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Dec.12, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Another day and #COVID19 restrictions are tightened with Conservatives saying people should AVOID Christmas Parties AFTER yesterdays ALLEGED accusations over Boris & his Tories Party last year so will PEOPLE use COMMON SENSE and not follow the other SHEEP off the #Omicron cliff more soon folks

Most of Saturday papers focus on booster jabs and the recent findings by the UK Health Security Agency about the efficacy of a third dose against the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron. The i headlines with “Booster can stop Omicron” and it reports the UKHSA found that a booster dose offers 75% protection against Omicron.

The Daily Express headlines with “Boosters can beat Omicron ‘tsunami'”. It reports that the spread of the variant is deeply concerning and tougher restrictions are on the cards.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Mail reports that there is “proof we all need a boost”. In a more pessimistic tone, the paper reports that the AstraZeneca jabs will not be enough to fend off the Omicron variant.

The Sun headlines with “3 jabs is best shot”. It reports on the recent findings by the UKHSA and says that variant cases are set to reach one million by 2022. The paper also features a picture of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, ahead of this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Times headlines with “New curbs to slow virus”, reporting that “fresh” Covid rules are being considered by ministers. The paper pictures the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their three children in Jordan. It calls the picture a “portrait of joy”.

The Daily Telegraph leads with “Keep the schools open, come what may”. It reports that the PM is facing demands to ensure pupil’s education is put first and they can avoid a “repeat of Covid chaos”. It also pictures the Cambridges in Jordan, the picture will be featured on their Christmas card.

The Financial Times this weekend leads with a report on the prime minister’s standards adviser demanding further details over the 11 Downing Street flat refurbishment. It reports that Downing Street confirmed that officials were liaising with Lord Christopher Geidt, who carried out an investigation into the funding of the refurbishment earlier this year. He cleared Mr Johnson of a conflict of interest over a donation from Lord Brownlow to pay for the rennovation, saying the PM appeared not to be aware of the arrangement with the peer. But documents released by the Electoral Commission show that Mr Johnson sent a WhatsApp message to Lord Brownlow in November last year to ask for extra money towards the works.

The Daily Mirror reports leads with “PM’s party backlash”. It reports that, according to a poll carried out by the paper, the recent scandal linked to last year’s No 10 parties leave four in five “less likely to follow Covid rules” amid the rise in infection rates.

The Guardian says ministers have been told that further “stringent” national Covid measures will be needed on, or before, 18 December – to prevent Omicron infections overwhelming the NHS. The paper says the warning came in leaked advice from the UK Health Security Agency to Health Secretary Sajid Javid. The document says the rapid spread of the variant – first detected in South Africa – means that action to limit pressures on the health system might have to come earlier than intuition suggests.

The Guardian also reports on growing pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to confirm whether parties were held in his Downing Street flat last year, despite Covid rules during lockdown. It headlines that tougher Covid curbs are needed by next week according to documents leaked to the Guardian. The paper reports that “stringent national measures” are needed by 18 December to avoid Covid hospital admissions going above last winter’s peak.

The Daily Star reports on otters that “turned evil” and injured a man who was on a park stroll.

The Times also reports on the prospect of fresh Covid rules. It says contacts of known cases of the Omicron variant are likely to have to test themselves every day. Scientific advisers also want people to prove that they are negative for coronavirus before going to public places. 

But it says there is no public appetite for – indeed an abhorrence of – another lockdown. The paper says policy must be aimed at what it calls the hardcore of vaccine “refuseniks” who are most vulnerable to Omicron and make up the majority of those clogging up intensive care units.

The Daily Mail and the Daily Express both report on the importance scientists place on booster jabs to protect against the Omicron variant. The Mail says experts are urging Britons to get their top-up jabs to stave off a tsunami of infections and keep hospital admissions down. 

The Express warns its readers that if even a small proportion of infections result in serious illness the deeply burdened NHS will be overwhelmed. It says it is “churlish and dangerous” to spurn the invitation to get jabbed.

The Sun echoes the call for increased booster take-up under the headline “Three jabs is best shot”. The tabloid’s main editorial says advisers to the government are already raising the prospect of even tougher restrictions. It says if everyone gets boosted as soon as possible, and exercises caution, the “Plan C doom-mongers” can be told to “get knotted”

The Daily Telegraph says the prime minister is being urged to limit the impact of any further restrictions on children, by ensuring schools reopen fully after Christmas. It says a coalition of leading figures, including three former education ministers and the children’s commissioner for England, have demanded schools stay open “come what may”. They are calling for schools to be legally redefined as “essential infrastructure”, putting them on a par with power stations, hospitals and food retailers.

According to the Daily Mirror, four out of five people are less likely to stick to Covid restrictions. This is as a result of revelations about parties at Downing Street last December. It cites a poll of nearly 1,200 people. A big majority say they might flout rules if Boris Johnson’s officials are found to have broken them. In its leader column, the paper says what it describes as the prime minister’s “reckless attitude” has damaged trust at a crucial moment in the fight against Covid.

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