Are You Ok Jesus

Jesus was on the cross, hanging one blessed day,And the townsfolk came to inquire: “Hey, Jesus, you OK?”But Jesus did not answer, so they threw a few more stones,He was stabbed and given gall, but they couldn’t  break his bones.
“Jesus, you OK?”  Yes, they yelled it once again,But He was silent still, before the jeering men.His blood dripped very well, and he groaned until he died.Even when quite dead, the people, they still cried:
“Hey, are you OK?”  and soon they took him down,With never a reply; it left them with a frown.They went to bed and slept; they dreamed throughout the night,And after slumber left, then came the morning light.
Stern murmurs they did echo, and swirled throughout the land,In that day and always, so they might understand,That answers to that question from tortured souls somehow,Come slowly and from Heaven.  “Yes, I am OK now.”

By ace101

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