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Here is THE ORIGINAL POEM, written for YOU some time ago – and it has just been lying around on the table next to the computer ! Anyway, it WAS originally called: “IT’S TRUE!” but – it was also called: “TRANSCENDENCE!” It goes something like this:👑

Here is THE ORIGINAL POEM, written for YOU some time ago – and it has just been lying around on the table next to the computer ! Anyway, it WAS originally called: “IT’S TRUE!” but – it was also called: “TRANSCENDENCE!” It goes something like this:

I AM in LOVE [then now always] with-YOU,
[like] When you were Sweet 16! It’s oh-so-true.
But NOW You’ve changed – Your-breasts are-pen-dulous, like a milk-filled cow,
AND – I”M CRAZY ABOUT THEM! AND your bro-o-o-o-oad hips! So MUCH, now:
You’ve changed! [your] Nostrils do flare, and [now there’s] not such shiny hair,

Yet, I’m ALSO in love with your future: AN ANCIENT CRONE,
Having a lecherous look – and a treacherous moan!
A deadly, witchy – Dangerous wench,
Who is liable to GRAB ME! and fling me on a bench,
And, with bloody lips – and blood in her eyes,

[and, yes, please] FORCE ME – DOWN! into your thighs!!

And HOWL, with sen-su-al delight,
Until I PASS OUT – into-a-sacred-night!
And! also! I just love you – in an apron wrap,
Cooking pancakes, dribbling-with strawberry-sap!
Even there, though, there’s that SAME LOOK IN YOUR EYE,
That was there at “16,” and hypnotizes YOUR guy,
Who is enraptured, by each, new amazing disguise,
And loves EVEN THE ONES – that scream!!! murderous cries!
Accusing me of BEING UNTRUE – of doing BAD things – and NOT for you!
I’m guilty! I’m guilty! (PLEASE) Punish me as you wish!!
And, as you push me down in the kitchen, upsetting every dish,
You yell: “I’m a bitch in the kitchen – and a (your) whore at heart!”
Well, I know, from me you’ll never, ever part!!
Because I OWN YOU – You’re MINE – and – it’s always been!

And SHE’ll smile!!! for-She-knows SHE’S TRANSCENDED-SIN! 🙂

fin ❤


Did you know that 🤗 Interesting stuff that isn’t it 😁😂

Managing depression depends on how we understand ourselves

Managing depression depends on how we understand ourselves

What is the cause of who we are and how we feel? If we understand something better, we can manager it better. Thus, if we have better understanding of ourselves would it enable us to better manage ourselves?

This electronic technology enables people to share ideas who would never otherwise interact. The base of this technology is science, namely quantum physics. But there is no science of people? They have all failed. Before looking more closely at why it has failed, let’s first consider ‘science’ what can it tell us and what can it not tell us.

The theory of a simple pendulum is T, the period of the pendulum, the time it takes to make one revolution equals twice pi (2π) times the square root of the length (L) over the gravitational constant (g) at sea level (√L/g). T=2π√L/g. The equation developed by Galileo and the German mathematician Christiaan Huygens in the 16th and 17th centuries, so we have known about pendulums for a long time. If we assume the pendulum is at sea level, we can simplify the equation to T=K√L, that is the period is calculated by multiplying a constant (K=2π/√g) by the square root of the length (√L). We can call this our scientific theory of the pendulum.

Now, imagine a pendulum on earth, as far away from you as you can imagine, but still at sea level. What is the period of that pendulum? It will depend on the length. Of course. It follows, if we want to know the period we need to go to the pendulum, measure the length and put it in the formula. So, what is the point?

The point is all science relates to all situations in the same manner, that if we want to know an answer relevant to any practical (empirical) situation, we need collect relevant information, put it in our theory, and calculate the result. It follows, that a scientific theory does not and can never give us ‘answers’, it can only tell us what to look for and how to then use that information to calculate the answer we seek.

