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Stuff please grow up

• Supports the claim that merely moderating hormones enables male physiology to be female.

• Supports the view that the sex of a person, that is born with penis or vagina, is a matter of choice, not DNA.

• Supports the destruction of democracy re-Maori wards on councils, when a very clear majority of NZ citizens opposed undemocratic Maori wards on councils. The implication is Stuff views Maori as non-New Zealand citizens, and of a social, political and cultural status above mere citizens.

• Enables ‘opinion pieces’ on the evils of private property ownership, ignoring the 2000 years of history, writing and practical living specifying the the depth of the relationship between private property and social freedom.

• Makes frequent reference to the Waitangi process while ignoring its original purpose of compensating Maori for historic wrongs, with contracts proposed to be ‘full and final’, and when settled we all look to our common future. The ‘gravy train’, as it often referred, is now 45 years, a new generation are being enabled to keep it going, so I am supposed to continue to feel guilty, to keep paying for Ihumatao, Mount Maunganui, and Shelley Bay, as more and likely increasing full more will reclaim for more and be allowed to ignore any original decision of full and final. Stuff things it okay for NZ to be kept looking back, keeping people as guilty as possible, Stuff fiddles meanwhile NZ begins to burn.

• Fails to oppose legislation that has the clear intent of separate social systems for Maori, despite 2000 years of history that such social segregation results in escalating social tension and frequently social violence.

• Cites at frequent opportunities a document, the Treaty of Waitangi, which is implicitly destructive of NZ society, today claimed as a ‘partnership’, while ignoring the historical reality that all such partnerships where law did apply unequally imploded in social violence, as those who claimed they privileged and due more, were faced off with those who finally decided more was to be distributed to those deserving on financial , or health or mental health grounds, and would not be based on race, or some other socially defined and identified group. The Treaty reverently to become a significant historical document and stepped past as having anything to do with modern NZ society. Stuff seem to not be able to understand that only western philosophy has the stature and depth of thinking enabling people who basically do not like each other to live side by side in peaceful co-existence. NZ embracing the rule of law and social ethic of workable compromise, all citizens facing forward in our common ‘boat’, getting on building a free diverse peaceful society the envy of the world. Stuff do not seem to quite grasp how unique that is, since historically if people did not like each other they went to war … as Maori did 1805-1835 and slaughtered 25% of existing Maori. Doing the same to other races in NZ today merely continues the violent abuse…. Stuff do not seem to be able to work it out just how unique our western way of resulting in peaceful co=existence where living and ensuring all get their equal and fair share is more important than killing each other.

• At very least by deep passivity supports common ownership and central control of production, and supports apartheid despite the social history of violence in South Africa, and that last century an estimated 100,000,000 citizens were killed by state sanctioned murder in the name of common property, state specified social goals, and the view that one group in society was superior to another group.

• Berates Israel for example, while ignoring the Khartoum Resolution of 1968, Arabs declaring no negotiation no peace, no acceptance ever of Israel, still actively supported today, where only Egypt and Syria have withdrawn. So who exactly is responsible for ongoing death of young men, and women, and for what exactly.

• Denies rule of law by supporting people who protest to the extent of destruction of the right of private individuals to go about their legally sanctioned activities. I fully accept that times serious social disruption is all that enables change. But, there is extremely difficult line between legitimate protest and ‘lynch mob rule’. Stuff has never in the decades I have been scanning it even began to walk this line, when in fact without rule of law there can be no diverse society of peaceful co-existence. And when real pressure needs bought to bear demanding change … where is Stuff and its editor and journalists … Likely out at coffee pondering the latest use of drugs to supposedly change males to females.

• Supports distortion of the education of our children by NOT proclaiming that education must never be used to drive biased social agendas. Such education curricular is doing nothing other than set up our children for deepening social tension and likely eventual social violence.

