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March: 02: 2021:

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(AUSTRALIA) FEATURED: Dik, Brian and Vera’s families paid top dollar for them to live at a “lovely” nursing home, but damning reports from the aged care regulator and allegations by a group of trainee nurses tell another story #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.01: It was two days before Christmas last year when Lea Hammond received a call from her father’s nursing home in Perth saying an ambulance was taking him to hospital. There was a heatwave that day, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius:

Love Thy Mother & Thy Father unless is like: The story behind Regis Nedlands’ shocking failures to meet basic aged care standards says Kindness & Love xx ❤️


ABC News Special: updated 3d ago

“[The staff member said] dad had been taken to hospital due to sunburn. They told me they couldn’t find him, they didn’t know where he was,” Lea said.

The family thought they were doing the best for their father when they moved him to Regis Nedlands, a luxury nursing home where residents can pay up to $1.4 million in accommodation deposits.

Regis promised “hotel-style offerings” with premium services, including a private cinema, alcohol with meals, a hairdressing salon and a day spa, as well as “the best possible care.”

When Lea arrived at the hospital with her mother, they were horrified to find Brian Hunter dehydrated, delirious and suffering serious blisters and burns.

“He was slumped over in the bed, and his back was exposed. I could see his back was really terribly burnt, his whole back was burned. And he was not speaking to us. He was semi in and out of consciousness,” Lea said, speaking about it for the first time to 7.30.

They later discovered that the 86-year-old — a double amputee who had lost both of his legs due to diabetes — had been left on the nursing home’s rooftop terrace for two hours.

Man with a severely burnt back.
Brian Hunter’s back was severely burnt after he spent two hours in the sun on the rooftop of his Perth nursing home.(Supplied)

When police later became involved they told Lea they had seen the CCTV footage.

They said it showed Lea’s father sitting in a wheelchair by the doors when, at 1:10pm, a Regis staff member entered the access code on the keypad to open the doors and let him propel himself on to the roof terrace.

A later incident report by Regis said the CCTV footage later showed Brian “self-propelling his wheelchair into and out of the shade/sun” for an hour and that he later “removed his hat and shirt”.

Staff are supposed to do hourly checks on residents but none of the carers noticed Brian was missing.

He was rescued at 3:05pm when another resident’s visitor saw him on the roof, unconscious according to police, and brought him inside.

He was given oxygen before going in an ambulance to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

“It’s disgusting that anyone would open a door on a 40-degree day and let a man outside with no water,” Lea said.

“No-one knows where he is for two hours. I mean, if that carer put him outside, shouldn’t she have reported that he’d gone outside? Why didn’t they know where he was for two hours?”

A older man holds up a card saying "Fact"
Brian Hunter(Supplied)
An older couple sit smiling at a table, holding hands.
Brian Hunter and his wife Marie.(Supplied)

Regis is one of Australia’s biggest publicly listed aged care providers, with 65 nursing homes last year receiving a total of $471 million in government subsidies. 

Its two co-founders are worth more than $1 billion and its CEO is on the federal government’s Aged Care Advisory Group.

Are you worried about aged care in Australia?

Let us know if you have a story or issue you’d like us to look into. Email to tell us your story.

Regis’s report about the incident states that it was Brian who entered the access code to open the door, not the carer.

According to the report, “Brian took himself to the fourth floor and fell asleep in the sun”. 

Lea disputes that version of events, based on conversations she’s had with police. She accuses Regis of shifting blame to her father.

“I felt quite angry about it that they would say something like that,” she said.

“I’ve visited so many times at Regis, and he really found it quite difficult to remember the key code number.

“Every time I went there, I would have to put the code in for him.”

The ABC asked Regis to clarify who entered the access code to enter the terrace and the location of emergency call bells in the outdoor area, but the company did not respond directly to those questions.

Lea said her father’s cognition was failing due to a fall he had at Regis in November last year which left him with a black eye and a bleed on the brain. 

According to Lea, Regis had not initially sent Brian to hospital after that fall, but she insisted he go. A brain scan was scheduled for January to check on the injuries from the fall, but he was already in hospital due to the burn.

An older man wiht severely swollen eyes.
Brian Hunter had swollen, black eyes after a November 2020 incident at Regis Nedlands.(Supplied)

After the burns, Brian lay in his bed at the hospital for four weeks, too weak to stay awake long enough to eat. Lea said no-one from Regis Nedlands called her while her father was in hospital.

“At the end of his life, Dad barely spoke. He wasn’t speaking at all. They had to feed-tube him because he couldn’t swallow. And he barely recognised us,” she said.

“He was just a great father, wonderful grandfather, fantastic husband. This is just so distressing to see him being treated in that manner.

“I think he was just totally neglected, it’s awful.”