Definition of scientific theory: A set of variables that describe the operation of the system under study, with those variables linked such to enable mathematical formula that when data inserted, the theory can calculate the result (example, T=2π√L/g).

Does this rule apply to understanding ourselves, we have all this private insight into ourselves, surely it must be different?

Wrong, it is no different. Look inside, what are you thinking? How do you know what you are thinking? If there was no information flow linking what you are thinking and your awareness of what you are thinking, you would not know what you are thinking ‘over there’. In the absence of photons, we cannot see. The same rule applies to every other sense. Our awareness of our brain and its activities is no different, in the absence of information flow whereby we ‘perceive events’ we would not know what is happening. Just that within the brain the ‘information flow’ exists in electrical signals via nerves, synapses, and other components of the brain. But the exact same rule applies as when we ‘see’: In the absence of a communication flow system linking ‘us’ to events ‘over there’ beyond ‘us’, we can have no idea of what is happening ‘over there’. The nature of the communication channel is irrelevant, they are all subject to the same cybernetic rules of operation.

Now, we have the perplexing question what exactly is ‘us’, and what exactly is ‘outside us’?

A full answer to the question takes us deeper into questions on causality and epistemology than we can go in this brief comment, so I will step forward to the conclusion of the reasoning.

The reasoning is pursued in full in the book The Origin of Consciousness . The result being a theory of ‘us’ and ‘beyond us’, exactly equivalent to the theory of the pendulum. The conclusion is we are a spirit within a mind, within a brain within a body each component equally important.

The core of our spirit is all our experiences before we have speech, and before we have conceptualization and aware of ideas to apply to manage circumstances, so it is all emotion. This spiritual core then becomes overlaid as we grow with self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence, self-doubt, our social reflection of self, and all the other aspects of our ‘self’ that we have and can think about. Our mind consists of the variables, emotions, thought and attitude and our attention. The whole structure of our psychic existence occurring via the operation of our brain as the mechanism of mind. This does raise crucial issues of the relationship between mind and brain, all fully covered in ‘Origin’.

Our awareness of what is happening ‘over there’ in our brain (defined as the ‘reacting part’) determined by our attention, we only know of things happening, even things in our brain if we are aware of them via our attention. Finally, there is no single synapse response, all responses from this system are ‘processed’. Which means if we attend, learn to be aware of processing we can intervene via our attention and alter that processing. We have free will and choice. To the extent where nature has not enabled such choice, we can create it for ourselves via paying attention and learning. Such as some Eastern mystics learning how to control their heart beat.

The crucial point is that all our life experience is driven from our mind not from our brain. If we choose, we can alter what we are thinking, alter our emotional responses, alter how much we allow our spirit and its core to influence us. We can choose, and if we are willing to fight our reactions via our brain responses we can become what we choose not what genetics, or our upbringing chose for us.

We can choose to be less influenced by some things and more influenced by others. WE CAN CHOOSE.

The base of us choosing is to believe we can choose. If we do not believe then all our choices will be tentative. I expect we all know what happens when we try but half-hearted. We fail. Then we say to ourselves, … there, in my heart I knew it. I’m a failure.

The alternatives have names, the current main view is called monism, that is all our experiences are driven by the brain and we have limited influence on it, if any at all. Brain and mind are one and the same, monism, with brain dominant. Hence in mental illness, drugs are prescribed, since to ‘fix’ any mental illness requires changes in brain functioning.

The view proved in my work, is called dualism. Rene Descartes first argued dualism around 1650. It has never gained sway, since it could never be proved, and the existence and influence of ideas was always a major ontological problem. Only in my work is dualism proved, with mind and brain separate, spirit the core of our existence, and with our psychic states best understood from our choices in mind rather than neurological malfunction in our brain.

