First Nations Peoples it’s war. Declared in 1788, hostilities continue more than 229 years later.

First Nations People with respect to the Past and present Elders

Tean days to go before I’m back in the war zone. Yes, for First Nations Peoples it’s war. Declared in 1788, hostilities continue more than 229 years later. The modern-day leaders of the fight against Our Peoples are Turnbull, Shorten and all of their white supremacist cohorts. The daily atrocities committed against Indigenous People are intentional. The murders, the stealing of children, the alarming imprisonment rates, to name a few, are so carefully planned by the LNP & ALP on behalf of their colonial slave masters significant industries, in particular mining companies. Let’s not be fooled; this is war. I for one will not begin to consider a treaty or anything resembling the prominent CONstitutional Recognition with such cowardly murderous, bloody thirsty creatures. The only gains we have ever achieved has come via our ability to continue to fight this illegal government. They have given us NOTHING. They won’t change now, so why even bother to negotiate with such despicable people. Demand our rights and take the fight to them. We are this land, we are proud, and such treacherous evil cretins won’t defeat us.

Australia is the only country that has never even bothered to attempt a treaty with First Nations Peoples. That in itself should be a warning of how weak any settlement they embark on will be. From a personal point of view, I do not want to enter into any formal agreement with such a blatantly racist government. If the murders in custody were to stop, the children cease to be stolen, when they end the racist regime called the Intervention and many other genocidal policies they adhere to, they might be an excellent time to commence discussions with the government. Until then, it’s like going to a neighbours party after he has just burned your house down.

By ace101

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