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Mystic Poet ~ interview by Julian Assange 1998 a.k.a.

Remember when we used to “train” for track season by running up the side of “A” Mountain, BEFORE “they” fenced it all off and put up signs saying: “If you people don’t stop running up and down this mountain, we’re gonna chop off your – – – – ing legs and bury you UP HERE! and . . . erect a cross in your honor, like the one OVER THERE, on that hill North of here!” I remember running up and down that mountain, training for the mile and the 800 meter dash, running track for Sul Ross, eventually winning the conference championship in the 800 meters, setting a new record time, even though I was running against those TALL, strong, fast “giants” from U. T. E. P. The GIANTS simply could NOT win . . . against someone who had trained, by running up and down “A” Mountain, holding a little transistor radio, while KVLF played songs like this:

There’s an acrylic painting I did not long ago, showing a rainbow that seemed to be coming down “A” Mountain, cascading across The West Texas National Bank! A BEAUTIFUL painting, which would be a welcome addition to The Bank, if we could EVER get The Bank President to “cough up” a little cash and make a simple purchase, helping to support starving artists (like myself)! What a shame that this fine piece of work (NOW BEAUTIFULLY FRAMED) simply hangs in my small hut, collecting dust . . . and crying for recognition! How sad!

Here we go, Professor, I will challenge you to long-distance swimming 7 miles (American) ocean crawl. Bet you can do that. Upper body strength. Next April is the Forgotten superheroes World Championships in Northern Queensland, Australia, did you know that by invitation. Prize payments ranch from $1000 to $75000. In fact, I will email you an invitation. Think about it seriously. Can you start training in Texas? Don’t listen to fake reports on the crocs. The event is safe as each candidate is covered with shooters safety professionals. No one has been taken since 1980. I will help you to cheat so don’t worry honey 🐝


Take a little box ~

Take a little box now. Put all your dreams inside

All of them will come true. I’d never let them die

But promise me just one thing. You’d never leave my side

Make me a part of your dreams. That’s where I want to lie

I can promise you one thing

No matter what we may go through

There will be a happy ending

I know I often struggle to keep my heart on check

Without you there’s no colour, it’s just white and black

Without you I ain’t human, just a piece of wreck

I have to have you with me. So please just come right back

And our love will be ascending

No matter what we may face

There will be a happy ending

There’s a fallen empire. Here’s a mighty Queen 

I am on my knees for you with a diamond ring

Look at me and say β€˜yes’ and bring me eternal spring

Beyond the clear night sky, my love is transcending

Time and tide may cease but my love is never ending

And I promise you one thing

There will be a happy ending

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