Neurological malfunction does occur but is the same as when we get a significant illness, such as cancer, or malaria. In short, it is not something the person can influence, it requires ‘medicine’. Within my science, neurological malfunction is defined as mental illness. With problematic psychic states arising from mind defined as psychological dysfunction. Currently there is no technological to separate the etiology, the cause of any problematic psychic state, hence much modern confusion over how to manage them. Within my science, with the base of dualism, then the assumption is the person has a ‘normal’ neural functioning, hence the etiology of a problematic psychic state is arising from their mind, not from their brain.

Under dualism, with mind being the primary driver of our experience of life, then to improve our experience of life we need better manage our mind rather than depend on medicines to manage our brain.

The difference is profound. For example, monism, the view of much modern medicine regards depression as an illness, based in the brain. Hence medication used to ‘support, correct’ or otherwise alter brain functioning. In dualism, the prime causal factor in determining the psychological state of a person is the mind. Only a person has access to their mind. Dualism states that in a person with ‘normal’ neural functioning, then their psychological state is the result of the thoughts they have, and the emotions associated with those thoughts. In short, depression is not an illness within the brain but an affliction of the spirit. The person and only the person can finally manage it, but they will likely need guidance, love and spiritual support to do so.

Depression: Malfunction in the brain, or an affliction of the spirit. The choice of the underlying causal understanding of the drivers of psychic states will fundamentally determine how people act to deal with those states when they find them unsatisfactory. The strength of commitment to belief will determine the success at improving the experience of life.

Monism, the medical model of how we work. Or dualism, the spiritual model of how we work. Today, both scientifically validated. There is a choice. And in that choice, we can lift our spiritual experience, or succumb to control of our life experience by our brain. It is a fight at times with our personal reactions and tendencies, but to have better life experience it is a fight we must win.

But we will not win if we are half-hearted at it. We begin by firmly adopting the idea that I can manage me.

The gift ~ 👑

Knowledge is golden. Wisdom is learning to listen 🌟

Jane Dougherty Writes

The dverse prompt this evening is a serious one, to take a quote from someone who spoke out about social justice, human rights, or equality and use it in a poem. I haven’t chosen a peaceful quote, because in some circumstances and in some epochs, peace was not an option. As a child, I remember heated Michael Collins versus de Valera arguments at family gatherings fifty years after Collins was assassinated. This is a quote of his I’m fond of.  The words of the quote are in bold.


The gift that he gave us was to

Give us the future,

Though the future would be tough,

And much blood was left to shed.

But we’d had enough of hunger,

Eight centuries and more, so

We’ve had enough of your past

He said, let us build our own today.

He made them Give us back our country,

Our fields and our…

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“DIRE!”~TEXAS Cowboy 🤠🤠

Where-INSPIRATION? Oh, my-DARLING! I-haven’t-got-a-clue,
IF-you’re-asking- about-yourself!
You are the catalyst – and -The-Touch-Stone;
You-are-the-one to-unleash this bone,
And jam the juices – to The Sky!
YOU ASK AGAIN, and-I-don’t-know-why;
I only know – that, at the start,
Procreation can impart,
A-sense-of-love and-commitment-then!
THE POWER SURGES, and-where’ve–I-been?
But-EVER – ever-here in your arms!
Your LOOK, your VOICE, your SHAPE – Its SIZE!
At least for me – it’s in my eyes,
And ears and nose – I-do-suppose,
From passion-filled, exuberant lust,
To something NEW! where-I-[just]-might-bust,
Exploding! into Time and Space,
And even beyond the human race,
To HIGH-or-LOW – Yet, I-don’t-know!

It’s just a place – I HAVE TO GO,
Because of YOU!
“My Fond Desire!”


Yes! It’s DIRE!*

fin ❤

Sermon: New Things | Grace Presbyterian Church

Grace Presbyterian Church April 7, 2019, Lent 5C Isaiah 43:16-21; John 12:1-8 New Things “I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” This challenge to the people of Judah, as delivered by God through the prophet Isaiah, came during their period of exile in Babylon. In…
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Interesting read.

