“AND, GOSH, DARN, HERE’S THE REST OF THE STORY!”  a poem.  a.k.a.: “Oh, Doo-Da Day!”  a.k.a.:

“AND, GOSH, DARN, HERE’S THE REST OF THE STORY!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Oh, Doo-Da Day!” a.k.a.: “Find You Some Beach Front Property There, Pilgrim!” September 10, 2018 (MOON day)

“I’ll be back!!!!” first-said-by-JESUS; then, by Arnold S.!

“Oh, yea, sure!” was their reply – and-NOW WE-DON’T-HAVE-TO GUESS!

Sure-enough, The LORD came back – He died and then returned,

BUT! Was-everyone THAT excited – by what he said he’d learned?

But what He brought back with him – was nothing much,* THEY say;

He-started his little story – by singing DOO-DA-DAY,

And continued:

“Well, I was crucified, ya-know – there, upon the cross,

And, then, I left my little body – and THEN I MET ‘THE BOSS!’

I met a surly-confident-guy – his name was Jimmy Hoffa;

He smoked a real big stogie and had an awful cough-a;

He said: “DO-YA-WANNA-GO-BACK-THERE? to Spaceship Earthie-Poo?”

“Well, ya, I guess,” said Jesus;

“You’re kinda stupid too!” (said Jimmy!)

“Why-do-you-say that?” Jesus asked;


It sucks so bad and is so sad, that no one really cares,

To-go-back-to-be-tortured-more; mostly-FOLKS-GO-FOR-VENUS,

Or Jupiter – or – Your Anus, for-on-Earth (pause)


And-THEY’ll-immunize-you, which makes you sick,

And YELL at you, as soon as you can kick –

And you gotta work BY THE SWEAT OF YOUR BROW;

And, then, you can’t get LAID, so you marry a cow!***

I TELL YOU – you should have your head-in-“an-exam,”

‘Cause EARTH, I’m-tellin’-you, is-a friggin’ damn,

HARD-PLACE-TO-LIVE-IN! You sure you wanna-return?”

“Yea, I guess,” said Jesus; “my MISSION is to LEARN,

Those darn-demented-’civilians’-that NO ONE EVER DIES,

That everyone’s ETERNAL – so, when-you-THINK it’s your demise,

Everyone-guesses-THAT’S IT, but, like-you-say, IT ISN’T SO,

So, yea, I guess I better-go-back, so everyone will know,

That, IF you’re not too clever, you CAN go back to That Place,

Again-and-again-and-again-to-continue – to-rejoin-The-Human-RACE,

And run and run (pause) and NEVER finish well,


When THE TRUTH IS: When you ‘DIE!!!’ you can choose a nice locale,

And set-cha down there – on some beach (pause)

With-a-sweet-little-Aussie-gal! 🙂 – Yay!

fin. <3

    • It was so NOT well “received,” that there is not even mention of it in The Bible! That is why I, The Mystic Poet, thought I better let y’all know about it here! You’re welcome!

** – or your clitoris, if THEY can do it legally, so as to minimize any pleasure you might get out of (what they call) LIFE!! 🙂

*** – or an ugly, stupid boy – and, rest assured, except for Mr. Potato Head, ALL guys are ugly and stupid. He must have a bigger brain than Einstein! What a HEAD. “If you wanna get a head in life, be a potato!” The Mystic Poet.


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)