Ace says ….Thou Shalt NOT Commit Adultery


Welcome back readers and l have been asked to write about self-judgement well l have judged myself more harshly than any man l have ever met. I have scourged myself as others scourged me until l was not a man anymore …..until one day l was saved when God My Father entered my life and then there’s more …..@acenewsservices

As he died to save us all from sin

The self-judgement of ones actions are defined by oneself awareness of others, though others still judge actions of those they cannot aspire to be and due to their ability thet then commit a sin of WANT …But sometimes that WANT is really a NEED to satisfy the soul but there’s more …….

I started with a thought …its a simple thing that begins in the mind and progresses to being in the ‘ eye of the beholder ‘ but rules of what’s right and wrong are ever present in the world, of those that believe perfection exits in them and their soul …..but not me l am not perfect l like so many make mistakes that coloured my soul …..but there’s more ……

So what makes us believe we have committed adultery …..l say this it starts when we are very young by someone trying to take control of our feelings and bending them to their will … don’t WANT to do anything about it ….but temptation can be too great and some bend to its will …but there’s more …..

What happens to those that fight the very thoughts inside themselves as l did and the consequences were and are profound and punishing as you damage yourself internally, so you are damaged externally and what self-worth you had is diminished daily by the admonishment you heap up on your very self …..but there’s more …….

Your reality fades away, with blame being your fault for anything you do and others can see that weakness and they ‘ crucify you ‘ for trying to be better than them ..but in truth, you are just trying to not be made in the image of other people …but there’s more …..

As you fight, you search for others who are like you, but nowhere can they be found and the ‘ nails are driven ‘ into your very flesh as you offer to do anything for anyone to make it right, allowing them to take advantage, by their lies and theft of your being ….but there’s more …….

It changed not by anyone l met in my life but all of a sudden when l least expected it ….at a time when l needed help as my whole life spiralled out of control and everything l thought mattered was taken from me until l had nothing left and not one person was willing to help …even those l gave everything to who l thought l could call friend ….l was in the gutter of life ..but there’s more ……

Then this happens by following the path of righteousness

It was then God could help me ….l was in NEED no longer did l WANT l just needed and it came like a light ….oh no l did not suddenly get everything back the way l WANTED but God knew what l NEEDED and so began the repair of my Mind, Body, Heart & Soul and eventually the faith in God and then after many years (30 plus) to be exact belief in something much greater than anything l ever had experienced …..but there’s more …..

It was my suffering that brought God into my heart and it was such suffering that brought God into the mind and it was such pain and heartache that made me complete ….l judged myself but God never judged me or admonished me or even scourged me of that sin ….why you may ask ….because l never broke the commandment …l was just afraid l would and fought it with every thought …….but there’s more …..

So my friends, readers, followers and those across the world this day …..if you fight temptation and don’t bow to it then you can be saved ….this is my story and every word is the truth ……so until next time there’s more ……be safe and remember you are a child of God and as your father he will never let us down Amen


Ace Says …….Thou Shalt NOT Bear Flase Witness ….


Well readers l am back with my next part of there’s more ……

Everyone daily can say something nice OR something nasty be kind and be nice daily

People judge others daily …and they don’t even know they are doing it ….we even judge by a look, a sigh or just that um or ahh ….judging is not as simple as speaking words by whispering them to others and not realising someone else is listening ….or eavesdropping but there’s more ………..

We do like someone or they are better than us but still we cant just say it to their face instead we speak behind their back …….and in so doing we damage their lives with sometimes malicious rumour or double talk but there’s more …….

Now we come to the worst judgement of ALL that’s denying we said it ……..even Peter the Fisherman denied he knew Jesus three times ….but to say what we feel can be hurtful for them or us …so we either say nothing or judge others as we have been judged by others but there’s more ……

No one is PERFECT …now many and l have met some that believe they are and those that are tell you all about their success and but seldom their failures ….everyone has them …but there’s more …..

Bearing false witness means we see through our own eyes what we have been taught or believe and we may be wrong ….not that we are always wrong but when wrong and right battle for supremacy in our belief we lose the truth in translation ….but there’s more ….

So when someone makes a mistake and they tell you they are sorry then they have become humble in the sight of their God …by any other name and in so doing admit they need help ….by judging them you close the door to helping them just as God opens the door to truth …you close your heart to their need and ignore their pain ……..but there’s more …….

So …Judge NOT those that you meet on your way as by Judging others so you will be Judged WANTING by the God by any other name …..but there’s more ……

But not until the next time ….God Bless You ALL reading this simple lesson l learned in life over many years of being taught ‘ right from wrong ‘ ….be humble always and remember ….SORRY is the simplest but easiest thing to say but many people find it hard and to admit they want help ….until next time …Prayers and Amen ’s


Ace says ………..Thou Shalt NOT Steal …


Well its seems a perfect time to write this about the 4th Commandment provided by God ….but there’s more ….as this is only the beginning NOT the end …

So for the last few days we are being told by the media that its an honest election ….but many say it’s theft and in so doing the real truth is being hidden ….but there’s more …..

