J Jay Samuel Davis

America *YOU* #alllivesmatter #equalitymatter #blacklivesmatter


β€œWe want justice, and we want equality,On OUR own terms; there will be no frivolity.””YOU are the threat,” both sides yell,And in so doing, both descend to hell.The β€œright” side yells, β€œYOU are to blame;”The β€œleft” side answers; it’s all the same.Someone to blame, over there,Both sides threaten; all sides beware.
The β€œstatus quo,” with friends of Trump, are blaming Atifa and will dump,The problems on YOU, subdued by force.Police v. Rioters: Conflict, of course.Protesters deface the landscape all day,Blaming history; β€œGo away;”Everyone who ever did anything β€œwrong,”Will be forced to atone; it’s a forceful song.
Being born β€œwrong” is a vile act;Circumstance of birth you must retract.Retroactive enforcement of course we’ll see,”YOU are to blame; you must pay me.”Poor vs. Rich; Blue vs. Red.And β€œYOU are to blame” is often said;Until South and North get what is β€œbest,”Destroy the other; YOU are The Pest.
Each side entrenched. β€œPick your side;YOU have to choose; YOU can not hide.”No peace for YOU, ’til you’re destroyed.Fulfill demands or we’re annoyed.”But no ears to hear, no eyes to see,No one to learn from history,For we’re emotional and need to blame,YOU for our troubles; it’s a bloody game.
When smoke has cleared, there’s no more YOU;Both sides destroyed, without a clue,That YOU and YOU must together sit,YOU are us; YOU take β€œthe hit.”Perhaps, in the end we’ll all look back,
β€œWe gave you poets a final sack; YOU poets didn’t know what you were talking about,””We’re justified,” but there is no shout.
On that quiet day, one woman, one man,You are white; I’m a shade of tan.We’re both poor and beaten up.I give YOU a drink from my cup.We arise from the strength of a common drink,And start to plan and start to think,That YOU must agree with my every demand,And we’ll parcel out each piece of land.
Or maybe no owners! What’s the best dea;?We try everything. That’s the way we feel,But no two feel or think alike,Then personal opinions begin to spike.At some point, we’re pointing the fingers again,With religions and laws, so we might win,Respect for the way that we see things,”We want justice” is what this brings.
We’ll look for β€œmistakes” and find just as many,As we’re looking for; β€œYou’re fat; I’m skinny.””You’re young; I’m old.” β€œYou’re smarter than me,But we should embrace equality.””YOU are the threat” inhabits our core,
And we go to fighting, a battle, a war,A poet’s reminder: β€œYOU’s not a nasty name.”But fighters can’t hear; they love to blame.

The Eavesdropper – Bliss Carman

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By J. J. Samels Davis

Your problem isn't the problem
Your reaction is the problem😌
When you genuinely want something goes after it
Without limiting yourself, the Universe will make it be ~Shalom ~