, here & there, and more often, more typically, by ones & two [Muffie & me] there entering the forest at those points which they themselves have chosen, where they see it to be most dark, and there is no beaten way or path. – – – What would I LIKE my life’s purpose to be? A: Helping to point Muffie in the “right” direction. Issue: Can your mind create a fantastic life for you? DAD – – to – – J – – ” . . . Glad we had this chat (About fastereft) Time: 1:11 P. M. Song selections: “You’re Just Too Good To Be True.” “(I Love You) Just The Way You Are.”

* – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya – – – Raco Mozos (?) [Deva Premah: Om Namo Bhagavate”] “You have to BE A LIGHT TO YOURSELF” ; Krishnamurti “Don’t get caught in method” what Ram DASS said Neem Karoli Baba taught him after Baba took many pills of LSD & NOTHING HAPPENED! * “It’s ALL A STAND-UP COMEDY * 🙂

Diary of a Mad Man🕴🕴🕴

. . . which then brings up the idea of this “crap” + Quantum Mechanics. IF we affect the experiment by anticipating a result from a series of stimuli, why can’t every effect be a result of our expecting that effect from the cause we are perceiving in the moment(?) Thus, the effect is brought about by our clouded minds anticipating it & would not arise IF we were IN THE MOMENT. Well, what about that? Yet what good does it do anyone, especially someone like me who NEVER seems to be in the moment. Anyway, you might be able to perform miracles IF you were in a situation where (the) Y effect generally followed X cause, but not IF The Amazing Randi was in the room, because his being there would thwart any miracle because HE would expect the causal effect & ruin the miracle, so to speak. Then, what about placebos? and The Pygmalion Effect? So, a real strong expectation then could become reality? Well, this is just weird, isn’t it? Is it of any value, even if it is true? Each card, each moment, is, in reality, for the realizer, a distinct, separate event – anything becomes possible if you have no recollection of past things, bleeding into absolute reality. RICHARD ROSE’s Top 10 suggestions for spirituality: (I can not remember where I got these from! I CERTAINLY do NOT suggest they are effective OR anything anyone should take much stock in – However, here they are!!) (10) Make a decision & go – i.e.: Make a COMMITMENT; (9) Get your house in order – clear the clutter for time & capacity; (8) Back away from UNTRUTH (L. O. L.?) = We don’t know the truth, BUT watch (out for) belief systems/religions, etc. . . . subtractive path! (7) DOUBT EVERYTHING – Accept the possibility of anything BUT DO NOT ACCEPT OR REJECT = Just leave yourself open; whatever is! (6) Stick to it – Do things that will keep the spiritual thing in the forefront (However, I AM QUITE CERTAIN – everything IS “spiritual,” IF you feel it is!!) . . (5) LOOK UNDER EVERY ROCK – Don’t prejudge – ANYTHING could hold truth “Be a fool for ‘GOD!’ ” (Compassion is NOT a path & can be a trap, but it’s still OK to be compassionate.) (4) Retraverse the RAY OF PROJECTION: i.e.: Look upon the Looker. Turn 180 degrees, so you’re NOT so absorbed with the image – Look back into The Light, you. GOD AWARENESS is the clear single eye that is projecting. (3) LIFE gives you all the KOANS you need. – i.e.: OK, THIS is what life is showing me. * Thoughts should NOT be what we use to navigate life. YOUR life IS your path = designed to get YOUR CHARACTER to truth. Don’t become slave-ish to anything. Issue: Does the Universe have our best interests at Heart? Can YOU ASSUME Grace is friendly? Is spirituality a long term path? – then THERE MAY BE ROCKY ROADS, DRAGGED OVER GLASS . . (2) MAKE YOUR LIFE A PRAYER. One-pointed-ness of intention. Say: “I only want this!” [I CERTAINLY do NOT suggest this either!!! UNLESS you want to!!!] = GRACE now can act. (1) Have BETWEEN-NESS: Neither caring or not caring – WANTING SOMETHING A LOT, but not caring if you get it; wanting something, but being willing to surrender it at THE SAME TIME. Really wanting something, but not caring if you get it! (Whew!) (Once more! THE DUST speak-eth!!)