God watches and knows the truth of what mankind will do ….before he/she ever really does anything …many will say even when they know the truth …its honest and anyway he’s the better person and he cares and so forth and so on …..but there’s more ……

Theft in todays world is many things ….construction of the economy means governments can steal your hard earned wages by creating a structure to obtain taxes and create ways to persuade goods and services providers to raise prices and thus increase taxes …..but there’s more …..

Not only does that steal money ….oh no it steals your life and in so doing you’re will to do what God will need …. from you ….oh l hear many saying l don’t believe in God ….but there’s more …..

He believes in forgiveness of all that we do …..but imagine one day his word that was given …or should l say stolen by liars, thieves and murders ………that started on that fateful day just as Jesus was being crucified ….he decides to take it back …….because there’s more……..

Then as God is the Word and he gave us the power of speech but many so called intelligency tell us we are in charge of our own world and lives …..but remember this did we create the Heavens & Earth ….did we put birds in the air or fish in the sea …..did we know HOW it was all created and could we put it right if we do not have the design …….and many furthermore never ask the creator ………but there’s more ……

With God by any other name …..we do Good and of course some do Evil its a balance and the Good must come from somewhere and we know where the Evil comes from …that’s man made as is War, that creates Disease that creates Pestilence that creates Death ……………but there’s more ….

When we break a commandment we break them all as they interconnected in this world …..and its not God who suffers …but other people at the hands of those so-called ‘ power brokers ‘ who control the world in their own image ……but there’s more …..

So one day in the future …God will reveal the truth to someone about today and wether it was honest or not ………but while liars, thieves and murderers exist in the world ………..God will have to intervene into human history but until then …….there’s more …….

But not today friends, readers, followers and until next provide kindness to everyone in your heart daily and God Bless …..ALL Amen


Ace says ……Honour Thy Mother & Thy Father


Now here’s one with a real beginning and for so many a real end …..we are born and we die that’s how the saying goes but its the bit in between that measures who or what we are so there’s more …..

A Promise Made A Promise Kept That’s Honour

It’s not what we say but what we do that God will measure us by …so many people we call friends make promises and when you need them most are not there but when they speak and say anytime, they do not consider that means when you need them most ….well that is the same for our mother and our father ….one day they will want our help and guidance just as they gave their help and guidance ….So what we do determines who we are ……and God watches but there’s more …….

Our first thoughts at this time are either of ourselves or them be it one or both ….in the case of self its will it prevent me getting a bigger house, or another new car and of course do l want that hassle …….or selfless its how can l provide the beast possible for them in their declining years …..I chose that one …..but first l prayed for help and guidance …well he is my spiritual father and then there’s more ………

Now its a decision care or nursing home l know of both having worked in both, and also was not always impressed with design of either they lacked spiritual care and people were seen as an earner ….oh yes they gave a type of care but this depended on the carer ….or in some cases if you were lucky enough to have a nursing manager ….so some decide as l did the sacrifice was worth it care in her home was best but there’s more …….

Soon after you opt to look after that person it all changes your life changes as their life changes and you become not a son or daughter but a carer ….you are in charge of another persons life …..Now that’s hard and some days my mother who l honoured was very very difficult and could not and had never as l found out told the truth ….but there’s more ……..

You try with the help of ‘ care service providers ‘ to give what’s needed and what’s needed is love, but love may mean a hoist or toiletting and my mother in my case said l don’t need these things, but you as l had to gird your loins and take the best decision in your and provide what’s needed ……except you will be blamed and called names …told you don’t care and all the time trying to do a job …be aware at anytime day or night a phone call and its a fall … my mums case 41-falls and then there’s more …….

In some cases dementia sets in and that person neither knows who you are or what you are doing in her home and cant tell you are there child and l was her and l was 14yrs of age to her and a stranger …the health deteriorates and sometimes your own relationships and yet you care and continue caring that’s honouring your mother and your father …..why do l say that well there’s more ……..