She wrote to Regis CEO Linda Mellors, who wrote back, apologising “for your experience, and that we did not meet expected care standards”, and saying there would be an internal investigation to “understand how these incidents occurred and what can be put in place to prevent them from happening again”.

The CEO’s letter arrived on January 20 — the same day Brian died.

Two women sit in front of memorial flowers.
Brian Hunter’s family are mourning his loss.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)
Lea hugs her mother.
Lea Hammond (right) and her mother embrace.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)
Two women having coffee.
Lea Hammond wants an investigation into her father’s death.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

The coroner and police from Western Australia’s Major Crime Squad began investigations into his death, but a week later told Brian’s family they had found “no evidence of criminality”.

“I was really shocked,” Lea said.

“To me this is criminal abuse.

“If this had happened in a childcare facility, or even [if] I’d been looking after my father at home and taken him to the hospital, I’m sure that I would have been charged with abuse — but there’s no charges laid against anyone. No-one’s accountable for what’s happened to him.”

The day after Brian was admitted, the hospital reported Regis to the federal government’s regulator, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

However, the office was on a Christmas break and no-one visited Regis Nedlands until January 11, which was three weeks later.

“I was quite shocked to think that, that no-one would actually be going in there to investigate what had happened straight away,” Lea said.

The Commission said there were some staff rostered on duty over the holiday period “to respond to urgent matters”, but the office reopened fully on January 4.

Regis Nedlands had already been sanctioned in November 2019 for putting the health and safety of residents at “serious risk”.

But three months later, in February last year, the Commission gave Regis Nedlands a 100 per cent score for passing all safety and quality standards.

When Regis sent its report about Brian Hunter to the Commission, the company said it would “like to apologise for any distress that this concern may have caused Mr Hunter or his family”.

It said the carer on duty had failed to record Mr Hunter’s absence and “this has been identified as an area of improvement”.

For Lea and her father, Brian, it was too late.

“I was told that [Regis was] going to be taking new measures to ensure that this was never going to happen again — policies were put in, people were being trained, water was being left out for people and signage was put up about the sun. And I thought, ‘Well, you know what, that doesn’t really help me,'” Lea said.

In the days before Brian’s death, six nursing students from Edith Cowan University were sent to Regis Nedlands for their first clinical placement.

Between January 11 and 13, the students say they witnessed abuse, widespread neglect, rough handling and sexually inappropriate behaviour at the luxury nursing home.

Disturbed by what they saw, they went to their clinical adviser, who helped them compile a report detailing what they’d seen, which was sent to Regis, which immediately referred it to WA Police.

According to the report, when one of the trainee nurses told a Regis staff member that their care practices were wrong, the carer allegedly told her: 

“You are taught one way and then you come into the real world, and this is real-world practice.”

Dik Lee’s family paid an accommodation deposit of $500,000 when he moved into Regis Nedlands in March last year.

Two well dressed Asian people stand in front of Australian flags.
Dik Lee and his wife at their Australian citizenship ceremony.(Supplied)

“The first impression was, ‘Oh, wow, it’s like a five-star hotel,'” Dik’s daughter Lisa Chan said.

“Every Friday, they would have Happy Hour between 2 and 3 pm, and that’s the time Mum and Dad and myself really enjoyed.

“The residents all sat around the table and we had wine, soft drinks and nibbles, and then sometimes the residents would be invited to dance on the floor.”

But Lisa started to sense the nursing home was understaffed.

A woman frowns in a portrait in her home.
Lisa Chan wanted the best care for her father, Dik Lee.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

“I would ask the carers to change my dad’s incontinence pads, and he would be soaking wet and the pad would be soaking wet and the wheelchair seat all wet, but still they didn’t come because they were short of staff,” she said.

The day after the student nurses sent their report, Regis rang Lisa to say her 94-year-old father was among those allegedly abused.

“I couldn’t believe that it happened, but the manager did not tell me in detail,” she said.

The ABC has seen the student report revealing how Dik, who has dementia and diabetes and is confined to a wheelchair, was allegedly treated by two carers.

On the evening of January 12, one of the students wrote that she went to assist another carer “and found Mr Lee (who is always in a wheelchair) on the floor near the entrance of his room completely unclothed and sitting in his faeces with [a carer] standing over him. I asked [the carer], did he fall? and [the carer] replied with ‘no'”.

The trainee nurse left the room to get some towels and according to the report, when she returned she saw “Mr Lee being dragged around the corner and into the bathroom” by the same carer, who she said “looked a little shocked to see me”.

When another Regis staff member came to help, the two carers “placed their foot (sic) down on to Mr Lee’s bare toes and grabbed him by the arms and yanked him up, using them standing on his toes as a lever to help get him up”.

