Isaac Newton Hailed as one of the greatest minds to come out of the 17th century, Isaac Newton single handedly found his own science. Before Newton, there was no physics. Before Newton, there was no calculus. Before Newton, universal laws that govern the unknown were all but that – unknown. This is his story.


Mystic POET

“QUID PRO LOVE!” a poem October 21, 2018 – Sunday! Some folks live by “quid pro quo;” The love in that? Well, I don’t know, For QUID PRO QUO means: “This For That,” And-IF-you-only-give-for-THAT (pause) – Where’s LOVE at? For, IF you can – always-return-the-favor, Then, my Friend, you may-never savor, A-TRUE-GIFT-to-you – given-with LOVING […]