“Sally and Friends! Texas Cowboy 💥💥

“[FLYING HIGH WITH] OUR GAL ‘SAL’ AND ‘CRATES,’ HER PET HIPPO!” a poem, in the series: “Sally and Friends!” April 7, 2019 – Sunday

“Medical Sally” loves “her own!”
She likes to be called up – on the phone,
To answer questions about your health,
And get you to visit, to take your wealth!?

Of course, all families Sally adores;
There are lots of children at her doors,
Eagerly awaiting consultation,
In-[ ]-THIS – and every-bloody-nation!

With “plans” and stratagems and co-pays-we-see!
Mama Sally spreads her wings,
And brings her children many things,
To-ever-self-actualize – and get set free!
From-the-need to-inquire in each new day,
With each new discomfort! Let us pray:

To-“The-God-of-Ill-Health!” We’re-so-fragile-in-every-way!
Is there never – just some-[you-know] “sim-pler”-day?

Where Hippocrates, with-his-HIPPOcritical “bent,”
[Who, arguably, was-NEVER Heaven-sent]
Will-spread-his-similar-wings, with Sally fair,
And they’ll fly-away FOREVER? a-pretty-nasty-pair?

fin ❤


“A TITANIC YEARNING!” a poem April 6, 2019 (Saturday)

My purpose in life is to make you a Titan,
For Titans are huge oh-so-strong-and-they-frighten,
EVERYONE!? even-the-strongest-and-most-fast,
The-ones-labeled-“invincible,” and-we-all-think-they’ll-“last!”

I’ll make you a Titan, by “pulling” on you,
15-minutes-to-an-hour! That’s-what I will do,
For we all need GOD FOOD, that liquid refreshment,
From-The-Springs-of-The-Gods (in Fields so distant)!*

Ambrosia, or nectar, of all gods I’ll drink;
I-will-satiate-my-hunger (and) put-you “in the pink!”
The more that I “draw,” the tighter you’ll get!
So, as-to-your-ab-dominals, you-never-need-fret!

I’ll squeeze The Twin Sisters** for all that I’m worth,
To sculpt your fine tummy – and give it fresh birth!
I’ll tighten your tum-tum; just say: “Ba-by! Ba-by;
Come to your mama!” I will NOT say “maybe!”

I’ll cleave to them fast – and flood the canal,
With elixir from Heaven! I’ll do it, I shall!
I will tighten my Titan – a finely honed “pack!”
Manna from Heaven! There’s no turning back!

Moral: “The baby is hungry, ever-ravenous still,

fin ❤

* – The Elysian Fields (also called “The Elysium”) is the final resting place for heroic and virtuous people, according to Greek philosophy! “Ode to Joy” references the Goddess Joy, who hails from The Elysium! If you listen carefully or if you know German, you will notice there is reference to these fields several times! The lyrics are in German, but translated, read as follows:

Joy, beautiful spark of Divinity or: of gods, Daughter from Elysium,

We enter, drunk with fire,

Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!

Your magic binds again

What convention strictly divided

All people become brother

Where your gentle wing abides.

Who has succeeded in the great attempt,

To be a friend’s friend,

Whoever has won a lovely woman,

Add his to the jubilation!

Indeed, who even just has one soul

To call his own in this world!

And whoever never managed, he should steal away

Crying from this union!

All creatures drink of joy At the nature’s breasts.

All Just Ones, all Evil Ones

Follow her trail of roses.

Kisses she gave us and grapevines,

A friend, proven in death.

Salaciousness was given to the worm

And the cherub stands before God.

Gladly, like His suns flythrough the heavens’ grand plan

Go on, brothers, your way,

Joyful, like a hero to victory.

Be embraced,


This kiss to all the world!

Brothers, above the starry canopy

There must dwell a loving Father.

Are you collapsing,


Do you sense the creator, world?

Seek him above the starry canopy

Above stars must He dwell.

