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Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

Mystic POET

“IF ONLY I HAD BEEN BORN – DIFFERENTLY?!?!” a poem a.k.a.: “You KNOW I Really, Really Would Miss Girls If They Weren’t Around – AND – I Would Miss Guys Too – Can’t Live With ‘Em; Can’t Live Without “Em!!” Tues. – Oct. 16, 2018

IF only I could-a-been – BORN – a WOMAN! Then-maybe-I’d-be-OK!!

But NO!!!! The Lord of Hosts didn’t “bless me,” so, for my “maleness” in life,

I’ll “pay!”

I’m so guilty! disgusted! IF ONLY – a sex change operation I could afford,

BUT! I’m-a (dare I say it) “poor” GUY! one-of-the-vile-unwashed horde!

Women! are-so-wise and-so-kind and-know -what-to-do-and-say;

Oh, Ye women of The World! You must be so happy and gay,

To have been – born – The correct and proper gender,

God must be OVERJOYED – when She makes a girl & says: “Let’s send-her!

Let’s send out another of our perfect, human gals,

Compared to (yuck) GUYS! Girls are such stable, good pals:

THEY LOVE ANIMALS* – to read and write –

And they are so decent and peaceful – and-don’t-put-up-a-fight,**


Those “necessary”(?) evils – who eat turkeys and hams!!

Why are men even necessary? Well, I guess they’re suitable for (occasional) BREEDING,

But -they’re so obnoxious – and hard-headed (and secretive) – and often – misleading –

Yet! They’re good – I mean, sort-of (I guess)

For: changing-light-bulbs-killing-big-bugs-and-cleaning-up-THE-MESS,

Left – by perfect women, once they have clawed one another to tears,

And have cursed their “unsightly” bodies – and-are quivering with fears,

Of what will come next? And – How can we guarantee, comfort & clean air,

And what to do w/ horny men,***uncontrollable emotions &-days-of-bad-hair!


But, SORRY! I-gotta-leave! ‘cause dinner-might-get-cold-and-I-gotta-try-to-get-me-some-weekend-dates,

With – a disgusting man – any-disgusting-man-my-inspection-will-”pass,”

‘Cause no woman’ll have me; I’m (just) a whimpering – jack-ass! 🙂 – hee-haw!

fin ❤ [Remember: This is ALL about MY inner demons, my anima and my animals and my perverted perspective (can you say that five times, really fast?) on life, and all sorts of stuff – that makes me The Quaking Ma(e)ss of Manhood I Have Pitifully Become! 🙂 -burp!]

* – except spiders and snakes and mice and worms and mean animals and fleas and flies and ants in your pants and – some others

** – until menopause strikes – or that monthly things that we can’t talk about – or

*** – when women simply AREN’T!!


“ONE SIDE – ONE RIDE – YOU CAN – NOT HIDE!” a poem Tuesday: 10/16/18

Don’t pick HER! (She has “baggage!”)

And – with-Older-Women – there’s always ‘sag-age!!

THIS-SIDE-of-The-Track is BETTER!

The-”Messicans” – are always “wetter,”

For, when the heavy rains do come,

The Flood is OVER THERE, but-”Whities!”- ain’t-that-kinda-dum?

For you’ll have to clean up anyway,


My “ride” is BETTER; it bounces “nice;”

[OUR cars are newer; we-can-pay-the price,

For an “up-to-date model!] BUT (pause) Wait a few years,

These MODERN CARS* (pause) will bring MANY TEARS,

BECAUSE! They age! {just like everything},

And NOW! over-to-THAT-side** those cars we’ll bring!


And “peace of mind!” Who’s got more?

There’s different luggage, BUT – there’s-always-some,

So, my people – pour-me a-cup-of-festive-rum!



And we THINK – that, from our neighbor, we can run and hide!

There’s NO “real” happy or sad, for the swift flying years,

Bring each one some joy – and each one some tears;

NOT the rich and the poor, for, to count a (wo)man’s wealth,

You must FIRST know the state of her (his) conscience and health!


And, we think, that-by-crossing (or-jumping) in-some-better-place-we’ll-abide!

So – try-to stop-assessing-baggage – or planning to get,

A way better deal (pause) WHY DON’T YOU LET,

Yourselves-relax-a-little and-count-everything as-OK,


fin. ❤


– or International Fence Lines – or attempts to “keep things out” or “segregate,” when a process of “cohesion,” which seems, for lack of a better word: “natural” is operational, always has been – perhaps always will be!! 🙂

** – of any (arbitrary) track (railroad or otherwise)

Watch “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls”) (Official Video)” on YouTube~ SMILE BE HAPPEN ~😁😊😁😊

Be Humorous and Fun

Everyone wants to be near a person which makes them laugh. Nothing can replace a good laughter! Laughing is a healing process, and it is such a positive emotion.
It brings you joy and happiness, and it connects you with others on a deeper level, so practice this skill.

Try to notice only good things in others and approach life from a more optimistic point! Do not judge and criticize, do not always look into stuff in a serious way, instead, try to smile as as you can.

Watch “Alan Jackson – Remember When” on YouTube ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND ❤❤❤~ we are bilateral not unilaterally challenged ~

I remember what life was before my Husband found me

Just a shadow of a WOMEN that felt nothing, nothing at all, just material things I didn’t treasure

Thank you for the inclusion in your life and the suffering you endured

We were empty vessels in the ocean of lost dreams going forwards and backwards without a rudder

No rudder in life is the recipe for the candles flame to diminish your soul.

Feeling as though you are slowly drowning

Then it came to pass

In a flicker of an eye I stopped and watched him

Then he just disappeared

Gone like a blink of an eye and a whisper of a candle smoldering in the dark, heart beating trying to calm me inside, PUFF!!

My thoughts were of him every moment in my heart and dreams haunting my soul


My husband found me flying around the APPLE BLOSSOM Orchard

A little Fairy behold

SILVER wings with diamonds twinkling and he caught me, cut off my wings and took me HOME

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly how to handle me

~ we are bilateral not unilaterally challenged ~

Watch “Don Williams Greatest Hits | Best Of Don Williams Songs [Full Album] 2018” on YouTube ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND ~ THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BEST FRIEND ❤❤❤

You are my best friend living the dream

Before love my Husband was my best friend

My HUSBAND has a knack of keeping secret’s

I love to listen to POETRY with him and I close my eyes with a smile in my heart forevermore

Voice like deep CHOCOLATE velvet drifting off like the wind in the willows

Oh my, my Husband rocks my soul like no other

I know in my heart that my Husband will always hold his secret’s close to his heart

That’s OK too, CAUSE I love my Husband just the way he is when he’s watching me from the corner of his eye

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love my BEST FRIEND ❤❤

Watch “Roy Orbison ~ Beautiful Dreamer.” on YouTube DAZZLED ~LETTER TO MY HUSBAND ❤❤

I will hold you in my arms forevermore

I will kiss you like forgiveness

You will hold me like hope

We have with both lived with a sharp knife at our lips

This is how we heal my Darling

Like a pressed flower Bud

snuggled together into eternity

We didn’t ask to fall in love, it happened

I think that’s part of a miracle blessing our union

From above

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s holding me like a pressed FLOWER together in a Rose bud ❤
[ Dedication to my Husband ]