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American Native Indian

American History

I only deal in facts. I am a Native American that has seen what your people bring to the table. You poison the air we breathe, flush your crap and factory waste into the water we drink, the processed garbage you sell as “food”.Your people force us to send our children to your schools where we’re taught to defy our traditions, forbid us our language censure our say. And legions that conquered this land are the biggest and bravest and best. You were never no more than carrion crows stealing the eggs from the wrens nest changing your stories.

The wounded losers, the robbed sing there tale from the Grand Canyon’s caverns to craven sad hills. With our life’s blood shut up in your chemical tanks here you come with bill of sale in your hand and surprise in your eyes that we’re lacking in thanks for these blessings of civilization you’ve brought us… all the lessons you’ve taught us, not to mention the ruin you wrought on us. You see tall mountains as something to tame, the moon as a place to leave junk. The great oceans as a place to dump billions of tons of nuclear waste in drums that burst from the ocean’s pressure long before it reaches the ocean floor and run rampant on the face of the Earth Mother like a malignant cancer with caring or knowing the consequences of your deplorable behavior. The Earth Mother WILL heal Herself and because of your invasion of the lands of the indigenous peoples you cause first the dastardly acts of cruelty then the annihilation we will suffer for your people’s lack of human decency. Now how’s that for facts honey. I don’t deal in just “opinions”and I don’t lie.

By ace101

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