Ace says …..I’m here l never went away

Well hello my friends, followers and readers today is your lucky day ….I’m back again to tell you on this day that here again to tell he never went away

For she is blessed above all Womankind

So in this blog l wil tell you more of what’s coming down from Heavem and what our life will be like he arrives to blessed you all himself ….but there’s more ….

I said at the beginning he never went away ….the good in those that care for others is eternal and never left this earth as when we smile a (Godly) smile we are pleasing to him on that day, so when we feel happy that time when smiling brings it out from within our ❤️ where he resided since that when mankind decided to take his son, he is forgiveness we are told and should forgive others as well as he has taught so well but its ‘ How You Feel When You Say These Words ‘ that tells you he never left ……but theres more …..

Come into the light my children and receive from Heaven

These blogs l write l write for you and when l see you come and read and so many like my word well l believe it comes from Heaven so to tread this path upon this night pray for God IN Heaven to teach you how to care for each other each and everyday and you will find he will hear you speak as he did for me and when you next encounter a person in need of help a Samaritan you will be …don’t ask why or question it just know God Heard YOUR 🙏 in Heaven …..but theres more next time ……

Blessings be upon you all who visit this blog today and let forgiveness be your watchword upon this and every day Amen 🙏’s For those looking for the path of forgiveness …l send love and light to you all 💫

Published: Jan.23: 2021:

By ace101

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