** – This is the popular name of a location in a mountain range located West of Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

The painting was done in oils by The Cowboy Artist!


“BEING WITH THE OLD COW IS ALWAYS THE MOST COMFORTABLE!” a poem, by The Texas Cowboy: “You MOOve me!” April 6, 2019 [Saturday]

“Will you love me, when I’m old and gray?
Shall we do something-else now? I-hope I’m-not-IN-THE-WAY!
You’re disappointed?! Dissatisfied!? with-life-and-me, I’m-sure?
DOING R I G H T NOW! That’s what I [really] like to do:
Exactly what we’re doing!!! I-like-to-do-it- with-you!”

Variety is the spice of life, but let’s-not bemoan THE MOMENT;
What we’re doing NOW is “great!” There’s no need for to-foment!

For instance, when I asked my friend: “What-exercise-is-BEST-for me!?”
“IT IS THE ONE YOU’RE DOING!!” He said that hap-pi-ly!

ANY LOVE IS GOOD LOVE, if-it’s-hap-pen-ing RIGHT NOW,
And Y E S ! I’ll-love-you-years-from-now! No-need-“to-have-a-cow!”
BECAUSE IT IS YOUR OLD-AND-UGLY – that really draws me in!!!
Your old and ugly is SO S – X – Y, come-on, Babe, let’s SIN!
“I’m horny as a Billy Goat, in a pepper patch!”*
I’LL RACE YOU TO THE BED RIGHT NOW – and jump into your “sn – t – h!”

And FOREVER, Darling-Honey – Come-on! Let’s-both MOO!! 🙂 – moo-moo

fin ❤

* – quoted from Elvis Presley!!




If you wanna “ruffle feathers,” talk-about: s x, food & money;
If you wish to have attention, those are always the “hot topics,” honey!
People start going berserk (for some reason) when you “hit” upon those fields!
Discord, concern and rebellions start! It’s-what-each-of-those-topics-yields,
Because we “serious” humans have to show how “sensitive” we are:
(1) So! To-start-with, we’re incensed, I think, with-MONEY by far:
“You’re outside; put that money away!” and “Don’t touch my stash!”
It’s-like “the sin against The Holy Ghost!” “Yes! This-is-MY-precious-cash!”
“My PRECIOUS is so precious!” This-is Gollum’s* focus,
Is it the-thing that makes life living? These lives of “hocus pocus!”
(2) Then, FOOD! OMG! “I gotta eat, or-else my bod will shrivel up & I’ll blow away!”
NEVER talk about food preferences or eating habits – in any way!
Just watch people eating! They’re looking around, like someone will-see-them!
They-are-totally-silent – or talk non-stop &-our-eyes, well, they’re-locked-in-ReeE.M.**
“Don’t eat too much!!!!” “Eat the right way!” “Eat the right things,”
OR-ELSE: Gluttony! Anorexia! and Starvation-in-3rd(?)-Countries IT brings!
(3) And – THEN! (pause) THAT SUBJECT!!! “blocked” by Tumblr & Facebook!
Even “related” words – are ANATHEMA!*** Just take a look:
OR S – D – M – or-any-“fleshly”-subjects People experience – such “perturb!”

So, if you never want-to be called “unkind” or “un-couth,”
LOOK AWAY! from SX FOOD or MONEY Yes, yes! forsooth!
LIFE IS S O SACRED?! And-these-subjects-are-taboo! Sure-to-kill!?
LUST! GLUTTONY! GREED! OMG! We’ve been taught “inherent thrill?”
About SIN (another taboo subject)! So, EAT, PRAY, LOVE! Do-an-Everything Search!
Plus, when you’re through with “living,” be sure to go to church,
And CONFESS! that you need: Fuel! an Exchange Medium! & Intimate Touch!

