Are you a Dud 😁

Chapter 1.

Have you followed every single blogging tip online and still haven’t seen a difference on your blog? Then this post is for you! It can be frustrating if you don’t notice a difference in terms of growth or traffic after implementing what seems like all the blogging tips that are available online.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 4 things to do if your blog isn’t taking off despite following all the blogging tips on the internet. As always if you’re interested, keep on reading!

  • Visual Content – colourful , go to Pinterest , Canva all have free ideas especially if you are not a graphic artist.
  • Today folk aren’t or a time poor to read heaps of lines. Add pictures with Quotes that jump out and say look at me.
  • Important please 🙌 Blogging is based on helping anyone to feel welcome. Always encourage your new Friends to share your blocks . Sharing is caring –
  • Importantly – if you can’t be nice or gracious don’t comment. Move on. You never know what lays behind their eyes. Remember most folk are hurting.
  • Take care and like each blog ❤️ maybe some work hours completing one blog . Make every blogger special that follows you.
  • Every got overwhelmed writing and editing you forget friends who follow you. Big mistake . Wham no more friends your great writing is no longer available or needed just because you don’t comment . Even just word like : lovely, congratulations, happy Birthday, hearts. All these little niceties make their world happy.
  • Make yourself a schedule. A Daily note book . Planning your time on the computer keyboard.
  • Some folk only have one hour per day to write. Divide that up into subtitles: go to Followers list look through every active follower. Make a decision to save read later. : Always have blogs completed and save as draft. Later when you have brain bead there you are . Relate that to saving money in a bank account . One third of an income is a great figure.
  • Pay, Compliments and Thank you on every blog . ” Be Respectful. 😁
Anyway, make heaps of mistakes, 😂😂 cause this Tea Lady is no Angel 😇

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