Australian History

The Warringah Republic

The year is 1788. Elders of the Gadigal people, as part of the Elora nation, who have lived on this land for some 100,000 years or so, sit down with a strangely dressed, and rather repulsive smelling boat arrival, who introduces himself as Arthur Phillip. He says he has come from far across the seas and seeks to make a settlement in Elora land. Now….The Elora are hospitable people, and therefore welcome the boat person despite his obnoxious odour and an ill-fitting powdered wig. They are emphatic, however, that this will be only a temporary visa, and that there is absolutely no possible way in this Dreamtime or next, that Elora will ever grant permanent residency to the wigged one and his emaciated and fragile boat people. Yes…They are welcome…so long as they completely understand that they are here on temporary visas..will live in limbo, be scorned as second rate peoples, will never become citizens, and further that there is absolutely no possible way they will ever be granted permanent residency in the exclusive Elora Nation !!! “Poor beggar me” sighs poor old Arthur !!!!

The arrival decimated Elora and the Gadical tribes,was the smallpox intentently released,or was it carried ,The French were blamed!!!!

Intentionally carried on Vialls and spread on Blankets.


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