“I was extremely appalled at this because Mr Lee seemed to be in pain.”

Lisa said her “heart broke” when she heard how her father was treated.

“It was inhumane. They were treating my dad like an animal to be slaughtered,” she said.

“I’m very thankful to the students for reporting what they saw and I’m so happy that they reported to the police otherwise, all this would be undercover — no-one knew what was going on.”

An old couple smiling.
Dik Lee and his wife were happily married for decades.(Supplied)
A young Chinese man outside the Sydney Opera House.
Dik Lee at Sydney Harbour.(Supplied)

In a statement to the ABC, Regis said it had commissioned an independent investigator regarding the claims but that “there is no evidence beyond the allegation document that a resident was dragged or had their toes stood on”.

A few days after the alleged abuse, Dik became ill with a fever and was confined to bed.

Despite his daughter insisting something was seriously wrong, Lisa said the GPs assigned to look after Regis residents assured the family he just needed rest and antibiotics.

“I have never seen him looking so bad, and so painful on his face, but he couldn’t express himself. He couldn’t tell me what actually happened,” Lisa said.

Eventually he was rushed to hospital, where the doctor said her father was in a coma, had liver failure and had just 24 hours to live.

Dik died the next day.

Two women around a shrine.
Dik Lee’s wife and daughter paying respects to him.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)
Two women light candles in front of a shrine.
Lisa (left) and her mother light candles after his death in January.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)
A woman looks at the black and white photo of a young man, with candles around.
Lisa Chan looks at a picture of her father, Dik Lee.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

“He died 12 hours after, and that was very, very devastating … that we didn’t even prepare for it. A few days before his death, he looked so good.”

He died the day after Brian Hunter.

There is an ongoing coronial inquiry into Dik Lee’s death, but as with Brian’s death the WA Police have said there is “no evidence of criminality”.

“Just imagine if a child is being abused at school — that teacher would be held accountable for the abuse of the child … but my dad actually died due to the abuse, so why can’t it be a criminal investigation?” Lisa said.

Lisa said the police told her that the student nurse couldn’t remember what had happened with her father, which confused the family.

“I do believe in the student’s account of what actually happened because it was so detailed, describing what happened to my dad, but the police told me I shouldn’t believe in that statement,” she said.

WA Police said they could not respond to the ABC’s inquiries because of the ongoing coronial investigation.

In a statement, Regis said it had mandatorily reported the students’ allegations to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and WA Police and “stood down, pending an investigation, those staff named or implicated in the allegations document”.

“Regis acknowledges and sincerely regrets that some residents received care and services below our expected standards.”

Dean of Nursing at ECU, Professor Di Twigg, said she was proud of the students for taking action: “They’ve done the right thing and for someone on their first clinical experience, which often can be quite overwhelming … they’ve done very well.”

Ninety-year-old Vera Ward is another resident with dementia who was allegedly abused.

A platinum blonde young woman in a black and white glamour shot.
Vera Ward in 1948.(Supplied)

Her daughter, Kathrine Selmer Johansen, was not surprised because she had previously complained to management about staff mistreating her mother.

She said she witnessed carers being verbally abusive, treating her mother roughly when moving her, and turning off her call bell.

“I know that it is difficult looking after dementia patients but … I don’t believe the staff were trained at all to deal with that,” Kathrine said.

“I just don’t understand that kind of treatment.”

An older lady in sunglasses at the river, holding a dog.
Vera at the river.(Supplied)
An older lady smiling with beautiful flowers.
Vera Ward in happier times.(Supplied)
A daughter smiling with her mum in a hospital bed.
Vera Ward (left) and her daughter Kathrine Selmer Johansen.(Supplied)

Despite having some dementia, Vera told her daughter very clearly what was going on at Regis Nedlands.

“At one stage, Mum was calling seven times a day and leaving messages,” Kathrine said.

“She would be screaming, crying. She would be lying in bed in her faeces for hours. They would sometimes miss her meals, or a common thing was that the meals that they did give her she couldn’t eat. 

“I would complain. I’ve written so many emails. The response was always very kind and considerate, but there was no action.”

Blonde lady portrait.
Kathrine Selmer Johansen is disturbed by what her mother told her went on in Regis Nedlands.(ABC News: Glyn Jones)


Kathrine did not see her mother for months because of illness and the COVID lockdown, so when she visited last August she was shocked to see her mother’s weight loss. She said that was because Vera had no teeth for eight months, because Regis failed to get new dentures for her despite her many requests.

“I couldn’t believe that was my mother and how much she had changed in eight months and she was extremely weak … She was begging me to get her out of there. She’d say repeatedly, ‘you don’t know what it’s like in here, they treat me so badly’.”

