Ace says ……..So this is Christmas

Hello my friends, followers & Readers ,,,,a very wonderful lady (she knows of who me l speak) asked me to write this next about my UNDERSTANDING on this festive season AND of those that see it as glitter and things and a few like me that see it as GIVING is BETTER than receiving …but there’s more …

God Bless You ALL This Christmas


Firstly my dad died at Christmas many years ago and things change in me ….as it does for many who lose a loved one ….oh no not for the reason l lost him but for ALL the things l WANTED to say but never did ….as l was taught that a ‘ child should be seen but not heard ‘ and so I was not able to speak for FEAR of disobeying but also of the consequences …..but there’s more ….

No child should live in FEAR as what or who we are and become is coloured by our childhood, and as they say those that profess to know those actions make us go out into the world and ‘ Do To OTHERS What Was DONE to US ……….so now you begin to get the picture …..but there’s more ……

Christmas and the days leading up to it from the day my dad died were difficult for many years and only by being able to talk about it and most of all MY FEELINGS could l finally begin to enjoy my life …..but there’s more ……

It was not people who said tell me about it …..or talk about how you feel as many would turn back to themselves and their problems, but it was sometime later l RECEIVED my ANSWER ………It came from God … see l PRAYED to him on the last day at the local Sunday school as it was closing and my mum and dad could not take me to the new one in town as they were too busy ……So l asked for someone to ‘ Love ME for who I AM ‘ ….but there’s more …….

Prayers of Love This Christmas

As on that day l read a passage out of the bible that inspired me before my prayer that night ‘’’’ Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone BUT Every Word That Comes From God ‘’’’’ And I WANTED that to be true more than anything in this world …….but there’s more …..

Blessed IS The Word Of God

Fast forward ……to a few days before my dad died and remember l could not speak and also he never once asked me to do anything for him, but on that Wednesday night l learned he was dying ….and he asked me to look after mum when he was gone now l said YES and as a man who cannot tell a lie ALL because my mum could not tell the TRUTH …(Remember Events Colouring My Life) well this was a major event that would not just colour but CHANGE my Life for ever ……….but there’s more ……

I began by saying its ‘ Better to GIVE than Receive ‘ but after that change l learned you need both ….oh NO not the possessions or money …..but both from your ❤️and in so doing God Knows YOUR Heart Desire …..I learned from that PROMISE made ……that l had received my first step towards my future …..oh no it would take another 30yrs to start to understand …..but then at 30yrs of age my life had just started as suddenly l was thrust into becoming the ‘ Man of the House ‘ no longer a child except to God …..but there’s more …..

So now every year my life is coloured by the experiences of ‘ Caring & Sharing ‘ myself with others who are ‘ Poor in Heart ‘ those who will not ask to receive but are ‘ silent givers ‘ not for a reward or a medal or adulation, but are as my my final word on it for now ……Better at GIVING than receiving ….so its my job neigh …….destiny to provide the way for them to RECIEVE as l had begun so long ago one Christmas from my dad saying ‘ Please Look After Mum ‘ …but there’s more ………

But not until next time ……Christmas Prayers to ALL those that have fallen by the wayside of life and need as l did picking up and guiding onto the ‘ Path of Righteousness ‘ for his namesake at this time of year Amen 🙏’s