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Mystic Poet

“THEY’VE BEEN HERE FOREVER!” a poem a.k.a.: “No, They Haven’t!” in the series: “Someone’s Playing You & Yes, It IS You!” Nov. 20, 2018 – Tuesday

When I was throw-ED from the womb- and plopped-down on The Sheet,

I didn’t-know-where-I-was – or-if-there-was-A-”PLACE”-TO-EAT!!

My vision blurred! My senses weak! but – THEN! Your breasts appear! –

And I assumed, THEY-WERE-THERE-BEFORE!! and-that-[you-are-my-dear!]*

When I did move – to ope’ my eyes,


A crib! I’m in – with sheets and light –

And I PRESUMED, with all my “sight,”

That everyone was here before,

And I-am opening – some-prior-door,

To discover – ALL-that’s-waiting-for-me,

“They”-didn’t-JUST-APPEAR!? Well, we shall see!

Now, THE-ASSUMPTION-is: They’ve always been around!

And there’s more-and-more (stuff) to see, that-I’ve-”FOUND!”

THESE PEOPLE! Yes, they did await,

My ENTRANCE – to this Worldly Gate!?

When I popped in – did-they-sign-for-my-birth?

They HAD – nurses’ stations – all-over-The-Earth!!?

Did planes and governments abound BEFORE-(pause) ME?

Sure! They-were-PREPARING – for Little Ol’ J.-D.**


YOU conjured them up – right up through the floor,

And – in-to-your-conscious-awareness NOW!

So! They’re-all dependent on YOU – somehow!


All this STUFF? and-ALL-these people: DEMENTED!

And they could all vanish, IF you snap your fingers!

NOW! Wouldn’t-that-be-something?

Megalo-mania lingers!! 🙂 – Theme Music: “2001, A Space Odyssey!”

fin ❤

* – alternative phrase: [I’ve-naught-to-fear!]

** – J (initial only) Samuel Davis



“TRULY INCESTUOUS, LICENTIOUS, IMMATURE AND INAPPROPRIATE!?!” a poem Tuesday: January 15, 2019 [with apologies and thanks to Edgar Allan Poe]

Once upon a psychic reading, Edgar CAYCE* uttered greeting – to-the-ones who-are-truly-“riled,” by-(what-some-call)- “inces-tuous-activity,”
For-there-are-mothers, doing laundry – and cooking meals, while in-a-quandary – about-whether-“Junior” should be exiting, exiting! for all to see!
“Here I am now, with my laundry – to-escape some destiny!? Yet, (I’m)-still-in-“the-nest,” (pause) quite happily!”**

CAYCE said: “Sometimes, we tarry, and sometimes-caring’s-necessary – when time-has established that most women – like-to-keep-children “on their knee.”
So, sometimes THIS THING – is appropriate – and touch can be a potent opiate! I know it sounds a little strange – (pause) and-to-some: (pause) bizarre-ish-ly,
BUT(also)-bizarre-to-judge-group-dynamic and-to-do-it with-such certainty – Especially-coming-from – a-non-mommy!

So, yes (I know) I’m often hearing: That mom’s got (my) laundry, but I’m NOT reeling – over-all the-inadequacies -that-this-situation-might- just- “hatch”-in-me,
For-over all, there-are-ills prevailing? – preventing-some-ships-from-easy-sailing, BUT I-CAN’T imagine re-pri-manding Mom – for acting as Queen Bee!!
For a matriarch – is sure to park – Herself ever-joyfully,
When-she-find-eth-stove-or-washer – (pause) sitting by too casually!

What’s appropriate? Well, I don’t know! and! The longer that I “kinda” grow, I-am-convinced that moms-and-women – like to stand, quite silently,
At The Door – and wait for Buddy, to depart, so they so bloody, “Breach the walls!” and head for laundry – to-deposit – lovingly!!
A violation? Oh, maybe! (pause) But I will offer sparingly: A STAY! from any rude conviction – Judgment? I shall let-it-be!