But there was worse to come — her mother had a pressure wound so deep it cut through to her spine. She took pictures, which we’ve blurred because of their graphic nature.

“I had been told the day before that mum had a bedsore and I didn’t think too much about it … I just thought it was a bit of a surface sore,” she said.

“I asked someone to help me turn her over. They got the nurse and removed her dressing. Nothing could prepare me for what I saw. 

“There was a hole about two inches in circumference right through to the spine. It was full of pus and just stinking.”

Graphic image of a one-inch bed sore on a lady's spine.
Vera and her family gave the ABC permission to use this picture of the wound on her spine.(Supplied)
A black bandage on an old lady's back.
The bandage on Vera Ward’s bed sore had turned black when her daughter checked it.(Supplied)

The wound required hospitalisation, though doctors have told Kathrine it will never fully heal.

Kathrine said the manager at Regis told her it happened because her mother was “non-compliant” and wouldn’t get out of bed.

“I said … ‘surely there’s a way that you move her side to side, or they have special airbeds to distribute the pressure as well,'” Kathrine said.

“There was just no explanation really for it.”

Now back in hospital due to malnutrition, thyroid problems and a urinary tract infection, Vera has told her daughter more details about life inside the nursing home.

“You feel like you’re in a jail in there because there’s nothing for you to do, there’s not one minute of good stuff in there. It’s absolutely dreadful,” Vera said.

“Some of [the carers] were really bad and some of them were really nice and kind. They could see it, even people who worked there could see it.”

Regis did not respond to direct questions about Vera’s care, saying: “Regis cannot and will not provide information about individual residents, families or employees.”

Kathrine said: “Just total disbelief — that this could happen in a country like ours.

“I’m frightened for all the other elderly people out there. I think, ‘how many other people are being treated like this?'”

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has sanctioned Regis Nedlands for putting residents at “serious risk”.

In a damning report after its inspections in January, at the same time the students were there, it found 30 allegations of rough handling or unwanted sexual contact. They also observed:

  • a naked resident covered in faeces wandering around
  • people soaked in urine
  • elderly with chronic and necrotic wounds
  • staff cancelling call bells but not returning to assist
  • not enough staff

The Commission told the ABC that they did not request or view the CCTV video showing Brian Hunter going out onto the terrace at Regis Nedlands.

While the sanction is in place, Regis Nedlands is not eligible to receive Commonwealth subsidies for any new residents entering the facility — a period of six months.

The Commission said it would continue to “closely monitor” Regis Nedlands, and if there were ongoing concerns about care and services it “may consider further regulatory action, including whether to vary or revoke the service’s accreditation”.

In February last year, the Commission gave Regis Nedlands a 100 per cent score for passing all safety and quality standards — after an earlier sanction in November 2019 that also found residents there were at “serious risk”. 

The final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety goes to the Governor-General this Friday and will make recommendations on many of the issues identified at Regis Nedlands, such as staff numbers, training and better regulation of the sector.

However, the Government has already indicated it is opposed to a minimum staff training standard and wants to see better evidence that the regulator should be changed.

Meeting for the first time on Sunday, the daughters of Dik Lee, Vera Ward, and Brian Hunter want action now.

A woman holds up a phone to another lady at morning tea.
Kathrine Selmer Johansen (left) shows Lea Hammond a video of her mother explaining what happened at Regis Nedlands.(ABC News: Phil Hemingway)

“Our government has a responsibility to really act on this and act on it fast. There has been a royal commission. There are some fantastic recommendations there and it really needs to be acted upon very, very quickly,” Kathrine said.

“I really think that the government should look into aged care more carefully and closely because it’s happening everywhere,” Lisa said.

“Even if you pay a million dollars for the aged care facility, you still can’t get good care for the elderly.”


Reporter: Anne Connolly

Producers: Suzanne Dredge and Hannah Sinclair

Digital Producer: Clare Blumer

Video Producer: Jack Fisher

Drone videographer: Glyn Jones

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Mar.01: 2021:

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Ace says ……Its time for love with the lady of your ❤️ & soul-mate forevermore …..Amen

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Published: March.01: 2021:


(AUSTRALIA) JUST IN: Tropical Cyclone Niran Report: Expected to form on Tuesday morning off north Queensland and could reach category 3 strength, as the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) Townsville radar remains offline #AceWeatherDesk report

#AceWeatherReport – Mar.01: The system is expected to develop to tropical cyclone strength on Tuesday and will be called Niran: But the BOM’s Townsville radar is offline due to a technical fault and will remain out of action for days:

#AceWeatherDesk With Kindness & Wisdom says ….Tropical cyclone predicted to form on Tuesday as technical issues take Townsville radar offline’ with a strengthening low is sitting in the monsoon trough just over 200 kilometres east of Innisfail, and a Flood Watch has been issued for coastal catchments between Cooktown and Rollingstone….Be safe X ❤️


updated 2h ago

Play Video. Duration: 1 minute 15 seconds
North Queensland locals brace as storm system tracks closer(Supplied)

“There is a tropical cyclone watch between Cape Flattery and Lucinda, extending inland to Mareeba and Atherton,” meteorologist Shane Kennedy said.

