American History KINDNESS

Author ~ Poet Diwakar Methil ~ India by Kindness


  1. If you find black so offensive, don’t drive around in black cars.
  2. Do not wear black suits, black shoes or belts.
  3. You must hate it if you have black hair. Color it a different shade.
  4. If you have black eyes, do something about it. You can wear contact lenses of some other color, or do something else so that others do not notice it.
  5. If you are a Christian or wear a cross on your body, change your religion – sorry all the world’s religions began in Asia and not in Europe or America – as Jesus Christ was an Asian, a person with brown skin.
  6. A policeman is the keeper of the law, to protect citizens, and not to kill them in an inhuman way, like the cop who wilfully murdered George Lloyd. I am glad his wife is suing him for divorce.
  7. Black people didn’t come to America of their own free will, but was captured as slaves and sold in markets like cattle. So the fault lies with some of your forefathers and not with poor George.
  8. Don’t sit in the dark or go out in the dark, because dark is black.
  9. I love America, a great nation built upon great ideals, I have some very decent friends there, some great people lived and died there, and still live there, but blackguards like these make many hate and distrust this fine land.

I grieve the death of dear Lloyd, share the sorrow of his family and people, and pray that his soul remains in eternal peace.

On the other hand, many have tried to fish in trouble waters, engaging in looting and arson. This is deplorable.