American President ~

“WHAT’LL WE DO?” a poem in the series: “Mr. Hip (Trump) Goes To Town!”* 14 July 2019 [Sunday]

(calling from “Campaign Headquarters:”)

“Mr. Trump, we’ve a dissident-poet, “diss-ing” in Texas!”

“No prob.,” said The-Don, as-he-cruised-in-his-Lexus;

“For, that poet’s STILL-A-SHEEP!

“But, sir, he-might ‘rile’ things up!”

“Not to worry,” said The President; “he’s STILL – just a pup!

A sheep, although vocal, is STILL in his pen!

Let-him ‘ba-ba’ and chatter, for-he’s-NOT-among-MEN!

He’s just stuck with sheep, and he’s-a-sheep-too;

I’ll-figure-out-in-time with-him, what-I’ll-do!”

“Heh-heh-heh, heh-heh!” went-Mr.-Trump-to-the-phone;

“JUST WAIT! ’til-I-get that-Mystic-Poet-a-lone!

I’ll shave him and starve him – and laugh-in-his-[sheepish]-eye!

I have me some plans – and they never will fly,

Off-of The Radar! I-KNOW-I’LL RULE THE WORLD!”

[Yet, as-Donald-did-talk, The Sheep had unfurled,

With-the-help-of-The-Poet some-plans to-escape,

To STEAL THE TRUMP CARD! and-even-Don’s-“cape!”

His “Comi-Con-Super-Hero Cape of Renown!”


(from “International Sheep Headquarters:”)

“Little does Don know – we’ve a trick or two – UP OUR WOOL,

To expose any – mega-lo man-i-a-cal bull!

So, you-may-rest (NOW) in some certainty, you card-playing-Pres-i-dent,

But-just-remember: (1) Pride causes Falling! (2) For-an-overconfident-“Resident!”

fin <3

  • – It COULD BE Washington!

By ace101

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