Ace says ……..I’m Coming Part Three ….but there’s more

Hello my friends, followers & readers ….so 2,000yrs plus have taken place and people have either lost either faith & OR hope …as the promise that was made by Jesus has not YET taken place ….but consider this there’s more …….

Lets look at ‘ The Four Gospels ‘ Matthew – Mark – Luke & John as they all told the same story but from their own point of view and their own UNDERSTANDING ……..Now as l said before God confused language before Jesus came to the earth ‘ We Reap As We Sow ‘ the seeds of doubt & destruction across the CREATORS earth ……..its no our earth its God who GAVE us this home ….NOW consider this if you are given a GIFT do you destroy it, well the earth is our HOME its has walls of trees that is the AIR that we breathe, we have a roof the a SUN & THE STARS to warm us during the day no light our way at night he gave us SEED BEARING FRUIT for US to eat making sure he looked after the ANIMALS but there’s more ………..

So a well thought out 5-days of CREATION becomes destroyed by his CHILDREN as we are children of God like it or not ……SO he has to TEACH his children like a FATHER teaches a child …….but there’s more ……….

Teaching can fall on ‘ deaf ears ‘ as children believe that they can ‘ test the water ‘ some will l am sorry to say drown, some will ‘ test a fire ‘ and they get burned but DO THEY LEARN sometimes ….then children become grown up in years but NOT in wisdom and they put away childish things …and NOW they are leaders of the nations of the world and have what they BELIEVE is POWER and they wield it WITHOUT regard for others and the POOR become POORER while the RICH become RICH and the MORE they destroy the earth the less their is to SHARE & CARE ……….but there’s more

Its a QUESTION ? If WE the children of God destroy his GIFT of CREATION then ask YOURSELF why have we lost FAITH & HOPE ? …anyone …OK look at WHAT a wonderful WORLD would be like without WAR – PESTILENCE – STARVATION & DEATH …You children young or old would be safe from THIEVES – LIARS & MURDERERS but mankind preferred Barabas and allowed Jesus to be crucified that some say he was murdered ….but there’s more ………….

Do we ALL want hgim to RETURN then we have to change our ways and put others first in our ❤️and not in our pocket considering FEELINGS OF OTHERS BEFORE OUR OWN (not bearing false witness) when we are NOT PERFECT ourselves …….but there’s more …….

But not until next time when we will reach a time in history when ALL WILL CHANGE ….so what will that mean to you ALL …….Be patient ……..God Bless YOU all and 🙏’s to guide you to YOUR daily bread ……Amen