“THE DOWNSIDE TO DANCING!” a poem a.k.a.: “Salome, Re-visited!” Sunday - July 15, 2018 Salome! Salome! Dances today! Spinning her “eros,” that sexy, young fey; DANCE for The World; DANCE for Your Life; DANCE for Your Mother, Your step-daddy’s wife! And when you do dance, (pause) you’ll never know what, You might be getting, so … Continue reading JFASTEREFT MODERN IMPRESSIONIST PAINTINGS💥💥💥💥💥💥💥


Diaries of a Madman 🕴🕴🕴

(48) . . . from home and so sure, sure his father has forgotten him or wants nothing more to do with him. Herein lies the ultimate terror - the fear of being barred from (what you THINK is) the only "location" where you would ever, actually, experience lasting peace of mind, peace of body, … Continue reading Diaries of a Madman 🕴🕴🕴

BEautiful photos!💥💥💥

BEautiful photos!THE EXTRAORDINARY IN THE ORDINARY(everyday aesthetics)Exclamation and Question MarksAs I write this morning, I delight in slowing sipping and savoring my cup of coffee aesthetically. ("Aesthetic" -- "Adjective; concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Giving or designed to give pleasure through beauty; or pleasing appearance.") I'm feeling the pleasing strong solid weigh … Continue reading BEautiful photos!💥💥💥

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message. When you walk in harmony in life towards me, and you feel beautiful within, it's a sign that your inner male and your inner female are at one in the company of my spirit. Then you seek the opposite gender on the outside of yourself when your inner is in harmony, the outer … Continue reading Jesus Message.

“Facebook Wants to Cut Down on Misinformation. So Why Isn’t it Doing Anything About Infowars?”

“Facebook Wants to Cut Down on Misinformation. So Why Isn’t it Doing Anything About Infowars?” https://medium.com/thewashingtonpost/facebook-wants-to-cut-down-on-misinformation-so-why-isnt-it-doing-anything-about-infowars-86da6356c07c

You’re my first choice!”💜💜💜

Just a few "chores, my Love! I await! Your voice; your sigh; your breathing; no lie! Date Night approaches, and angels weep, with anticipation! I'll try to keep - my heart from bursting - with the glorious joy! of-anticipating - my-sexy-" toy," A-delicate-toy, with a sexy voice: "I want you, Honey! You're my first choice!" … Continue reading You’re my first choice!”💜💜💜