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(AUSTRALIA) #Coronavirus Report: Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley says a single new #COVID19 case in Melbourne in someone who is already in quarantine is a good outcome, but “there is still more work to do” #AceHealthDesk report

#CoronavirusNewsDesk – #COVID19 Live Updates: Victoria’s one new case already in quarantine, Health Minister Martin Foley says — as it happened

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ABC News Channel live stream.

Here are the key COVID-19 updates from Sunday:

Any update on the South Australian border?

Any news on the border opening?

-SA border

Short answer, no.

If you’re looking for a longer answer, here’s everything you need to know if you’re Victorian looking to enter South Australia, according to the SA Health website. 

Effective 7:45 pm 28 May 2021

A Victorian Restricted Zone A Arrival is a person who has been in Victoria any time in the 14 days prior to arrival (but not before 20 May 2021). The following restrictions apply to these people who have been in Victoria:

  • People arriving in South Australia from Victoria after 7:45 pm on 28 May 2021- Level 6 requirements. Not Permitted to enter South Australia.
  • Essential Travellers and Permitted Arrivals (SA residents, people relocating and people escaping domestic violence) entering South Australia having been in Victoria in the 14 days prior to arrival (but not before 20 May 2021) — Level 4 requirements. COVID-19 test within 24 hours and on days 5 & 13, must self-quarantine for 14 days and must wear a mask when in contact with the public for 14 days after their arrival.

Essential Travellers or permitted arrivals driving into South Australia from Victoria are only permitted to use the following prescribed roads:

  • Sturt Highway, Yamba; Mallee Highway, Pinnaroo; Dukes Highway, Wolseley; Wimmera Highway, Laurie Park; Casterton Road, Penola; Glenelg Highway, Myora; Princes Highway, Glenburnie; Glenelg River Road, Donovans/Nelson

Cross Border Community Members

Cross Border Community Members are those people who live 70 km either side of the South Australia / Victoria border.

If a South Australian or Victorian Resident Cross Border Community Member has not left the Cross Border Corridor (70km from the border) they are permitted to travel anywhere within South Australia without restriction.

If a Cross Border Community Member has been outside the Cross Border Corridor into Victoria within the last 14 days they must:

  • COVID-19 test on day 1, 5, & 13. Unless they can produce evidence of a COVID-19 test or a negative COVID-19 result within the previous 7 days.
  • No self-quarantine but must not enter a high risk setting for 14 days.
  • Must wear a face mask (covering mouth and nose) at any time that they come into contact with the public for a period of 14 days after their arrival in South Australia

Cross Border Community Members must have a current Cross Border Travel Registration form.

Victorian Residents and South Australians travelling into Victoria should comply with any current Victorian restrictions.

Why is the wait between AstraZeneca doses 12 weeks?

It’s three weeks between the first and the second dose of Pfizer but it’s 12 weeks between the two doses of AstraZeneca. I had my first dose of AZ two weeks ago and the second dose is in September. Why so long?

-On the way

To put it simply, the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses have better efficacy when given 12 weeks apart.

There’s more information in this piece here:

A study, which involved more than 17,000 participants and was published in The Lancet, found the vaccine had an 81 per cent efficacy rate when a second dose was given three months after the first.

This dropped to a 55 per cent efficacy rate if the second dose was given less than six weeks after the first.

Jodie McVernon, a director of epidemiology at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, said the result was not surprising.

“That finding, of a delayed interval between a primary dose and a booster dose giving a better antibody response, is consistent with some other vaccines that we have seen before,” she said.

Vaccines for the flu, Ebola and malaria also give greater protection and stronger immune responses after a longer interval between doses.

And while we’re discussing vaccine timeframes … 

You mentioned Weimar said there is a 3 to 6 week window for second doses. Was the AZ wait reduced? I’m waiting a long 12 weeks at the moment.


No, he was talking about the Pfizer vaccine. The wait time between getting your AstraZeneca vaccine doses hasn’t changed. 

Can regional Victorians go to metropolitan Melbourne to access the airport?

Thanks for the updates! I understand that regional Victorians can now travel interstate with the relevant permits, including by air. However, can I enter Metropolitan Melb to go to the airport?

-Hopeful traveller

Hi there, yes you can.

The Victorian government FAQ website says:

I live in regional Victoria, can I travel to the airport or train station in metro Melbourne to travel interstate for a holiday or for any other purposes?

Yes, you can travel through metro Melbourne to get to any transport required to travel interstate. To avoid the potential transmission risk of COVID-19 you should only use essential retail and takeaway food services in Metropolitan Melbourne whilst you are in transit. 

So you can start packing your bags, Hopeful. 

Biden reaffirms support for Tokyo Olympics

US President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his support for the Tokyo Olympics at a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on the sideliens of the G7 summit, highlighting the necessity of imposing public health measures to ensure the safety of those involved.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which were postponed last year due to coronavirus pandemic, are scheduled to start on July 23 despite opposition from most of the public, many Japanese companies and medical staff.(Reuters: Athit Perawongmetha)

“President Biden affirmed his support for the Tokyo Olympic Games moving forward with all public health measures necessary to protect athletes, staff and spectators,” White House said in a statement.

“President Biden expressed pride in the US athletes who have trained for the Tokyo Games and will be competing in the best traditions of the Olympic spirit,” it said.

Even as Tokyo has battled a fourth wave of infections and is under a state of emergency, the Japanese government and the organisers have said they will go ahead.