• Dismisses the greatest social achievement of humankind, namely the depth of literary, philosophical, artistic, and scientific history of western philosophy. The true source of the modern Kiwi mind, now virtually global. From small things like why Police are called ‘bobbies’, to bigger things like innocent until proven guilty and law applies to those who make the law as it does everyone. The latter ideas born of the great rant by the English Barons to bring King John to heel, in 1297, called the Magna Carta. Instead Stuff lends weight to a simple, tribal culture, lacking depth, lacking sophisticated philosophy, art or music, lacking even its own written language, most of Maori culture has been tested and discarded by western civilization over the last 2000 years. Yet Stuff gives all the appearance of wanting this simplistic rag tag of undeveloped and untested ideas forced on all NZ citizens typically at the expense of the real cultural foundation of the modern Kiwi mind. All this, easy to find if Stuff bothered to look.

• Supports ‘social identity’ as the defining social structure, despite all basis in critical theory from which it is derived lacks any depth of science, and that peer review is merely academic popular acclaim for some views and not others, hence is nothing more that a chosen bias and is NOT science, nor reasoned, nor proven. Peer review was thoroughly proved a failure via Poppers falsification thesis by Alan Sokal in 1996. But academics declined to accept Poppers falsification thesis, that the statement all swans are white can be never proved, but disproved by sighting one black swan. Sokal had published a deliberately false paper in the now defunct peer reviewed Journal Social Text, proving that peer review did not protect the integrity of intellectual work. Now, while sighting of one adverse example should not determine the fate of any theory, it is very strong grounds to be very suspicious and seek better alternatives. This level of thinking is harder than most of what I present here, but where Stuff gets close to being out of its depth, I suggest we should expect integrity, that is they say so and not pretend and bluff.

• Supports reduction in free speech, due it is the current policy movement of an undemocratic government. Hence Stuff opposes diversity and social conformity despite 2000 years of western cultural history that makes it clear that is what leads to greatest personal fulfillment for all citizens. Again, Stuff leaning toward support of lynch mob rule. Is this dreadful shallow level of thinking what we can expect from one of the major media companies, distributing not much more than distorted bias as suits the current narrative, no matter the deepening social tensions. If/when we implode in social violence due adverse conflict attitudes foisted on us by Stuff, are we just to accept Stuff go tut-tut, ain’t that terrible, when in fact they would have had major contribution to it occurring due the ideas they promote to people. Are we to accept no level of accountability of our media outlets?

• Uses words indiscriminately such as ‘far right’, and ‘white supremacy’, and ‘racism’, and ‘systemic racism’ with no attempt to clarify such destructive charges, as it usually is a charge thrown at some one or some group. There is no definition, nor even clear and simple reasoning that offers clarity on such terms. None are terms with the slightest depth of science, nor reasoned position. For example, there is thoroughly developed and carefully reasoned science that can prove there is no such thing as systemic racism, it does not exist, yet Stuff quotes it with no reference to any scientific or reasoned argument.

It is truly remarkable that Stuff editors now claim that via their ‘chosen’ panel of experts we are to trust their views on C19 vaccine … now maybe the panel is right, but then with all that Stuff has foisted on NZ citizens, the lies, the distortions, the manipulation, and bias in favor of what this government prefers … we are expected to trust them!

Please Stuff, grow up!

Our society actually needs you, but not as you are.

If you wish to ‘see’ clearly where you are leading us in attitudes, with attitude shaping direction of action and stirred emotions driving action, suggest research Fox News, CNN, BLM, NRA, as examples of what one does not want if we are to become a free diverse society of peaceful co-existence, where all feel fairly and equally treated in law, if not in fact. USA is global leading in managing democracy, we should follow, but take lessons now and reduce conflict beginning in the media, by that we reduce the chance of violence in our society before the attitudes are consolidated too far and social violence inevitable. The first step is to get the legislation a ‘level playing’ field, then we need be concerned about conduct relative to the agreed standard.

Getting fair and unbiased social conduct is hard, but if the back stop legislation begins unequal, biased especially based on race, it is beyond difficult becoming impossible, with the depth of apartheid biases determining the level of eventual social violence. We bequeath to our grand children an unstable society ignoring all that has been learned in the last 2000 years. We, now, actively destroying any chance of a free diverse peaceful society for our grandchildren. How shallow, stupid, uncaring and irresponsible is that?


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