fin ❤

* – a thin character in “Lord of The Rings,” also named Smeagol, a “hobbit,” or small river person! He was labeled “Gollum,” because of his guttural, throat noises, and he found a “precious” ring and started becoming very thin, afraid someone would steal his prize! Arguably, we are “torn” between lusting after something & wishing to be free of it! Oh, well! Gollum’s life was extended for eons by having “The One Ring,” and he loved & hated it, as he did himself! We are TAUGHT! to love & hate (1) intimate contact; (2) eating; and (3) money! We are fearful, controlled – and magnificent! I think we should be able to talk about anything we want – and – handle money in public! 🙂
** – When are eyes are uncontrollably “darting around!” [R. apid E. ye M. ovement!]
*** – Worthy of condemnation, sin and death!?

Money makes the world go round and around until you rattle in the head 😁😁

“EVOLUTION!?”~ Jfasterfert 💥

EVOLUTION!?\” “EVOLUTION!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Rising Sun!” a.k.a.: “I’m Sorry There Are No Words To Tell You How Much I Adore You!” April 1, 2019 (April Fools’ Day: Moon-Day)

I met a friend; [Was-it-on] April Fools’?
(S)he was captivating, with eyes like “pools!”
The attraction, it was quite the thing!
Is-it-time – for-a-diamond-ring,
When-I’m-not-even-sure if-it’s-a-boy-or-girl?!
Well, what-the-heck! Let’s-“give-it-a-whirl,”
And see what happens – gay or straight,
Or “bi,” Oh, my! Just SA-TI-ATE,
THIS FEELING, SOME-HOW, for-it’s-in-tense,
And-my-libido makes-no-sense!
With-many attractive people-around,
With none of them will-I-be-found,
Because not-one is-nearly-as-fine,

And-I’m-“immune” to-the-allure,
Of other people, for there’s-no-“stir,”
Of wanting-to-be-with any-one,
Except with YOU, “My Rising Sun!”

Shall-we call-it EVOLUTION?
To be with you? – is-my “solution,”
Is my desire, fond – and strong!
ETERNALLY – is NOT so long,
When “The-Right-One” comes-along,
The-one-who-com-ple-ments my-solitary-song:
A song of HOPE, to-complete-a-life,
That-has-changed-so-much – Are-you my-wife?

You are my future, and together, we,
Are-in-this-together, de-licious-ly!

You are my passion! Now! Exclusive;
Joy-with-you – is-NOT elusive! 🙂 – Sigh!

fin ❤




“REGRETTING REGRET! a poem March 29, 2019 (Friday) for: Chance!

She’s got FEAR!!!! I do too;
Feeling guilty; feeling blue!

I can’t handle – much at all!
Here we go!! Let’s jump! Let’s FALL!

I’m-falling-with-you – we’re hand in hand!
And WE ARE PERFECT, we-now-understand.

We-were-refined – in fire pure!
THERE-ARE-NO-MISTAKES! Life is the cure,
For God (or Something) loves us still;
It-simply-is: GOD’S PERFECT WILL!

I love you – and you love me,

NOW, regret is FAR AWAY,

fin ❤

“THEY’RE THE SAME ONES!” a poem a.k.a.: “Who Did The Zombie Take Out On A Nice Date! A: His GhoulFriend!” March 26, 2019 [Tuesday]

“THEY’RE THE SAME ONES!” a poem a.k.a.: “Who Did The Zombie Take Out On A Nice Date! A: His GhoulFriend!” March 26, 2019 [Tuesday]