Australia’s rising art stars thrive in lockdown with limited choices and fewer distractions

(ABC Arts: Sia Duff)

Alone during lockdown, and working in smaller spaces with limited choices, these top young artists shifted gears to work that soothed and sustained them — with ravishing results.

You can read the full article by arts editor Dee Jefferson here.

That’s it for the Victorian COVID update

Let’s recap:

Health Minister Martin Foley is looking forward to Daniel Andrews returning to work

“The Premier has had a pretty nasty injury and with the support of his medical and physio and other supports, he is making a good, solid recovery,” he said. 

“I welcome the positive announcement he made last night. I look forward to him returning soon.”

Are the states considering letting fully vaccinated people travel interstate without having to quarantine?

Health Minister Martin Foley said “this issue comes up regularly” but Australia is “nowhere near that point yet”. 

“One day we will have to have that conversation as a community, as a nation,” he said. 

“Other countries are already having a conversation, but those countries are at 50, 60, 70 per cent vaccination rates.

“We are just over 3 per cent, fully vaccinated.

“What we need to do is have our focus on firstly keeping the virus at bay and keeping on top of outbreaks.

“The second bit is having in place high levels of vaccination.

“We will all have to have the conversation about what does opening up look like, but we are nowhere near that point yet.”

On booking your second Pfizer vaccine appointment

Some of you messaged the blog yesterday to say you were strugggling to book your second Pfizer vaccine appointment. Here’s what Jeroen Weimar said in response. 

Reporter: “A lot of people complained it is difficult to book in for the second dose of Pfizer. Will they be able to call and make a booking?

Mr Weimar: “Absolutely. People who have had their first dose: call the contact centre today or tomorrow any time over the next few days and get the second dose.”

Victoria has a ‘sufficient supply’ of Pfizer vaccines, says Weimar

“We got sufficient supply. We are running the vaccine program as hard as we can to give as many people access to the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine.

“We have enough supply to ensure people who are due to get their second doses in the three to six week window will get the second dose.

“That means we have held aside booking slots, appointments across our vaccine clinics for people to get the second doses.

“They need to book to make use of them and there is no rush but we encourage people that if you haven’t booked in your second dose and have had your first, please book it in.”

Will there be crowds at the AFL next week?

CHO Brett Sutton says “it is too early to say.”

“I haven’t received formal advice for next week in relation to major events. It is pretty early on to know with respect to the MCG.

“Could there be different restrictions? There is a chance. We will look at that but they need to be individually assessed on their merits.”

‘Please don’t assume it isn’t COVID’

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has encouraged everyone to come forward for testing, even if they have mild symptoms. 

“We’re going to winter with lots and coughs and colds about. Please don’t assume it isn’t COVID-19,” he said.

“People have been surprised by their own positive results because they had been identified as a primary close contact and didn’t regard themselves at risk or have been at an exposure site.

“Nobody wants to have inadvertently put others at risk because they’ve had COVID and not had that diagnosis.”(ABC News)

Thousands of close contacts ‘to be cleared’, says testing commander

“That means we have three quarters primary close contacts to be cleared – 6,400 – released from the quarantine period and under 2,000 primary close contacts left across the wider Kappa and Delta outbreaks,” say testing commander Jeroen Weimar(ABC News)

New case linked to the Arcare Maidstone outbreak

“This new case is linked to the Arcare outbreak but I stress is not a resident,” said Mr Foley.

“A new single case already in quarantine, which this case is, is a positive side.

“However, just like the one day we’ve had of zero cases on Friday, this case in quarantine is a good thing but cannot be taken as mission accomplished.

“There is still more work to do.”

Health authorities are still investigating the source of a number of cases

Health Minister Martin Foley says the latest case is a primary close contact who has been quarantining throughout their infectious period. 

More than 17,000 test results were processed yesterday, while more than 14,000 vaccine doses were administered at state-run sites.

There are 68 active cases in the state, but the source for some infections is still unknown.

“Health authorities are still investigating the source of a number of cases and have expressed concerns about falling testing rates,” he said.(ABC News)

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While we wait for the press conference, here’s Acting Premier James Merlino saying earlier he expects Victoria to be in a position to lift COVID-19 restrictions later in the week.

Where can i watch the vic press?


It hasn’t started yet but you can follow it here on the ABC News YouTube channel or by using the ABC News live stream embedded at the top of the blog.

Victorian COVID update at 12:00pm 

We’ll be getting a Victorian COVID update in about 20 minutes (the previous update was about the Victorian flooding). 

Health Minister Martin Foley will be joined by Jeroen Weimar and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton. 

Music venue angered over ‘hypocritical’ COVID breach shutdown notice

(Supplied: Michelle Christoe)

The owner of Sunshine Coast live music venue NightQuarter has hit back at Queensland Health’s shutdown notice over COVID-19 safety breaches.

Co-owner of NightQuarter, Michelle Christoe, said at 8:30pm on Friday Queensland Health compliance officers and police served her business with a notice that it posed “an unacceptable risk to public health”, and ordered it to close its live entertainment venue immediately.

Ms Christoe said the rationale for the breach notice was that officers had observed patrons dancing in their allocated seats.

“This is devastating news for the music industry that has been doing it tough, and a dramatic contrast to the love given to major sporting events hosted at government-owned stadiums,” Ms Cisco said.

“The issue that Queensland Health have at the moment is dancing. When people stand up in their seats and become less than socially distanced, they then regard it as dancing.

“However, I guess where the hypocrisy is, we’re not seeing this across the industry. We’re not seeing it against other industries like sport, and that makes it very hard for us to maintain the compliance with patrons.”

You can read the full story here.

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