Ace says ….Thou Shalt NOT Commit Adultery

Shalom 🕊🕊

Welcome back readers and l have been asked to write about self-judgement well l have judged myself more harshly than any man l have ever met. I have scourged myself as others scourged me until l was not a man anymore …..until one day l was saved when God My Father entered my life and then there’s more …..@acenewsservices

As he died to save us all from sin

The self-judgement of ones actions are defined by oneself awareness of others, though others still judge actions of those they cannot aspire to be and due to their ability thet then commit a sin of WANT …But sometimes that WANT is really a NEED to satisfy the soul but there’s more …….

I started with a thought …its a simple thing that begins in the mind and progresses to being in the ‘ eye of the beholder ‘ but rules of what’s right and wrong are ever present in the world, of those that believe perfection exits in them and their soul …..but not me l am not perfect l like so many make mistakes that coloured my soul …..but there’s more ……

So what makes us believe we have committed adultery …..l say this it starts when we are very young by someone trying to take control of our feelings and bending them to their will … don’t WANT to do anything about it ….but temptation can be too great and some bend to its will …but there’s more …..

What happens to those that fight the very thoughts inside themselves as l did and the consequences were and are profound and punishing as you damage yourself internally, so you are damaged externally and what self-worth you had is diminished daily by the admonishment you heap up on your very self …..but there’s more …….

Your reality fades away, with blame being your fault for anything you do and others can see that weakness and they ‘ crucify you ‘ for trying to be better than them ..but in truth, you are just trying to not be made in the image of other people …but there’s more …..

As you fight, you search for others who are like you, but nowhere can they be found and the ‘ nails are driven ‘ into your very flesh as you offer to do anything for anyone to make it right, allowing them to take advantage, by their lies and theft of your being ….but there’s more …….

It changed not by anyone l met in my life but all of a sudden when l least expected it ….at a time when l needed help as my whole life spiralled out of control and everything l thought mattered was taken from me until l had nothing left and not one person was willing to help …even those l gave everything to who l thought l could call friend ….l was in the gutter of life ..but there’s more ……

Then this happens by following the path of righteousness

It was then God could help me ….l was in NEED no longer did l WANT l just needed and it came like a light ….oh no l did not suddenly get everything back the way l WANTED but God knew what l NEEDED and so began the repair of my Mind, Body, Heart & Soul and eventually the faith in God and then after many years (30 plus) to be exact belief in something much greater than anything l ever had experienced …..but there’s more …..

It was my suffering that brought God into my heart and it was such suffering that brought God into the mind and it was such pain and heartache that made me complete ….l judged myself but God never judged me or admonished me or even scourged me of that sin ….why you may ask ….because l never broke the commandment …l was just afraid l would and fought it with every thought …….but there’s more …..

So my friends, readers, followers and those across the world this day …..if you fight temptation and don’t bow to it then you can be saved ….this is my story and every word is the truth ……so until next time there’s more ……be safe and remember you are a child of God and as your father he will never let us down Amen

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That’s a beautiful testimony; only Christ can perfect all that concerns us; He can heal, restore, and save us. I love the fact the He came for you when you were least expecting when friends deserted you. Indeed, Christ is a friend closer than a brother. Thank you for sharing, and many blessings to you.

You are truly blessed twice and what you say is true but it was God who came to my side and lifted me into his light ….the many and l say many things that happened to me has given me no question of these events …..

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