Ace says ……….the lady of my ❤️ comes closer to becoming the soulmate of Adam forevermore …..

Hello Readers, Followers & Readers it time to tell you more about the lady of the ❤️ who has come closer to the feeling in the heart and the mate for Adam before he created man in his own image both and male and female he made them all …….but first there’s more ……

‘Adam & Mate In Heaven’

Now last time you may remember the man we called Jesus had been brought together in Heaven with the lady of of his ❤️ called Mary now we move closer to the life God has planned before we they were born on Earth…….. but there’s more ………

Now remember God had named these two souls before they were born to comeback one day together as soulmates ands two parts of one ❤️ and when they day becomes the truth and the truth is once more alive then those two souls become mates once more and they are ready to meet on Earth ……but there’s more …..

‘So long ago they were named in Heaven until its time for God to bring them back together as if they had not been apart’

So Jesus and his lady Mary are born in Heaven once more to travel down to Earth from Heaven to walk the path of God but this time they are together and God makes the Union complete but first God marries them in Heaven by the Love of God and protects them both from harm forevermore …..but there’s more ……

So these two beloved souls mates in love and more can walk the ‘Path of God’ but know one knows they are married in Heaven by ‘The Word of God’ and protected from any harm they are the souls you see that God created out of me when he created the Earth … but there’s more ……….

‘Soulmates Across The World BUT Soulmates Forevermore’

Now as soulmates ‘God Provides ALL They Ever Need’ as in Heaven as on Earth they are in the ‘Garden Of Eden’ forevermore as they are angels of the ❤️ of Love and now there’s more not one but two are looking after you and Love will bring ‘Peace & Love’ now and forvermore …but there’s more …..

‘The Trine Is Built In Heaven’

The story is not yet over as they begin their life as two souls brought together by the ‘Love of Christ’ now you reading this might say …..but where is God in this well God The Father – God The Son & God The Holy Spirit are together once more in Heaven watching over them he brought together as male and female once more to walk the path of righteousness and carry-out the ‘Word Of God’ upon the Earth …but there’s more …..

So we are nearly there you say ……but they have just started there life in the service of God on Earth and Jesus and lady Mary have much to do l am sure to carry-out the healing process of helping those in need and just as God had lifted them up this time its to bring the ‘Poor In Heart’ ❤️ to God its those who never as or pray to God for themselves except for ‘LOVE’ and then he hears his children and their cries and sends Jesus and his lady Mary to wipe their tears away as they were the first to ‘Pray For Love’ …but there’s more ……

So until the next time ….there’s more God Bless you ALL and be safe and know that all it takes for more is to ‘Pray For Love’ and God will know your soulmate and then one day when you least expect it he will answer your prayer 🙏 Amen

Published: Mar.04: 2021:

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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