A large fallen tree damages the roof of a home.
A large tree fell on to a Babinda house in north Queensland.(Supplied: Craig Barelds)

“While there remains a range of possible scenarios, a direct coastal crossing is unlikely, with the system most likely to meander off the coast for a few days and then track quickly south-east late in the week.”Loading

He said the cyclone may move close enough to the coast to bring gale force winds, heavy rainfall and abnormally high tides to coastal districts.

Since 9:00am, 237 millimetres of rain has fallen at Clump Point at Mission Beach, south of Innisfail.

Other totals include 180mm at Cowley Beach and 176mm at South Mission Beach.

About 200mm of rain fell in areas south of Cairns over the 24 hours to 9:00am, including 219mm at Alva Beach, 196mm at Ayr and 183mm at Lucinda and Groper Creek.

As of 3:00pm, more than 40,000 homes were without power.

The Bruce Highway has been cut near Deeral, north of Innisfail, due to fallen powerlines.

Fallen powerlines closed the Captain Cook Highway for a number of hours on Monday morning, causing major traffic delays in the city. The road has since reopened.

The Gillies Range, which connects Cairns to the Atherton Tablelands, has also been closed after several traffic incidents.How to plan for a stormABC Emergency has put together a checklist for you to ensure that you are prepared for storms and their aftermath.Read more

An emergency alert has been issued for Palm Island residents who are being told to brace for the tropical low, with power outages already occurring on the island due to fallen trees and powerlines.

The council advised that ferry services and flights to and from the island were suspended.

The island’s cemetery was closed after days of intense rainfall which caused saturation.

Residents are also being asked to fill containers with clean water in case of widespread power outages.

Six state schools south of Cairns have been closed due to flooding, including Babinda, Murray River and South Johnstone State Schools.

11,000 Catholic school students have also been told not to attend school tomorrow across the Cairns district, with 28 of its schools closing until at least Wednesday.

A trampoline is on its side against a fence.
Strong winds threw a trampoline across a lawn in Woree.(Supplied: Naomi Lyn)

Outage could impact SES operations

Meanwhile, the BOM is waiting on a part needed to repair the Hervey Range radar.

“There is a technical issue with the Townsville radar and it is currently offline,” a spokesperson said.

“Our technicians are working to rectify the issue as a priority. Warning services and forecasts are not impacted.”

He said BOM expected the issue to be rectified by Thursday.

Tree ripped in half in North Queensland wild weather.
A tree was ripped in half at Innisfail.(Supplied: Trish Andrews)

SES Area Controller for the Northern Region, John Forde, said the team did use the radar for operational planning, with crews already responding to callouts.

“Apart from being an inconvenience, it does actually cause us some operational issues as well,” he said.

“It also helps us with planning as to when we can put crews out into the field and when we can’t, and when we know we’re going to get an increase in calls, when we see those rain bands come across.

“If we have the radar up and running we know to expect some additional calls at certain times of the day.”

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said “it’s not good enough”, with a cyclone brewing in the region.

“To have service technicians only available in Cairns and Brisbane, is a bloody big stretch. It’s ridiculous. This state is nearly three times the size of Victoria,” she said.

Want more local news?We offer tailored front pages for local audiences in each state and territory. Find out how to opt in for more Queensland news.Read more

“When you’ve got inclement weather, how the hell are they going to get here?”

#AceWeatherDesk report ……..Published: Mar.01: 2021:

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(MOSCOW) Alexey Navalny Court Case: On February 2, during a hearing that will determine if he remains in prison for several years to come, the opposition figure addressed the court, delivering a short speech in which he maintained his innocence and condemned Russia’s political and legal system for corruption and repression #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.01: I would like to begin by discussing the legal issue here, which seems to me to be paramount and a bit overlooked in this discussion. There are two people sitting right there and one of them is saying: let’s lock up Navalny because he showed up [to meet with his parole officers] on Mondays, not Thursdays. And the other says: let’s lock up Navalny because he didn’t show up immediately after coming out of his coma. But I would like everyone to remember that the essence of this trial is to lock me up over a case in which I was already exonerated — a case that’s already been recognized as fabricated:

‘Vladimir the Poisoner’ A translation of Alexey Navalny’s speech in court on February 2

2:10 pm, February 2, 2021:

Meduza publishes an English-language translation of Navalny’s courtroom remarks below.

