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American Shame

American Shame

Failure to acknowledge our national shame will ultimately corrupt all of us. A nation of people that reflexively defends the indefensible from its past becomes sociopathic.

American Shame

By ace101

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Please note that post is very decisive. The author was kind enough to allow us to reblog. Go back and read it again. We invite all Authors to post on this blog. He Is American and all Americans are great Writers and also know how to be decisive. America has freedom of speech. Yes, we will always show both or many sides of the American people. All Americans are very proud of their flag. This blog is about equality. All lives matter. Our Primary news reporters are British, American and Australian. We acknowledge Human Rights and World Animal Rights. We have no affiliation with any Political Parties or Man-Made religions. We all work free from restrictions of race or creed. Australians and American are Allied Forces. Brothers and sisters. We were conquered by the British. America saved Australia in the Second World War after the bombing of Hawaii. Without the Americans saving Australian people across the North of the Australian Continent from the onslaught of our people that would be Japan today. Today did you know the American Armed Forces protect AUSTRALIAN SOIL. Thank God for America. Many of my family are American Australians. This wonderful realm on earth is a gift. God created all humans and loved each before they were born. God created nature for us to share with all people. It’s our duty to feed, nurture, without judgement. In the final scenario, all of us come into the world to try to fit in and do the best we can like pebbles holding on to each other on a beach until we are washed out to sea.It’s really what we do in that critical inch we are gifted to live. Shalom 🕯🕯 Amen

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