And-I-think-that-women – going-to-Heaven, Carry with them – clothes and leaven, Hoping THERE, that-they-can-wash &-cook-&-sew-&-glow-with-glee,
And CRITICISM? Probably NOT, for any times that Sonny brought, DIRTY LAUNDRY – in for mommy, so she-could spend-time “on-her-knee!”
We all have “rolls” and some are frowned-on, such-as-“cin-namon!” maliciously! And some folks raise their eyebrows high and-critically-mutter: “Golly gee,

She spends such-time-in-the-laundry room, And in the kitchen – or at the loom, Doing housework ALL THE TIME (?) – yet SINGING! Oh, so merrily!”
There’s criticism here we see, from wayward daughters, who spitefully – Content that MOM! should “give it up,” and-just-say:”Sonny-you’re-NOT-wee!”
And, IF they don’t – is something wrong? Well, I guess, to-some – It-is-clear-ly, A-violation of-some-law! which SHOULD-BE-SET – in a-hurry!

But-perhaps-“incestuous”-belongs-with-HER, who-wants-to-“mommy”-her-chosen-“cur,” And wash his shirt with angel soap – because a smudge or two we see;
Yeah! I-know! I’m quite a dope – and – without-mommy, I-can-not-cope, BUT! “mean” it seems to me it be, to-be-such-a-critic – of-mommy,
When she has lived for many years – and, through those years, so steadfastly, She has-maintained-and-done-some-cleaning, helping-her-children, lovingly!

And now!-somewhat-older – and fairly-frail, and, in-her-“twilight,” her baby male, Wishes-comfort-for-her – for-her-soul and-mind – and bent bod-y,
And-it’s-sometimes-hard, to-tell-how-to-love-her, And express (for her) a tender cover! Perhaps it’s weak- to-tenderly, maintain-such-an-attitude – endlessly,
But years rush-on! I-am no wiser, but I-think things-go-by quite-swiftly, And most days now, with-mum-and-pop – I-consider-things – quite-gratefully!

fin. ❤

* – a person who, in the 1900’s, acted as a “Channel” for health and spiritual information, which he supposedly received from “sources on The Other Side!”

** – some older children return to their homes, to assist their parents as they become older and might need some special assistance! It is called: “Care-taking!”

“Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Series – Jfasterft Poet 🤗

“WHY!?” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Sunday: January 13, 2019

“I wanna go to Heaven!” “WHY, oh tell me, WHY?”
“To be with Aunt Francis, ’cause she made good-homemade-apple-pie!”
You mean THAT pie? The-pie-that tasted SO GOOD,
You-ate-a-bunch! Then vomited! when-you-visited-the-wood!?”
“Well, Yeah-but – ” ” -What-if-in-Heaven-there’re-no-pie-making-stoves?”
“But, IT’S HEAVEN! I’ll betcha – they MUST-a-have droves,
Of stoves! with-infinite-ingredients-and-lots-of-good-cooks;
Plus, I wanna go – to-read some real good books!
‘Cause I like to read!” “So! Read over there!”
(pointing to the sofa)
“But I think that in Heaven, there is much better air!”
“How do you know? and-WHY-are-you-so-“atmospherically-concerned?”
“‘Cause here on The Earth, with-the-sun -I-might-get-burned!”
“So, you eat pie, while cooly-reading! SO WHAT?
WHY-are-you-so-sold-on-Heaven?” “BUT,
It MUST be better – I’m-often-told-so!”
“Well, I hear it’s hot and pressurized, the-closer-to-“God”-you-go!”
“I LIKE to be warm! and-comfortably-tucked-away!”
“BUT – WHY go? We’re-speculating! In-Heaven-there-may,
Be no good meals!” “Yea? Well, I wanna lose weight!”
“In Heaven who’s gonna care if you’re heavy or late?”
“WHY don’t you wanna go? to-Heaven, Mr.-Cuddly-Poo?”
“Because! My-beautiful-cuddling-wife – I’m IN LOVE with you,
And, in Heaven, who-knows! We might not even know each other;
Why should I wanna go; I don’t wanna be with another,
Because – You’re SO pretty – and smart!- a-loveable-tart!”
“Why do you Love me?” “Cupid-shot-me-with-a-dart,
And-it struck-me RIGHT HERE, here in-My-Heart,
And-so, from-you, Honey, I-don’t-wanna-part!”

fin ❤

NUMBER SENSE!” a poem “Finding Pakistani Girls’ WhatsApp Numbers! JUST KIDDING; Just Kidding!” in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” January 13, 2019 (Sunday)