EDITOR : Roseanne

For all those following The Diary of a Mad Man. Thank you

One writer has entered this conversation,

Noting these DIARY Pages reflect Domestic violence against MEN

THERE WERE MANY QUESTIONS that needed to be addressed

” was this person still alive today”

” if so has that person sought

  1. Legal advise pertaining to the Predators
  2. Entered any form of support ongoing.

Yes, these concerns have been forwarded to the author of those personal DIARY OF A MAD MAN.

Domestic violence against MEN

Is a hidden topic

THERE are many men living a nightmare

Journey covering up.

If you are a Man first port of call is a Doctor, who will show you a way and places that are very private, confidential information about you and others in the same predicament

Self denial of Male Abuse becomes soul destroying events that will lead to Addictions, self promotion of guilt.

This can happen to any male, regardless of Race, Religion, profession.

Seek help.

Me minus drama ! — Phuro! Be inspired!

Although everyone is looking for happiness, the search is futule because what you are looking for exists already here now. You’ll be happy once you are living a life you don’t need to escape from ! What keeps you away from this ultimate freedom are your thoughts that you constantly project to past or future […]

via Me minus drama ! — Phuro! Be inspired!

Diary of a Mad Man! 🕴

15334869559161348353006.jpgDiscussing and considering this stuff can only do so much because the natural way of living is BEYOND ANALYSIS – it has to BE: i.e.: just naturally existent. It can’t be contrived, faked, attempted . . . it’s just got to be the truly natural “way of doing business.” It’s really communism, done without any unnatural-ness; human can not program it or “figure out” what to do to implement (it). IT CAN’T be implemented . . . only lived . . . only followed. IT IS INSTINCTS – which are intelligence . . . it is IMPULSE . . & in any moment that you’re analyzing it, it is totally beyond your ability to recognize or implement. That’s why mystical poetry or writing is, perhaps, the closest – thing to describing it: because it’s not really describing it; it’s trying to inspire your real intelligence to re-activate = surprising or shocking unnatural intelligence. Whew! No wonder the unnatural intelligence (UI) is just frustrated with what to do & THERE! it’s being called something that it doesn’t like to be called at all . . . it wants to be “the good guy” & it’s tried SO HARD, i.e.: the small s “self,” & [?] may then be (just) descriptions of natural / ? / intelligence, which includes OBJECTIVE AWARENESS (?) . .. so now another model emerges, another frustrating, producing model to continue processes of analysis, synthesis, judgment of an unnatural intelligence . . . UI, like AI, . . . the same, based on calculations, RI (real ? intelligence) is beyond calculation. Graceful, Natural – Doing the appropriate thing at the appropriate time – Can never be consistently accomplished without the appropriate means (??) [without an accepting perception, for WITH SUCH A PERCEPTION, everything is appropriate AND perfect, in a sense!!] AI can never be the way necessary (?), but is doomed to continue trying = insanity = believing appropriate things can be accomplished using inappropriate means. Unnatural – Awareness of self as a separate entity. (Children are not aware of this separateness . . . They must fall from grace, by exposure to the contagion of separate-ness.) Could the dinosaurs have gone extinct from becoming self-aware as a species? OK! Time to stop!! (Higher) EDUCATION : To Develop Unnatural Intelligence. TRAINING = To Develop Skills. The “bad” news – Things can NEVER get better than they are, so [stop] trying to make ’em better. The “good” news: You are always experiencing the best that can be provided! [read to S] One’s negative emotions ARE VALID BUT NOT NATURAL – perhaps, positive emotions are the same – valid, in that they are intuitive and . . .

Why you shouldn’t come to Australia! 🙃

Yes we have it all 😀

If you have a dream and dream is Australia

First, you make it very clear in your head that we will accept with open, arms.

Second, we have rules of law you must live with!

Thirdly you will pay the highest tax in the world here on the money you earn or try to bring into this Country.

Fourth, Shari Law is not part of the Australian lifestyle. Don’t COME HERE.

Fourth, learn English before you arrive. Life here to drive, English is essential

Australian saying:

One new arrival is standing on the Dock looking around bewildered when a Digger ( see learn the English terminology ) engages in a conversation together.

DIGGER/ What you do doing here?

ARRIVAL/ Decided to leave down south and come up here😊 cause their bastards🤔

DIGGER/ 🤗 Tell you what mate those bastards live here too!

Don’t come to Australia we got those bastards too.

( just jokin) 😂😃😅