Ace says ……Why Avoid Temptation …..

Hello Friends, Followers & Readers this is a follow up to a post provided by a beautiful lady called Mary ….I talk beautiful in the sense not of physical beauty alone but beauty in the eye of the beholder ….but there’s more …..

Even in its simplest form it exists …….

Look at what ‘ temptation ‘ is in just the word …as into tempt or make you do something against your will knowing that maybe it is not what you really want to do ….now Jesus was tempted for 40-days and 40-nights as God knew what the world would try to do to him when he started his work ……but there’s more ….

Even Jesus was tempted to turn against his father in heaven ……

If …God knows us as his children then he knows what will take place before it happens ….so does he not prepare the way, before we take our first steps as a babe in arms …..but there’s more ………

So should we not be cautious and not be tempted by the first thing that offers us something for free and seems to good to be true …..should our first thought be if it is too good to be true then it must be tempting me to part with my soul ….the persona of our existence on earth ……but there’s more ……

So by avoiding temptation in ALL its forms be it physical or spiritual we can grow a good and wholesome mind, leading to a good and strong body and providing a true and loving ❤️ that makes us a person who cares about others first, gives good advice to those in need and provides love and compassion to all of his children ……but there’s more …..

But not today … be safe, and l send 🙏’s to all those in need of help and guidance who are ‘ Poor in ❤️ God Bless everyone Amen


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You are so kind with your comment experience of the damage done to my life and other people has enabled me to write what God has taught me since he entered into my ❤️many years ago ….l read your blog and will look at following and sharing your posts on AceNewsDesk.Wordpress.Com/ that is my friends site setup to share & care God Bless You and your family ….

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