The Cuddly Poo’s have MANY favorite numbers-they-do: NUMER-OLO-GY!
They-like: 25! for-Christmas!, and 1!-’cause-“You’re-The-ONE-for-me!”
And TWO-because-“WE’RE-2-but-ONE!” Plus, good things come with 3,
And-thirteen, the-number-of-NEW-GOOD-LUCK, ’cause-Cuddly-Poos-don’t-agree,
With Superstitious-Folks – but-“11”-and-“22” -fill-’em-with-glee,
For those are MASTER NUMBERS!!!* maximizing-spirit-ual-ity!!
They’ve MANY favorite numbers, e.g.: “5”-is “The Oyster of The World!!”**
And “9” is HAPPY ENDINGS! and, also, it’s when Gandhi*** twirled,
The World around his finger – and then got shot and sent to Heaven:
He blessed his attacker – with “Namaste!”*** whose letters number “7!”****
“We also really enjoy “4,” FO(u)R! It’s solid and secure,
And “6” is about fam-i-ly – and-“8”-and-“10″-are-even-and-pure!”
But, OF-COURSE, the-Cuddly-Poos – like-to snuggle and kiss,
So – THEIR-FAVORITE-NUMBER-is “69,” the-number of-conjugal-bliss!
And-IF “69”-don’t-work – you-know! all-that-well-for-you,
Try “96” – with-the-angel-above! There’s always something new,
With-Mr.-&-Mrs.-Cuddly-Poo, a-couple-of- happy-well-fit-lovers,
Who might just stay 2 4 / 7 – – -underneath their covers!! 🙂 – Come up here for air!

fin ❤

* – NOT REALLY! That’s just superstition 2!!

** – More superstition: IF you have a lot of “5,” The World is your “oyster!”

*** – “9” relates to being VERY HUMITARIAN! The Hindu leader Gandhi was shot, at point blank range, &, to his assassin, he is said to have said (in Hindi) “God bless you!”

**** – “7” is considered The Heavenly Number!

TWO SUGARS – FOR YOUR COFFEE!  and NOW we shall endure! ☕

“THE WAY SHE LIKES I T !” a poem Wednesday: 12/12/2018


THE WORLD IS DARK – and very STEAMY! It’s a bitter brew,
But I HAVE GOT IT – Yes, I DO! – I’ve got-good-news-for-you:
It MAY be half empty, but it’s half-way – full-up too:
A “cup of despair,” or-a-“pick-me-up” – jus’-what-we-need – for (some) woo!
This aught-a open your eyes! OPIUM! but-NOT-in-The-Den;
It is-a- gonna save us ALL, and – you ask me WHEN?
Well – just-as-soon-as-we-add- we-add – we-add: THE-MAGIC-PAIR,
A couple o’ the sweetest folks – they’re WHITE!-and-cum-they-do – as-a-pair;
They’re a little “granular,” but really do The Trick,
Mar – ge -ry, on-one-side – and The Other’s kinda quick!
Bring them out FOR BATTLE! and plop them, slow and sure!
TWO SUGARS – FOR YOUR COFFEE! and NOW we shall endure!

fin ❤

Postscript: 2 sug’s in black coffee! That’s my-lover’s pref-er-ence! The-way-she-likes-her-morning-coffee! I-serve-it-(up) – with-reverence!

‘Cause – IF-I don’t get it right,
There’s gonna be a fight –
And – IF-she fights, she wins,
Get-the-coffee-groovy, for-a-real-nice-ol’-movie – and-she’s-apt-to-SO-INSPIRE!

Mystic Poet

“THE ANGEL’S EXIT!” a poem November 32, 2018 – Sunday

When AN ANGEL comes – to “help” you out,

S(he) can-NOT-leave, until you shout:

“Get-out-of-here!” “You’re-not-wanted, you!“

“Leave-us-alone!!” or – “You’re-making-us-BLUE!”

Because it’s-clear, the-angel’s-job’s-not-done,

‘Til-you-fear-or-abhor – “The Heavenly Fun!”

For an angel’s ways (pause) are – TO UPSET,

And-get-you-“riled!” “off-your-butt,“ you-bet!

An angel comes – if-there-is-a-“prayer,”

Spoken-or-unspoken! (S)he-really-don’t-care!

The ONLY purpose, “as-men-can-see-it,”

Is: To-destroy-pride (pause) and-or-con-ce-it,

To-insure – that-we – do-truly-know – – – That-we-are-“game-pawns!”-Ho-Ho-Ho!

And, not-only-us, but-angels-too,

And-demons and-everything!-are-just-going-through,

“THE-MOTIONS-of-playing-parts – in some “Reindeer-Game!”