Audio recording of Navalny’s remarks in court (in Russian)

If we look at the criminal statutes — your Honor, I hope you’ve already done this once or twice — we’ll see that the European Court of Human Rights is part [of the Russian justice system] and its decisions are binding. The Russian Federation halfway acknowledged this ruling and even paid me compensation here. Despite this, my brother spent 3.5 years in prison because of this same case. I spent an entire year under house arrest for this same case.

Let’s do a little math. The verdict was in 2014, it’s 2021 now, and I’m still being prosecuted for this. Why this case exactly? There’s a reason and it’s not because there’s some shortage of criminal charges against me. Somebody wanted me arrested, the moment I crossed the border [after returning from Germany]. ‘It’s always a choice’ ‘Bellingcat’ lead investigator Christo Grozev explains how his team unmasked the Russian agents who tried to kill Alexey Navalny

The explanation is one man’s hatred and fear — one man hiding in a bunker. I mortally offended him by surviving. I survived thanks to good people, thanks to pilots and doctors. And then I committed an even more serious offense: I didn’t run and hide. Then something truly terrifying happened: I participated in the investigation of my own poisoning, and we proved, in fact, that Putin, using Russia’s Federal Security Service, was responsible for this attempted murder. And that’s driving this thieving little man in his bunker out of his mind. He’s simply going insane as a result.

There’s no popularity ratings. No massive support. There’s none of that. Because it turns out that dealing with a political opponent who has no access to television and no political party merely requires trying to kill him with a chemical weapon. So, of course, he’s losing his mind over this. Because everyone was convinced that he’s just a bureaucrat who was accidentally appointed to his position. He’s never participated in any debates or campaigned in an election. Murder is the only way he knows how to fight. He’ll go down in history as nothing but a poisoner. We all remember Alexander the Liberator [Alexander II] and Yaroslav the Wise [Yaroslav I]. Well, now we’ll have Vladimir the Underpants Poisoner. 

I’m standing here, guarded by the police, and the National Guard is out there with half of Moscow cordoned off. All this because that small man in a bunker is losing his mind. He’s losing his mind because we proved and demonstrated that he isn’t buried in geopolitics; he’s busy holding meetings where he decides how to steal politicians’ underpants and smear them with chemical weapons to try to kill them.

The main thing in this whole trial isn’t what happens to me. Locking me up isn’t difficult. What matters most is why this is happening. This is happening to intimidate large numbers of people. They’re imprisoning one person to frighten millions. 

We’ve got 20 million people living below the poverty line. We have tens of millions of people living without the slightest prospects for the future. Life is bearable in Moscow, but travel 100 kilometers in any direction and everything’s a mess. Our whole country is living in this mess, without the slightest prospects, earning 20,000 rubles [$265] a month. And they’re all silent; they try to shut people up with these show trials. Lock up this one to scare millions more. One person takes to the streets and they lock up another five people to scare 15 million more.

I hope very much that people won’t look at this trial as a signal that they should be more afraid. This isn’t a demonstration of strength — it’s a show of weakness. You can’t lock up millions and hundreds of thousands of people. I hope very much that people will realize this. And they will. Because you can’t lock up the whole country. 

The only thing growing in [Russia] is the number of billionaires. Everything else is declining. I’m locked up in a prison cell and all I hear about on TV is that butter is getting more expensive. The price of eggs is rising. You’ve deprived these people of a future.

Everything I’m saying now reflects my attitude toward the performance you’ve staged here. This is what happened when lawlessness and tyranny become the essence of a political system, and it’s horrifying. 

But it’s even worse when lawlessness and tyranny pose as state prosecutors and dress up in judges’ robes. It’s the duty of every person to defy you and to defy such laws. 

I am fighting as best I can and I will continue to do so, despite the fact that I’m now under the control of people who love to smear everything with chemical weapons. My life isn’t worth two cents, but I will do everything I can so that the law prevails. And I salute and thank the staff at the Anti-Corruption Foundation who have been arrested and all the honest people across the country who aren’t afraid and who take to the streets. Because they have the same rights as you. This country belongs to them just as it does to you and everyone else. We demand proper justice, decent treatment, participation in elections, and participation in the distribution of the national wealth. Yes, we demand all this.

I want to say that there are many good things in Russia now. The very best are the people who aren’t afraid — people who don’t look the other way, who will never hand our country over to a bunch of corrupt officials who want to trade it for palaces, vineyards, and aqua-discos.

I demand my immediate release and the release of all political prisoners. I do not recognize your performance here — it’s a deception and completely illegal.

