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“THE IMPORTANCE OF SMELL!” a poem MONDAY: 29 July 2019

It’s been said: * “One of the most important things you should know:

To keep your relationship in ‘a positive glow,’

Is to realize, the importance of the smell of your mate!

Really liking his/her odor – makes things just great!”

BUT! HEY! with you I have found a little danger;

I love your smell SO MUCH, sometimes exhalation’s a stranger,

For I love to inhale YOU – in such an extreme way,

It’s hard to exhale! I wanna hold that odor in all day!

I have to remember – with you TO BREATHE,

Even though I love to inhale your aroma! and nibble on you! and teethe!

You’re so dang appetizing, it’s almost overtaxed my nose,

But I guess I’ll just have to live with it – I will-I-guess, I-suppose,

That in time – I’ll get used to your smell and my olfactory will tire,

Or MAYBE IT WON’T – and I’m a doll-gone liar!

I could be wrong, thinking the smell of you WON’T always drive me outta my mind!

WELL! THE MIND’S OVERRATED! but – NOT your be – – – d, I-mean: SKIN,

I-just – LOVE TO NUZZLE your openings and pores!

When I smell you, Sweetie, I think of “distant-shores,”


Your pheromones! I can just breathe them – all bloody day!

fin ♥

  • -Goldie Hawn was asked by an interviewer: “What’s your secret (for a loving relationship)?” She has been with partner Kurt Russell for over 35 years and still indicated she was crazy about the way he smelled!

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