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“COME TOGETHER!” a poem 6 February 2019 [Odin’s Day]

I’m just a little sissy girl; I want it ALL and how;
My wants are needs (and vice versa!) – just sat-is-fy me NOW!
Feed my cat; feed my dog; I “wanna have a cow!”
This-is the state of MY existence! Now-I -shall-take-a-bow,
And-expect that you-should-quite-applaud MY EFFORTS (perfect are)!
Be my chauffeur – and maid – and cook – fetch for ME that star,
And hand it over P. D. Q.* Do-NOT make me wait!
My patience! It is wearing thin! The KEY WORD: “Sat-i-ate!”
For-I’m-insatiable – in-the-extreme! I-want-me-THE BEST, whatever-I-mean!
COME TOGETHER, minions! “The-Union’s state is FINE,” say I.

{Choose one or many! or none at all:}

SO! (pause)

[1] Stop your whimp’ring; I haven’t time! It’s me who wants to cry!
[2] I hope eventually you’ll-SEE-IT-MY-WAY! Then-we’ll-see “eye to eye!”
[3] Be-NICE to Me [lania], I AM The Prez – And NEVER ask me why!
[4] I AM – “the best,” just say it proud! Declare it! It’s NO LIE!
[5] You’re here WITH ME; it is MY game! All-together-say: “Aye, Aye!”**
[6] As I WISH IT, I’ll-divide Our(?) “National-e – Pie!”

fin. <3

    • Pretty Darn Quick!
      ** – OH, Captain; my Captain!


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