Free Alexey Navalny! Meduza responds to the imprisonment of Russia’s most outspoken opposition politician

Translation by Kevin Rothrock


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(UKRAINE) JUST IN: Two new visa-free destinations to become available to Ukrainians as of March.01: #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.01: Also, as of March 1, a visa-free regime is to be introduced for the overseas territories of the Netherlands – Aruba and Curacao, as well as the three islands of the Caribbean Netherlands – Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba:

green tree
hoto by Pixabay on

‘Ace News Room With Kindness & Wisdom’ says that two new visa-free destinations are to become available to citizens of Ukraine as of March 1, 2021:

In addition, Georgia is re-opening its borders for Ukrainians’

Reuters: March: 01, 2021:


Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba announced this on Twitter on February 28.

According to him, visa-free travel with Grenada will be launched on March 1.

In addition, Georgia is re-opening its borders for Ukrainians.

All conditions of travel abroad can be found on the portal of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s consular service at

(c)UNIAN 2021

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UKRAINE) Poroshenko said the country gets basic intl document referred to as ‘Pompeo Declaration’ on U.S.’ non-recognizing Crimea as Russian: Therefore, the Secretary of State on behalf of the U.S. can make such statement #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.01: We received a basic international document called the “Pompeo Declaration,” which clearly stated that the United States will never recognize the Russian occupation of Crimea and this is a fundamental document of the United States:

‘Ace News Room With Kindness & Wisdom says the leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, has said that during 2014-2019 Ukraine received a basic international document called the “Pompeo Declaration,” testifying to the unwavering U.S. support for Crimea as an integral part of the Ukrainian state, the party’s press service has reported’

March.01, 2021:

He noted that from 2014 to 2019 Ukrainian authorities have constantly kept the issue of de-occupation of Crimea on the agenda of international politics. Poroshenko, in particular, told about how, after negotiations with former U.S. President Donald Trump, the well-known and very important for Ukraine “Pompeo Declaration” appeared.

“Trump had a very specific attitude towards Crimea. But during my first visit to the White House and a meeting in the Oval Office, 15 minutes out of a 40-minute conversation we talked about Crimea. He says that there are only Russians there. I said: you don’t know how many Crimean Tatars are there. There are 300,000 of them. And another million Ukrainians. That’s so,” Poroshenko stressed.


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(UKRAINE) IMF REPORT: The Ministry of Finance is not considering the scenario of non-implementation of the program #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Feb.28: During its work in December and January, the IMF mission discussed with Ukraine the improvement of the NBU’s banking supervision management, the fiscal risks for the budget deficit and the strengthening of the judicial system:

IMF Expecting Proposals From Ukraine To Continue Negotiations: The Ministry of Finance is not considering the scenario of non-implementation of the program’

This was announced by IMF representative Gerry Rice during a briefing on February 25 IMF News reports

“As soon as we receive more detailed information on these issues and proposals for individual policies, we will look forward to continuing to cooperate with Ukraine,” Rice said: However, he did not name any dates:

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the period from December 21 to 23 and from January 11 to February 12, IMF specialists discussed with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities the progress in the implementation of measures and reforms, which are part of the government’s action program supported by the stand-by agreement, after which the IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Goesta Ljungman said that more progress is needed in reforms in favor of completing the first revision of the program of cooperation with Ukraine.

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FEATURED: Hong Kong police have charged 47 pro-democracy activists under the national security law on Sunday over their organisation and participation in a primary election for the now-postponed Legislative Council election according to HKFP #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Feb.28: According to the police, 39 men and eight women aged between 23 and 64 were charged with “conspiracy to commit subversion.” They will appear at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court on Monday.Benny Tai, one of the organisers of the primaries, meeting the press before reporting to the police on Sunday.

Hong Kong police have charged 47 pro-democracy activists under the national security law on Sunday over their organisation and participation in a primary election for the now-postponed Legislative Council election.

by CANDICE CHAU 19:27, 28 FEBRUARY 2021:


Photo: Kenny Huang/Studio Incendo.

Primaries organiser Benny Tai, former lawmakers Claudia Mo, Jeremy Tam, Helena Wong and “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, district councillors Jimmy Sham, Tiffany Yuen, Clarisse Yeung and Fergus Leung were among those 47 charged. 

Among the 55 people arrested back in January, only eight people have not been charged, including US citizen and lawyer John Clancey, former lawmakers Roy Kwong, James To and Joseph Lee, activists Jeffrey Andrews, Lee Chi-yung, Ricky Yuen and Lau Hoi-man.

According to Clancey, the eight will have to report to the police again on May 4. The 47 charged also include self-exiled former lawmaker Ted Hui and activist Sunny Cheung.

“Just like a lawyer friend of mine said: Hong Kong is more and more like a large detention centre,” said Clancey outside the police station. “There is less freedom, may it be education, or newspapers, or many other things, the freedom and rights are being tightened.”