As the waters recede – and some tears continue to flow,
The SAME group of villagers, the ones we all know,
Gather around (once more) TOGETHER!
These are The-Ones-anticipating “stormy weather!”
These are The Ones who never see any “recov-er-y,”
And, now that IT’s* here! “Is this real? Well, it can’t-be,
‘Cause we’re NEVER THIS lucky! There’s MORE – quick-to-come;
Probably-worse! Yes, much worse!” (pause) They-usually-LOOK-GLUM!
THEY are “The Noble,” who won’t lift a hand,
Who live – from YOUR courage – and won’t help The Land,
BUT! They-ARE-“in-te-gral,” surely “from God,”
GOD-ain’t-no-saint!!! Anyway, (pause) The-World’s-odd!
To give THE IMPRESSION – that there may be more,
Than meets The Eye! “Oh, I’m sure that there is!”
This is THEIR PATTER, their “proper” Show Biz:
(1) “No, this can’t be ‘recovery!’ It’s still quite a ways off!”
(2) “Well, maybe, but the-damage-is-beyond-repair!” & (3) “There-really ain’t en-ough,
RESOURCES!! Materials! and/or Man-Power-so-we-can-do,
EVEN A DECENT JOB!” and (SORRY!) (4) “We haven’t time to,
Assist in any endeavors; we’re too busy assessing,
&-Analyzing!” (5) Please, count-us as-A BLESSING”
And we-really feel – that-for-every tear that we shed,
We should be paid very well – and also get fed!
After all, that’s only fair! HEY, WHERE DID HE GO?
Doesn’t He realize – WE’RE IMPORTANT!!! and so,
He should listen quite carefully – to all that we say,
Even though our words are repeated – maybe-one-thousand-times each day!

fin ❤
P. S. : LET THE RECOVERY STALL – IN MANY WAYS! – – – There is SURELY danger! at least for several days! – – – So, don’t do anything until then, & while you are waiting – – – It’ll give us more time – to conjure-up some palpitating! – – – We can come up with 1000 other thoughts – of fear and doom! – – – Hey, what are you doing? No! We don’t want-to-go to our room! – – – Well, OK, we’ll go, for we need rest & time to further assess! – – – The way we get happiness? is – to create a real, big mess! 🙂 – Oh, my!!!

* – Recovery, that is!



“A LESSON IN PATIENCE, TOLERANCE & GRUMBLING!” a poem for Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A FROG hopped-up to a GARTER snake, correcting him on the spot!
“You SHOULD-HAVE said: ‘This, this, not That!’ ” but-the-garter-did-NOT-get “hot!”
“IF you were loving-and-kind-to-me,” the frog proud-ly ass-erted,
“You would-a-known-what-you-said-was-wrong! &-what-you-did, you’d’ve-averted!”

The GARTER seemed tolerant, not-easily-moved; he-did-not-react at all,
But listened fully to-the-unsolicited-“advice” and-fin-ally-he-did-call,
His-cousin-CORAL to-the scene – and told the frog to hop,
To-little-coral, red and orange, and-of-course-then NOT-to stop,
But-continue giving his [fine] advice, to point out CORAL’s “error,”
As to what she’d often said and done! The frog went to her la-ir,
And-lambasted Coral’s points of view – manner and address!
THE FROG GOT BIT AND BRUISED A LOT, made-into-an-awful-mess!

So, as the frog hopped-off-toward-home, he said-to the garter snake:
“What went wrong? for-I-was-only-judging – Coral, for goodness sake!”
“Well, your ‘corrections’ are often fine, WHEN YOU-ARE TOLER-ATED,
But coral snakes don’t really care – to be so much berated!
I am NOT patient – and-could-be-called ‘unkind,’ for NOT reminding you:
Most folks are NOT very-patient! with-someone’s-cocky-point-of-view!”

Did Froggie-learn from-all-of-this? Perhaps! to be more “humble,”
And not to be so-sure-of-[him]self, to-always-correct-and-grumble,

fin ❤

Little Devil ~

One person in a hundred can play a musical instrument, one in fifty can sing in tune, no adult drinks milk or eats honey, and the major pleasures of a mature person include sex and intellectual activity. Consider the Christian notion of heaven – which Mark Twain did so memorably in ‘Letters from the Earth’ – and you can see why Hell might not be the worst place for the likes of us. I’ll be waiting for ya ♥

Devil Women 💥
Devil Women