To-The-Divine – IF – we-live or – IF – we-die,

Or – laugh and sing – or silently cry,

B U T! P E R H A P S! (pause)

“God” can’t-stand-it, when-we don’t know,

That THIS IS ALL GOD – and-even-our-big-toe,


And-the-right-time and-the-right-place and-the-“right”-toe, too!

So, when an angel is done-performing his-or-her tasks,

And has removed our silly, human masks,


The-angel’s-GONE; we-forget; and –


fin ❤

Mystic Poet

“MENTAL PROBLEMS?!?!” a poem a.k.a.: “THAT’s The Problem!!” Nov. 29, 2018 (Thursday) “I’m NOT – in the poetic search (mode); I’m in the rabbit business of fucking you!“ Anon. 🙂 – “Au-m!-Gee!” The Mystic Poet.

We’ve ALL got brains! THAT’S THE PROBLEM! That’s-the-problem! Now,

We’ve ALL got MENTAL PROBLEMS – and, when you ask me how,

We will deal – with all the “loonies” we’ve spotted way OUT THERE;

I WILL remind you – “We’re also loonies,” and then you’ll probably stare,

And say: “What’s that? Oh, you’re mistaken; your mind has no defects!”

“Oh, yes – I DO, my Love, my Life, for – whenever I send texts,

I use my brain – my “brilliant” brain, and all brains here are KOOKY;


Our problems-of-the-mental though – are so, so-darned diverse,

When we do get in our little group, we THINK-we-can write good verse,

But EVERYONE’S INSANE AS HELL, on that you can rely,


To follow the admonition “DON’T JUDGE,” for this we see,


fin ❤


Some days in the office a Poet leave’s it on the plate with a note * Do as you please with this * 😃😆

Oh my, this little Editor is dizzy with those skills well beyond this Poet

Mystic Poet intimidates me, by serving up these quirky rymes, knowing full well

I haven’t a clue how to edit this work

I quit 😞

I’m going home 😓


Texas Cowboy

“YOU NEVER KNOW!” a poem Sunday: Nov. 25, 2018 – written at ~ 2:00 A. M.

I LOVE YOU SO-MUCH (for goodness’ sake),


You never KNOW, from night-to-night,

If-you’ll-wake-up-THIS-time! It-can-be a fright,

For – IF you don’t – WAKE UP AGAIN,

In-this-dream place – what’ll happen then?

Will these dream characters – your relatives – and your-wife,

Evaporate? – when-you-wake – in your new life?

You might leave one dream – then – does IT disappear,

While you’re in another? Seems-SILLY-to shed-a-tear!

It’s just all about – The Fascinating “MYSTERY OF LIFE,”

But – I love you (I do),

My beautiful wife!

Can you pull someone – out of Dream 1 – to Dream 2?

And, if-you-can – will the characters in the first dream – remember you?

And – will folks remember – the passenger who,

With-you-has-left – Will “they” notice – that-you-both flew?

Or – will they-have-amnesia – so they won’t grieve,

About their loved ONES? – the ones “on leave?”

And – can-you-return from Dream 2 – back-to-HERE?

Well, these-are-quite-the-questions, I’m planting “in-your-ear!!”

Anyway! I DO speculate – that the-answer to all,

Is: “IT’S POSSIBLE,” because – I have the gall,

To imagine – that – IF-you-can-imagine-something-CAN-be,

It-means: It’s possible (or probable) but-we’ll-have-to-wait-&-see!

But, right now it’s bedtime – and I’m closing my eyes,

To wonder of possibilities! of-not-waking – when-”the-soul-man”-flies!

fin ❤

Texas Cowboy

“REMISSION!” a poem, dedicated to: Rachel Taylor, singer/songwriter extraordinaire! a.k.a.: “One Heart!” 11/26/18 – Monday

It’s a roller-coaster-ride, this game of life;

It’ll rock ya – and “real” ya, but, in-the morning light,

When you finally-reach (pause) The Break of Day,

And-you’re-groggy – and dreamy, I-hope you’ll say:

“I can do another! Just gotta-‘wake-up,’

I-know-I’m-in-remission!” [Ask-your-coffee-cup]

“Is it worth-the-effort – to keep on going!”