Its was my promised to my father as he died at just 55yrs of age and he asked me to take care of my mother after he had gone and so by that promised l ‘ Honoured My Mother & My Father ‘ God Bless them both ….but there’s more ……

But not until another day ………God Bless you friends, followers and readers and keep well and ’s to all those that are caring for others at this present time ….Amen


Ace says …..Love Your Neigbour


Now some people say …How do l love my neighbour in a world of so much distrust and lack of harmony ….well its easy ..just a kind thought daily from your heart not you head is a beginning not an end as there’s more ……

We cannot choose who is right or wrong so neither should we choose wether our neighbour is also by choosing we do not apply the word as it was written spoken so long ago

Seeing someone elderly struggling to carry their shopping or trying to cross the road lend a helping hand ….Or in their comments on blogs they say my computer has crashed and that’s why l have not been around for the last few days ….Offer to help or point them in the right direction to someone a friend who has helped you ….and you can trust to help them …..But there’s more ….

Watching a world that’s caving into false news, racism, or innuendo …do not print a blog with views that will harm another person by knowing in your heart it would hurt you … about what you blog or provide as every ….I repeat …every action has a consequence …..But there’s more ……

Now this may only be a beginning but its not the end …..because one small thought or gesture can lead to many ways to help ‘ Love Your Neighbour ‘ and you may or may not be thanked for doing what you do …..but know that you do the will of God and keep his 2nd Commandment in you heart ….But there’s more …………

Allow not bad thoughts to pervade your mind daily …but for goodness & mercy to follow you all the days of you life and l promise you will live in the ‘ House of the Lord forevermore …..But there’s more ….

And that’s for you to decide and in deciding its the action of ones thought that is the beginning but not the end that begins and ends in the not of you but of your fellow neighbour and that’s How YOU not me Love Thy Neighbour but there’s more ……

For the next time ….God Bless Friends, Readers, Followers & All those in need who are ‘ Poor in Heart ‘ Amen


Ace Says ………Love Thy God With All Your Heart & ALL Your Voice


There’s always more just like the beginning of How, What, When, Who or all things will bring the Why of everything at the end …So to get to the truth we first have to understand we ‘ Do Not ‘ and l include myself in this statement ‘ Know IT All ‘ and the IT is more important than the All here’s some more ……

He died to save us ALL we are told but we forget that God his Father gave us 10 commandments and Jesus said if you break one you break them all and so in the end as its was just the beginning ….Thou Shalt Not Kill was broken and so was the Word of God & the Truth left the Earth

As the ‘ Word of God ‘ was corrupted it can be as simply as MORE is a combination of letters that changed around becomes ROME and some would say you can do that with everything …but the beginning is not that one believes what’s written in the bible ……..Its only by reading something that you will understand the meaning ….but its for God to provide the true meaning, so some must first be learned, as in LIFE there’s more as l have learned ….so here’s more ………

The beginnning gave us a world and that world was full of all that we need (EDEN) but many wanted more and (ROME) provided that like today when asked after the crucifixion who decided to choose the thief, liar and murderer ….Mr & Mrs Nobody was responsible ….even Peter denied Christ three times before the cock-crowed …..but there’s more ……

Like the Garden of Everything God gave and knew we would Need in (EDEN) the end was just beginning of ‘ Mans Rule on the Earth ‘ and once again it was someone else this time the (SNAKE) that eventually lead to destruction of creation but there’s more …….

Ask yourself a question ….Do l know HOW, the earth created ? Just like a jigsaw of many thousands of pieces without the picture or design we cannot put it back together in the end ……but there’s more ……..

Those that try to know the How, What, When and even Who cannot and do not even ask the Question of Why did the creator, God, Elohim, or any God by any other name give us ALL …..its simple like any father of his children he ‘ Loves US All ‘ so when we think we know it ALL …he knows it ALL as he built it for US not himself but as in the beginning as in the end …there’s more ……

But dear readers that’s for a next time ……God Bless YOU all because it’s YOU not ME that is Blessed Three Times as in forgiveness is within the not the head with Love OF God Amen


Ace & Kindness Become One ….


Today is my first post on this blog site and l was and became an author ….rarely l write about my life first my name ACE is a combination of the beginning & end …As A is for Adam (Alpha) or consciousness with C is Christian or Christ Ian and E is for Elohim the name given to God My Father, but there’s more ……

Beginning & End of Two Sides of The Face Believed to be Good or Evil

As l said its the beginning & end and in so saying the disciple of Jesus Judas threw the 30-pieces of silver over a piece of land called AceLDama and so began the reign of mans choice between a thief, liar and a murderer and Jesus (beginning with the letter I and called Ieushu that some would argue dependent on language as Jesu or eventually Jesus and there’s more …..

As the end is the beginning so the beginning is the end and all things that became born from after mans fall from grace by their choice of Barabas and not Jesus have corrupted the ‘ Word of God ‘ and in the end as in the beginning of all things, eventually that corruption will end but there’s more …….

But this is for my next post ……..So with thanks l dedicate this first post to Kindness and with Love l say to all their readers …there’s more ….Amen (Hebrew) for dedicated by the truth that will set you free