Ace says …………..God Is Love ❤️ Dedicated To A Lady

Hello my friends, followers & readers its today that is called day of Valentine OR Valentines Day that is all about LOVE but LOVE began with God before we were born ……but there’s more …..

God Loved US Before WE were Born

‘So today ………. ‘l Shall Call A Day Of Love’ and dedicated to this lady beyond compare who will pray everyday not for herself but for others to be free of pain or not to suffer at the hands of the world …and the slings & arrows of discontent ….but there’s more ….

Many people visit their churches everyday and they 🙏 some 🙏 for themselves & some for other people but only a FEW pray and expect nothing in return and God (by any other name) knows our ❤️ and knows that we are speaking the #truth about our reason for 🙏 ing ….but there’s more ……….

Given With Love To A Godly Lady

So today many will send a card …..anonymously to their love to their darling to their gorgeous one and some will send single red 🌹 or box of chocolates but others will just say I LOVE You X

So whatever you do remember that God loves you before you were born and ‘God IS Love’ and God is the Word well today the word in LOVE and what you feel for that lady in your life ….let her know not with flowers & chocolates but with the word of God from your ❤️ and JUST say ‘I LOVE YOU’ X

So to you ALL have a wonderful and loving day and remember that God Loved You Before You Were Born and l send all his Love To You Amen 🙏’s For those searching to be loved & feel loved when you stop searching God will bring your lady to you xxx

If music be the food of love play on …..

Published: In the year of the Lord on the Day of Love 14th February 2021:

By ace101

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