“Yes!-you’re-rich-and-dark (pause) and-seeds,* we’re-sowing,

And-we’ll-inspire – The-World – to-make the FLIP,

And, it’s true – each-one-of-us – may-be-just-a-blip,

On The Screen of Life, that seems so immense,

But each-blip-can-inspire – other blips off The Fence,

Of despair and lethargic – machination,

LOVE is contagious! And each generation,

Fights-for-its-life – to offer (all) the-rest

A chance to shine, despite any test!

So, I’m hanging on – with Rachel in the seat,

Of this roller coaster! She’s next to me,

And, together-we-can-turn – this bloody-life-around,

And discover One Heart! – where remission is found! 🙂

fin ❤


* – coffee (and otherwise!)

Mystic POET

“TRUE WORTH!” a poem in the ever popular series: “I’ll Love You Forever AND You Don’t Have To Love Me Back!!” November 6, 2018 – Tuesday!

Yes! What-we-do’s-important! for-Recognition & Fame,

The work ethic’s good, BUT – clearly! It’s lame,

To consider (that) you’re REAL WORTH – depends upon-your-job!

Your REAL WORTH? Is-BEING- Y O U! : Sam – Marge – or Bob!

So, IF you rest – for-a-week-or-two or – give-up-”work”-all-together,

I STILL LOVE-AND-ADORE-YOU, HON! “Well, knock-me (over) with-a-feather!”

Yes! Just to have you here with me is THE-MOST-IMPORTANT-THING!

Watching-you and-hearing-you-breathe makes-me wanna-sing,

And – write a sonnet – or a bunch,

And take my Sweetie out to lunch,

And tell-you HOW – I’m “o’er-the-Moon,”

To hold your hand – I almost swoon!

Every time I see your eyes –

They-twinkle-with-Love and-it’s no surprise,


Is CRITICAL! So, I’ll persist,

And live each day – although-days-CAN-BE-SAD,

But-with-you-around –

IT AIN’T SO BAD!! 🙂 – Kisses!

fin ❤

Mystic Poet 😁😁

“SIGNIFICANT TOUCH, NOW, FOREVER!” a poem a.k.a.: “Bedbugs Unite(d)!” November 2, 2018, Friday! {Large acrylic: “Abstract: Jack and Rose, Together!”}

The importance of TOUCH – is well documented,

Existence itself – must-be – supplemented,

By stroking (and) caressing! Please! DO-hold-your-baby,

And, when we are older, it ISN’T a maybe:


The absence of SUCH – is clearly quite naughty!

Yet-there’s-a-tendency, I think – in SOME social views,

To-obscure touch’s-importance! And-give-the-body “THE BLUES!”

Science HAS established – we (all) need lots of touch,

So bodies can thrive – and-be-happy-very-much!

Our bodies need: good-food, sun-warmth, rest – and-wind,

Movement and cleaning – Yet! Please-don’t-offend,

For touch must be lovely – expected – (and)-inspired;

Bodies want: safety – and-LOVE! They’re HARD-WIRED!

So – find you some friends – who are touchy and feely,

And “grapple-them-to-thy-soul(s),*” and assure them that REALLY,

You’re happy to see them – you love them – and like,

Their presence and bodies! Plus-endorphins-doth-spike!

Yes!-Chemicals-emerge – when there’s touch and embrace,

And it makes things MUCH nicer – in-this unusual place,

Where there’s punching – and poking – and needles – and probes,

And this is quite fright’ning, for we-can-become-“phobes!”**

For some [folks] touch unkindly – in various ways,

But, hopefully, your-touches – will-be-good all your days!

And THIS – brings us NOW – to-a-most-important-thing:

YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER! who – much joy can bring!

For your partner is-critical, spending quality time,

Soothing! with-loving-touch and – sometimes-words that-do-rhyme!

SIGNIFICANT TOUCH, see-and-taste, smell-and-hear,


“I LOVE YOU, My Dear, for somehow our bodies have made us be one; being with YOU is a whole lot of fun, when our days can be spent – with cherish and passion!”

SIGNIFICANT TOUCH is always in fashion!


fin ❤

“Inside and outside! (pause) OH! All around! And you-know, you might find – (it’s)-toward Heaven you’re bound!” The Mystic Poet.

“AND – a final note here! You CAN touch yourself too!! (It’s)-called-LOVING-YOURSELF, and it’s SO GOOD for you!” The Mystic Poet.

    • from Wm. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet I, iii!”

