Donald Trump

“What is it like to be”……Trump?


The soon to be ex President of the USA represents everything that is wrong with our species and yet what must it be like to live inside that shell of violent emotion? We should pity the man and people like him.

“What is it like to be”……Trump?

Thank you, Anthony Garner, for this frank insight into Donald Trump

This is a must-read knowledge, compassionate read into the mind of Donald Trump

4 replies on ““What is it like to be”……Trump?”

Some pity this man, ” pity” that prevails his mental health issue! Aside from that in itself is the fault of the Americans Government inability to have acted sooner. It is therefore responsible to the people of Americans to have removed Trump. No one acted to protect the citizens from the abhorrent abuse of power this one brings into the world. No one man is bigger than his country. Inciting violence in the White House of America saddened the world . When you think Twitter had the “guts” to ban Trump on Social Media did the Government halt and stand up! Shame on the peers to be! 4 years ago we worried. Those poor citizens of America have suffered.

Sad to say alot of people relate to Donald Trump in America and don’t see nothing wrong. He is Racist trash to me,and yet that evil Charisma he has,got alot of heads hooked lined and sink

He is a third-generation Ku Klux Clan. America is the only free world who breed their own Terrorist Group. Look at that mob mentality storming the Whitehouse we watched in Australia . Did you note any American African people there? We have been looking at all tapes. Not one was sighted. Our mobs are not terrorists they are kind. What we saw were white supremacist terrorists. Now they run and hide. We have laws here ” no Terrorist farms” outlawed. Perhaps America will take note! We love America they are our Alliance. # blacklivesmatter be safe be proud

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