The democrats were detained at police stations on Sunday after they were told to report to the police five weeks prior to their original report date of April 8. 

In January, 55 pro-democracy activists were arrested for allegedly attempting to paralyse the government by trying to win a majority with strategic voting at the Legislative Council with their “35+” plan.Photo: Rachel Wong/HKFP.

Under the plan, they would make use of their majority at the legislature to veto important government bills, and eventually oust the chief executive within the parameters of the Basic Law.

If the democrats are convicted, they could face up to life imprisonment under the national security law, which was imposed by Beijing on June 30 last year. It is also more difficult for those accused of violating the law to be granted bail.

‘Historical mission completed’

Ahead of the democrats’ report to the police on Sunday, Power for Democracy, one of the organisers of the primary elections, announced on Saturday that they will immediately cease operations and disband.

Convenor Andrew Chiu said in a Facebook post that Power for Democracy’s work in coordination “has completed its historical mission,” and they will continue to serve Hong Kong society in the future while abiding by the law.

“In the future, we will definitely continue to serve Hong Kong society through different means under the Basic Law, National Security Law, and the framework of One Country, Two Systems, and abide by the law, and maintain Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity,” said Chiu in the post.

Chiu was also charged with conspiring to commit subversion on Sunday.

Hong Kong charges 47 activists in largest use yet of new security law

1 hour ago

Veteran campaigner Benny Tai reports to police
Veteran campaigner Benny Tai reports to police. He said his chances of bail were “not too great”

Police in Hong Kong have charged 47 activists with “subversion”, in the largest use yet of the territory’s controversial security law.

The 47, among a group of 55 arrested in dawn raids last month, were told to report to police stations for detention ahead of court appearances on Monday.

Beijing enforced the law criminalising “subversive” acts last year, saying it was needed to bring stability.

Critics say it has silenced dissent and stripped Hong Kong of its autonomy.

The law came into force after a series of mass pro-democracy protests in 2019, some of which turned violent.

Who has been charged?

Those ordered to report to the police are pro-democracy activists who had helped run an unofficial “primary” election last June to pick opposition candidates for 2020 legislative elections, which were then postponed.

Chinese and Hong Kong officials say the primary was an attempt to overthrow the government.

Hong Kong police said in a statement: “Police this afternoon laid a charge against 47 persons… with one count of ‘conspiracy to commit subversion’.”

The 39 men and eight women, aged between 23 and 64, are scheduled to appear before West Kowloon Magistracy on Monday.

ReutersPro-democracy activist Sam Cheung hugs his wife before reporting to a police station

They are some of the territory’s best-known democracy campaigners.

They include veterans such as Benny Tai, James To and Leung Kwok-hung, and younger protesters like Gwyneth Ho, Sam Cheung and Lester Shum.

Jimmy Sham, 33, a key organiser of the 2019 protests, remained defiant as he went to the police station.

“Democracy is never a gift from heaven. It must be earned by many with strong will,” he said. “We will remain strong and fight for what we want.”

Before turning herself in, Gwyneth Ho posted: “I hope everyone can find their road to peace of mind and then press forward with indomitable will.”

Sam Cheung said: “I hope everyone won’t give up on Hong Kong… fight on.”

The charges carry a maximum term of life imprisonment. Bail is unlikely. Benny Tai said his chances were “not too great”.

About 100 people have so far been arrested under the security law, including prominent China critic and media tycoon Jimmy Lai, who was denied bail and is in detention awaiting trial..

No trials have yet begun in full. The first is expected to be that of Tong Ying-kit, who is accused of riding a motorcycle into police officers last July. He appeared in court in November to enter a not guilty plea. He is expected to be tried by three judges rather than a jury.

Amnesty International said the January raids that detained the 55 were “the starkest demonstration yet of how the national security law has been weaponised to punish anyone who dares to challenge the establishment”.

What is in the National Security Law?

A former British colony, Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997 but under the “one country, two systems” principle.

It was supposed to guarantee certain freedoms for the territory – including freedom of assembly and speech, an independent judiciary and some democratic rights – which mainland China does not have.Hong Kong security law: The BBC’s Stephen McDonell explains what it means, and what people there think

But the National Security Law has reduced Hong Kong’s autonomy and made it easier to punish demonstrators.

The legislation introduced new crimes, including penalties of up to life in prison. Anyone found to have conspired with foreigners to provoke “hatred” of the Chinese government or the Hong Kong authorities may have committed a crime. 

Trials can be held in secret and without a jury, and cases can be taken over by the mainland authorities. Mainland security personnel can legally operate in Hong Kong with impunity.

After the law was introduced, a number of pro-democracy groups disbanded out of fears for their safety.

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