** – Having a fear of something – like touching! 😦



“WHEN – THEN – NOW!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Buddha’s Retrospective!” a.k.a.: “Forrest Gump Is Alive & Well – And STUPID As Ever – And So Is EVERYONE Else!” November 4th 2018 SUNDAY

WHEN I was young, cock-sure and gay,

I’d stand! Out-on-The-Corner! and (sometimes) pray!

People would happen by, disturbing me TOO MUCH,

So, I would say: “Wait here” and I’d-go-watch “Starsky-and-Hutch!”*

THEN, I-was-filled – with “vinegar & piss,”

And SEPARATION was The-Thing – the-thing-for-bliss!

The Strategy? [To lose those – with dumb ideas and concerns!]

It WAS – The Key to Happiness! BUT! ISOLATION – BURNS,

Away – this cock-sure attitude, and you-yearn for-“company:”

Yes! Touch-and-Stuff-becomes-critical –


(1) NOW, when I encounter people – here and there,

I invite them: “Come along! IF-you-really-dare!”

And many folks – they’ll follow me around this little town,

And-they-might-say: “You’re BRILLIANT!” Here! (pause) Wear this-orange-ocre-gown,

And tell us stuff – to make us feel better!

And – take away our fear!“ {I just wanna “get-her!”}

“IT” MIGHT MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER – Better for a while,

And some folks, at first, might follow me – for a mile!!

(2) NOW! There’re THOUSANDS! – Many-folks-who-think-I-hold-some-KEY!!

To existence – or enlightenment!!! I’ll say: “DON’T FOLLOW ME;


Add it up! Do your own “math,”

And know that The Force – resides within each of you!

You don’t need ME – I AM – a piece of poo!


I am – just – a stinky – a stinky – little boy! 🙂 – Yup!

fin ❤

    • Crime Drama – 1970’s American TV series


“STROKE THIS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Not Rocket Science? What IS Rocket Science, Anyway?” November 4, 2018 – 1st day of The Week?

Your best friend – is YOUR BODY, so PLEASE be kind to same,

Your body always does its best, so there’s-no-reason-to-blame,

Your body – for “not trying,” for every cell within,

A hundred billion, give or take, will never, ever “sin!!”

When tired, sleep; when hungry, eat, and DON’T GO ‘TIL YOU’RE READY!

IF you’re not ready, simply wait! (It) ain’t-Rocket-Science, Dear Hedy!*

If you’re upset or anxious – just take some breaths, OK?

It is NOT rocket science – “It’s-BIOLOGY,” I say!

Just circulate – and-ass-imilate – plus – elimination too,

Will keep your body “in the pink,” functioning so true!

The body, it is sexual – so find a mate and screw,

But PLEASE insure she’s clean and fresh – or you’ll go: “Boo-hoo-hoo!”

These others** – well, now, they’re “old hat!” We’ve been through this before:

WATER, AIR-SUN, in and out – Relax! then Stress! and more,

Than all these “needed” things, TRUE LOVE’ll-keep-you-warm-&-happy,

Hugs & Kisses,


Respect (love) your mum & pappy!

And, at day’s end, IF you’re NOT God,

Say: “Thank-you,” to your blessed bod,

And kiss her softly, hold her hand,


fin ❤

* – Hedy Lamarr, famous actress and rocket scientist!!

** – SUGGESTIONS! Only suggestions!! 🙂 – Do what you want, OK?


“WEST TEXAS GALLERY!” a poem. November 4, 2018! Sunday! Based on an excellent suggestion, there may be an emerging Art Gallery! Here in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A. A little, hole-in-the-wall place, devoted to Beauty, Eccentricity and Naughtiness, with touches of The Sublime! This poem suggests what it might be called and what you might expect! Expect IT, out of time and space! Enjoy!

A splendid ART GALLERY we’ve just GOT to see!

“ECCENTRIC LADIES!” Art-Nouveau – and – Tee-hee!

Provocative! Seductive! A story with each,

Succulent Offering! and – MANY a “peach!”

LADIES! Attractive – some-unclad – unashamed!

Some with sunglasses – Some possibly maimed!

Some, they have names – that you WILL recognize!

Some are obscure – but you’ll still sympathize!

And those that-are-obscure – are still very-much-in-fashion!

All of them DRIPPING – and OOZING – with passion!

Here in West Texas! $5.00 to tour –

Prints are ON SALE! Originals – are obscure!

