The photo showing an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child holding a lamb was devastating to see, and the fact that it was not a true representation was appalling.

However, I disagree with some aspects.

This country has been quick to call out human rights abuses, and when Bruce Ruxton was alive, he continually claimed that Japan had not apologised for the war.

A statement is borne of ignorance and a one that could have been alleviated if the media at the time had made more available the fact that Kishi Nobusuke, a member of Tojo’s wartime cabinet no less, gave a personal apology to Bob Menzies, when he visited Australia, in 1957.

You cannot call out human rights abuses and not like having your own called out.

Just like apologists for this horrendous excuse for a government engage in pathetic attempts to justify the unconscionable treatment of asylum seekers, you cannot point the finger at China (I don’t agree with China’s treatment of the Uighur People and I don’t agree with other things), and when your country is accused of war crimes, not by China, mind you,

By a report commissioned by your government, bristle at it.

China should apologise for the fake photo, yes, but not for what was said.

And let’s not forget, some of Australia’s diplomatic issues with China have been of its makings, such as aligning itself with Donald Trump and his crap about calling for an inquiry into the origins of COVID19.

And, in that respect, Idiot Bishop’s comments on Sly Poos, that sounds more like Spy Spoof than even Cold War suspicion!

Rather than having people who know next to nothing about China, maybe they should have consulted some experts on the country and learnt how to do things tactfully.

If China slams the door in the wine industry, we can only thank one organisation, the Federal Government!

By ace101

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