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It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

Do you spend time wondering if you’re doing “it” right?
I loved reading this quote and had to use it. Personally I don’t do this that much any more but golly gosh I watch my daughters do it all the time!
Maybe growing older gives you the ability to be more accepting and gracious about yourself and others?
If you find yourself in the loop of doubt and self questioning the first thing to do is to notice it – “oh, I’m looping and doubting myself.”
Then a quick pep talk. “Right I’m not going to spend my energy on wondering and questioning. I’m going to accept I’m doing my best.”
Then focus on the phrase. “I am doing my best and that good enough.” Feel the energy of the words and the power of that intention. Breathe it in, sit with it, hold it, roll it around your mind and body. Notice how good it feels.
Then you repeat, and repeat and repeat. Every time you catch yourself in the self doubt loop drag your mind to the new phrase – “Im doing my best.” And you know what over time your brain will rewire itself to this new more harmonious and pleasing thought 🙌

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