With tea! scones! and-(sometimes)-crumpets! But there’s limited space;

Yet, I am NOT suggesting – that you simply MUST race,

But DO please – come early – before-(the)-crowds-do-arrive!


fin ❤

AND – Oh, yes! There’s-a-garden! And EVE will be there!

And she has-got PLENTY of-apples – to share! 🙂 – Oh, My!


“STRUCTURES OF SELF-PROMOTION & PRESERVATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Satan’s Minions!!” November 3, 2018 – Saturday!

You’re in The World, apparently;

You are enmeshed, mysteriously!

And time and space, each-and-every-day,

Restrict “free will”* – and make you pay,

To-enlist these systems, to support,

Your chosen styles! I purport,

To sug-gest-here – THERE-ARE SOME “STRUCTURES,”

That-stand-APART – with many luxur-es,**

For-they place great burdens – upon your shoulders,

IF you-find-yourself – in – their folders,***

Which capture! The-silly-souls of men,

They’re-greedily-seeking YOUR – AMEN!

Their range? EXPANSIVE! Their motives? BIZARRE!

They seek your slavery – and-will tax your car!****

And will give reminders – at-least-twice-a-year,

Instilling clever, well-placed fear,

To-insure that you co-operate,


In paying homage – to their views,

“CAESAR”s all – They-can-come-in-TWOs!

To hypnotize my/your/the little mind,

They are often pretty, but seldom kind,

They’re self-preserving, promoting way,

Has lasted well – up to this day!

When you “opt out” of “Caesar’s Grasp,”

And burn away the perky asp,

For, with a flip – of your strong arm,

Into The Fire – is cast their harm!

Satan’s Minions – will per-pe-tu-ate,

Meds and Laws and The Gadget State!

Their salaries and pensions loom,

Unmistakable – in-every room!

MDs – Doctors – ABCs,

D-D-Ss! The-licensed-like-to tease,

All of us! “You NEED us, Sheep,

Or you’ll-get-lost! Don’t make a peep!

Just sleep! Relax! We have control,

WE-NEED YOUR WORSHIP! It is our goal!”

These structures! and-minions that abide within,

Like to tap you, on the shin,

Like to bill you every day,

Schedule hearings; force their way,

Into-your-homes – and IRAs;

Naught is safe – from their surveys!


There they wait, like greedy vultures,

Looking, waiting – to-see-you weak,

To-watch you crater and watch you leak,

All resources (that) they’ll soon have,

Applying-their-vile brand of salve!

Promising-SAFETY! when-they’ve-none-at-all,

To offer you! They’ll surely fall,


Religions, Health Care – The Legal Sway:

Gadgets, potions, courtesy-calls!

SATAN’S MINIONS – have got big balls! {:) – Call me in The Morning!}

fin ❤

“Medical docs – juris docs – Doctors! of Divinity,

When-you-spot-doctors on your street! Safeguard-your-serenity!

Electronic doctors, health-food doctors, TV Doctors too –

Mary Poppins, in-many-disguises – they’ll try to fool YOU!”****** The Mystic Poet!

    • Just kidding!! Boy! Am I EVER kidding! 🙂

** – luxuries!!

*** – in THEIR FILING CABINETS – as their client(s)!

**** – and everything else, including your tea!!

***** – like the animals on The Arc of Noah!

****** – and they can do a HECK of a job, with advanced degrees & training!!


“THE TREASURE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Mim’s!” November 4, 2018 – SUN day

Your words – are-sweeter than honey; {Sweet peas encircle your-head.}

I-wouldn’t-be-here IF I-couldn’t?! {I-love to-be-in-your-bed!}

I’m givin’-it-all-up for The Treasure – The 1st Prize, Yes, you bet!

Givin’-up inhibitions! Guilt & pride & fret;

Givin’-up Hate & nervousness – Because – so safe I feel,

Having found The Treasure – You’ll see me pray & kneel!

My Angel-wings, they’re tangled (pause) In-my-hair, with-bats-up-There, I think!

You-are-my Rolls Royce, Honey – The finest sable or mink!

The Old Volkswagen is-history! I’ve found the very best.

I’m holding – to The Treasure – I am so very blessed.

[Yea, I know. They say that treasures tarnish – The Precious loses – its appeal,

But I have it on good authority – True Love’s a forever deal.]

So, despite that there – may be – hardships – Waiting for you & me,

I don’t much f – – – ing care – (pause) I’m-in such ecstasy!

fin ❤